Finding a way or loosing one?

As the society finds a way I seem to be loosing one. Not sure what it is but lately I have felt so lost.

Occasionally I get these flashes, a feeling washing over me and I felt like I did back in 2002/2003 back when I started all this.

I miss that feeling.

What is it that I feel I am missing? A sense of purpose? Sense of mystery and intrigue?
It didn’t take me long to see D’ni in a different light, even now as people still see an archaeological site, I see a home, a future, a new start.

But as I see this new home, future, a new start. I start failing to see other things, perhaps things that should be seen, that are important. But I forget what they are and why they are important and thus am lost.

Do I miss the adventure? The thrill of danger? I remember sneaking back into D’ni after the DRC pulled out, building a base for The Third Path, ‘borrowing’ books and resources on the Art.

Course I remember the loss, the death of David, the flight of James.

I find myself in the City Proper, venturing here in a daze, and I reach the spot where David was found, where James had been living and researching the Art and the Bahro.

Perhaps I need to retrace my steps in order to find where I was on the path again.

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