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Storyteller Summary

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I've had several people asking for a central place to catch up on the interesting things going on, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a pinned post here summarizing it. I will keep updating this post as the story progresses. Here you'll find a character roster, followed by a timeline.

RESTORERS These characters are actively involved in the current Restoration project, or are closely associated with them.
Patrick Dulebohn: one of the leaders of the volunteer restoration project.
Keith Lord: volunteer restorer, Age writer, and webmaster of these forums.
Kelsei A.T.: Calum Traveler's assistant, another volunteer restorer heavily involved in restoring Ages and D'ni areas.
Jules Lavisham: Scholar and college professor here to study D'ni. Closely connected to nearly all other characters.
Tiernan Quinlan: A doctor who has come from Ireland to set up a clinic in D'ni in order to treat injured explorers.
Detective Harry Williams: A quirky but brilliant private eye with a penchant for patterns who has been hired to help track down the Most Wanted and the rest of their group.
Robert Murry: An archaeologist-adventurer who has been hired to help track down the Most Wanted and the rest of their group.

OTHER-WORLDERS These characters are from other Ages, or are D'ni.
Benavud: An explorer who took the Yeesha Journey with Rafe Templeton. When Rafe betrayed him by taking back the pillars and destroying the Journey Books, their friendship ended. Ben travelled D'ni, where a bookshelf fell on him below the library. The combination of physical and emotional trauma led to almost complete amnesia. He was rescued byJules Lavisham and treated by Tiernan Quinlan before meeting with explorers, who travelled with him to Journey Ages to restore his lost memories. After DNA testing confirmed that Ben is, in fact, 100% D'ni, he learned that his father escaped the Fall as a child (possibly the child in Echo's vision), had Ben with a D'ni woman later in life, and then handed Ben over for adoption to surface parents who named him Ben-Avud, a name composed of Hebrew words for "son" and "lost" (possibly a connection to Madame Sophia's prophecy). Ben now lives in D'ni, at the secret location of his grandfather's workshop.
Runa'mei: The Hunter of Chezahcen, sent by the Rei'schu people to find and neutralize the renegade Haru'sara.
Haru'sara: A renegade leader from Rei'schu who is dispersing crystals among the explorers that may have a devastating effect. Should be avoided.

LEGACY These characters are "inherited" from semi-official status in older versions of Uru or alternate mediums.
Echo McKenzie: A young woman with the extraordinary ability to experience visions of D'ni's past.
Harlan Mason: Leader of the Children of the New Seed, a new religious movement headquartered somewhere in D'ni. Harlan's group is peaceful, but a splinter group broke off to become the True Seed, a recently neutralized anti-explorer group.

TRUE SEED (SABOTEURS) Current or former members of the True Seed, an anti-explorer organization recently crippled and neutralized. They have recently disappeared from the public eye, but may return.
Rafe Templeton/Logan MarcusThe leader and prophet of the True Seed. Under the false name "Logan," he infiltrated the explorers and entered a romantic relationship with Tiernan Quinlan. Rafe claimed to have visions revealing that the True Seed were D'ni descendants, but later went back on this, stating that he didn't know if the visions were real. This led to an attack by Marcus, another True Seeder, which resulted in Rafe running and accidentally falling from a cliff. He was taken to a secure facility for treatment, but released into home care at the request of family members. At some point in the past, Rafe was the companion of Benavud for the Yeesha Journey, but he betrayed his friend by taking back the pillars and destroying the Journey Books, ending their friendship.
Ami Renee Glassad: An ex-member who attempted to stop the Overflow Station sabotage. She turned against the group and began to help the explorers, actions which eventually led to the fall of the True Seed.
Tally: Perhaps the most dangerous of the saboteurs. Attempted to murder an explorer. Involved in the Overhaul Station sabotage. Threatened a Town Hall along with Marcus and Sanna.
Marcus Johnson: Spotted several times. Sabotaged pedestals in the hoods and spread harmful chemical gases in AeGura. Involved in the Overhaul Station sabotage. Threatened a Town Hall along with Tally and Sanna. Turned against Rafe when the latter expressed uncertainty about his own revelations. Whereabouts and allegiance currently unknown.
Sanna Koskelainen: Caught once, but escaped. Spread harmful chemical gases in the Kahlo Pub. Involved in the Overhaul Station sabotage. Threatened a Town Hall along with Marcus and Tally. At the Eder Naybree showdown, she declared disillusionment and anger with the True Seed, and spoke of leaving the group. Believed to no longer be a member.
Mita Staser: Spotted once, but no picture taken. Very elusive. Involved in the Overhaul Station sabotage.
Casey Kafsing: Never spotted. Very elusive. Almost nothing known about him. Involved in the Overhaul Station sabotage.

UNKNOWN: Very little is known about these characters, or their roles in upcoming events.
December: A man spotted in K'veer by Dt. Harry Williams. December fled but left behind a dangerous Rei'schu crystal. His motives are as yet unclear, but it is believed the crystals are being dispersed by Haru'sara.

