February 13th, 2004

I spent the day moving supplies down into the Tehren Neighbourhood and setting up a camp of sorts. It will serve as a central location for our activities. The others will be joining me soon, bringing with them the rest of the equipment we need for our stay.
The silence in the cavern is overbearing. For so long the cavern was a hive of activity filled with sounds of the DRC at work, of people running, talking, and laughing. Now all that I hear is the gentle pulsing of the fans and the occasional splashing of fish in the lake.
At first it was peaceful, it allowed me to think without distraction. But soon the silence became almost deafening, I took to talking to myself or to the treadfish in the lake just to hear some noise.

I did manage to make some progress however, I managed to regain access to the city. It was a tedious effort with the Nexus being down, I had to take the Bahro Stone in Eder Gira to the Tokotah II rooftop, use the DRC’s ladder to move to an adjacent building then climb down with rope. It will be nice when David arrives so he can take a look at the Nexus and see if we can get some sort of access going. Not to mention it would be nice to have someone to talk to.

This silence is playing with my mind. I keep hearing whispers echoing off of the rock and through the streets…I’m sure I can hear footsteps.

Shadows move…I don’t think I’m alone down here.

Is it really surprising? Why would I be the only one who found a way back? The pull of D’ni is strong in many of us of course others would seek to return. To find away, to make a home.

I shall have to keep a quiet eye on the neighbours and see who followed me back down to the cavern.

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