Ed Kensington-James: A good friend of Jules Lavisham's.
Madame Sophia: A psychic from the surface. She has made only one appearance in the cavern, to deliver a cryptic prophecy referencing a "son of the lost empire," commonly theorized to be Benavud.
Tommen: Not yet seen in the cavern, Tommen is a D'ni survivor connected to the Age of Highgarden. He maintains contact with Keith Lord, of the Restorers.

(OOC: Not included in this list: the main avvies of the Storytellers involved, extremely minor characters, characters planned but not yet introduced, and characters created by players with no connection to the Storyteller group.)


Mar 18 2022- Volunteer restorer Calum Traveler comes across some saboteurs in the Overflow Station, an area he is working on restoring, but is unable to catch them as they flee. From this point on, random thefts and acts of sabotage start occurring around the cavern. The KI-name of one of the saboteurs is noted: Sami Lesgrandee.
Apr 13 - Dr. Tiernan Quinlan, a medical doctor, officially opens a clinic in one of the neighborhoods.
Apr 15 - The recently-opened clinic is sabotaged. Explorer Carl Palmner finds a patient room trashed and graffiti reading "Go home" on the wall.
Apr 20 - Widespread sabotage in neighborhoods. Multiple objects are moved, stolen, or broken. The restorers spend the day replacing lost items and fixing broken pieces.
May 7 - The Saturday Prophecies. An elderly lady introduces herself as Madame Sophia, a psychic. She delivers a five-line prophecy proclaiming danger and returns to the surface. Later that same day, Echo McKenzie has her first vision in years. She sees a D'ni child being taken from a group during the Fall of D'ni by two cloaked figures. Explorers speculate that these two visions may be connected.
May 19 - While exploring in the restricted lower levels of the library, Jules Lavisham and Ed Kensington-James discover an injured explorer with no memory of his past. They rush him to Dr. Quinlan's clinic. He can't remember his name, but restorers are able to extract his KI ID as "Benavud."
May 24 - One of the volunteer restorers, Calum Traveler, disappears. Kelsei, Jules Lavisham, Ed Kensington-James, and the explorer Carl Palmner follow his trail to discover he has foolishly gone off to an inhabited Age, where he's caught an alien cold and has to quarantine for a while.
May 30 - Tiernan reveals to explorers that after testing Benavud's blood, they have discovered he is not human. This would appear to mean he is either D'ni or a Bookworlder, but it's unclear which. This news shocks explorers, who immediately begin speculating about his origins.
June 12 - Released from the clinic, Benavud meets with explorers. He casts doubt on the theory that he's from another world, and asks for explorers to help trigger his memories by taking him to the Yeesha Ages in the near future.
June 17 - Major sabotage in the Overflow Station. Kelsei calls for a town hall meeting to discuss the recent problems and how to deal with them. Meeting is scheduled for June 22, KI 1400 in the Great Tree Hood.
June 18 - Explorer and restoration volunteer Calum Traveler returns from his quarantine.
June 22 - First Town Hall. Explorers vote to get Eder Naybree ready before Highgarden, to up the security and move slowly in restoring the Overflow Station, and to put together an ambassadorial group to Rei'schu. A list of five known saboteurs and their KI#s is given to explorers: Tally, Marcus Johnson, Sanna Koskelainen, Mita Staser, and Casey ???.
June 25-26. Two saboteurs are spotted in the cavern by D'ni Seeker 5, Sleeper Jan, Root Beer and Prad and reported to the restorers. One of them, Sanna Koskelainen, is briefly apprehended by Carl Palmner, but escapes.
July 6. Ami Renee Glessad is seen briefly in the cavern, and later sends out a KImail inviting explorers to a new hood. It is suspected that Ami may be the same woman who previously went by the name of "Sami Lesgrandee" and was involved in the Overflow Station sabotage. In the hood, a message is shown on the imager, reading "Speak to Harlan." It is unclear who Harlan is.
July 7. Benavud visits Teledahn with D'ni Seeker 5 and Kelsei. He remembers the Journey Door, but refused to enter it, claiming that "something bad" is on the other side.
July 19. Marcus Johnson spotted in hoods, sabotaging community room pedestals. Mita Staser and Casey reported in a hood with KIs on, but cannot be found--assumed to be in a private hood together.
July 27. The second Town Hall meeting is crashed by Marcus Johnson, Sanna Koskelainen and Tally--three of the five "Most Wanted." Prior to their interruption, they were reported as being in Jalak by explorer Aurelias. They threatened the explorers at the meeting, demanding that the explorers leave D'ni and never come back, and referred to a divine calling from a D'ni prophet. They also claimed to be D'ni themselves. Later, it is reported that a fourth Most Wanted, Mita Staser, was chased in Descent by restorer Calum Traveler and explorer Carl Palmner, but they were unable to catch him. Both Marcus and Mita referred to a group leader, but Marcus implied someone not yet revealed, while Mita implied the leader is Marcus himself.
August 15. A man named Harlan Mason approaches Jules and Tiernan in the Guild of Messengers Pub. He does not confirm his identity as the "Harlan" Ami mentioned, but tells them that he is the leader of a new religious movement called the Children of the New Seed. He suspects the Most Wanted may be followers of a man named Rafe, who was once a member of the New Seed and who drew others away when he left.
August 20. Robert Murry and Detective Harry Williams make their first appearance in the cavern, at a European Story Night.
August 31. Town Hall #3. Explorers are invited to join the upcoming delegation to Rei'schu. The upcoming release of Eder Naybree and the recent hiring of Robert Murry and Harry Williams is discussed. Benavud makes a return to the cavern, stating he has been on the surface, and asks Dr. Quinlan to do another blood test, as he believes the first gave false results.
September 3. Benavud shows up and visits Kadish Tolesa with explorers Dni_Seeker 5, Isa, Mouski, and Mystlander. He remembers much more about his Age than others, and furthermore remembers that he visited it with a friend. He can remember no identifying details about the friend.
September 13 Tiernan informs Benavud that his DNA is a match for D'ni DNA. Explorers Captain Jericho, Calum Traveler and several others are there to witness the revelation. Benavud is upset over the news and Links out.
September 22 Town Hall #4. Explorers discuss the upcoming Age of Highgarden, Benavud's reaction to his confirmed D'ni heritage, and the soon-to-occur diplomatic mission to Rei'Schu.
September 20 Explorer D'ni_Seeker 5 reports an unlogged conversation in which Benavud claimed the D'ni had abandoned him, and showed a distinct lack of energy. Keslei and D'ni_Seeker 5 later find Benavud in the Hall of Kings, reading the history of D'ni. His demeanor is decidedly depressed and cynical, a marked change in his characteristic innocence of the past. He seems to be experiencing an accute sense of being an outsider.
October 1: The Age of Highgarden is released, a beautiful garden world written by Keith "Tweek" Lord. It contains reference to a (presumably still-living) D'ni man named Tommen.
October 18: Robert Murry, Jules Lavisham, and Dr. Quinlan travel to Rei'Schu on a diplomatic mission and cultural exchange with explorers Skyisblue, Ereshkigal and CalumTraveler. The mission is a success by any measure, but the success is marred by the antics of Haru'Sara, a prideful Rei'Schu leader who loses his position in the process.
Oct 26-November 10: Kelsei receives packages containing many of the stolen items. No note is included, but it is suspected to be sent by Ami Lesgrandee, the ex-True Seed.
November 30: Ami Lesgrandee shows up unexpectedly at the end of a Town Hall meeting and promises to answer explorers' questions about the True Seed the following Sunday in Eder Naybree. Kelsei visits Rei'schu and returns with a report that several crystals were stolen, presumably by Haru'sara.
December 3: Showdown in Eder Naybree. Marcus and Sanna show up and try to reach Ami but are restrained by explorers and security. Tenny's boyfriend Logan shows up, and it is revealed that he is in actuality Rafe Templeton, the leader of the True Seed. He speaks with Ami about a previous vision he claimed to have had, in which he learned that the True Seed members weer descendants of the D'ni and should retake the cavern. An internal altercation ensues which results in Rafe faling from the cliff and injuring himself and the defection of Marcus and Sanna.
December 9th: Dt. Harry Williams is in K'veer and approached by a man named December, who flees through the Myst book, and leaves behind a Rei'schu crystal.
Early January 2023: Benavud disappears, leaving behind his tutelage at the hands of Tommen. His whereabouts are currently unknown. The Restorers have asked explorers to keep an eye out for him.
January 23: Runa'mei arrives from Rei'schu, ostensibly to hunt down Haru'sara and stop his crystal dispersals, but also seeks to learn more about her family ancestry.
Febrary 13: Benavud returns to the cavern and reveals to explorers that most of his memory has returned. He tells his story (see character section) and asks explorers to support him as he goes through the Journey Door on the 17th in the hopes of regaining his one missing memory--the identity of the friend who betrayed him, and who may be a threat to the cavern.
February 17: Benavud visits Eder Kemo with a crowd of explorers. He goes through the Journey Door, where he remembers the end of the Journey and the fact that Rafe Templeton was the friend who betrayed him.

For more details about these events, you can poke around these forums. You can also visit for my continuing blog on the story events. Other good blogs to flesh out the story are Calum Traveler's at Diranda's at and Tiernan Quinlan's at
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Re: Storyteller Summary

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My journals are: The Great Zero Journals at

And Tiernan's "Sanctuary" Journal is at

There is information on both of us, as well as the people we know in Cavern and on the Surface on both of those sites!

We're trying to keep things current, but forgive us if we're not always on top of everything, we're both pretty busy with the Great Zero and the Sanctuary Clinic!

I'm hoping to add some information about my brother's contribution to the restoration, Argon Labs, soon as well. :D

(UPDATED: 11/20/23 with current links)
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