February 12th, 2004

We knew this day was coming, it had been on the lips of both explorer and DRC member alike for weeks. The DRC’s finances have been running out and the incident at the Guild Hall with Phil Henderson was the final nail in the coffin. As everyone was frantically running around and saying their goodbyes and heading back to the surface, we were preparing to return. Utilizing the Tehren Neighbourhood as our base of operations we stockpiled resources and supplies.
When the DRC left everyone else went with them, us included. Whilst on the surface we picked up more supplies we would need over the coming months, food, water, and the like.

I often found a degree of arrogance surrounding the DRC. I understand that they have been in the cavern longer than us, especially Doctor Watson, but they seemed to have this attitude that they owned D’ni as a result. They closed the cavern and honestly believed they could keep people out, but they lost that ability long ago when Jeff Zandi opened the floodgates. You cannot control all the Linking Books, all the tunnels that lead to the cavern. We will find a way, we will make a home, and we will continue with our work in D’ni.

I returned to Relto with the supplies and proceeded to where we had hidden the Tehren Book. The Nexus is still functioning although at a reduced capacity, I will have to see if David can take a look at it and get it working as it was before the DRC left. The KI functions have also been reduced making communication currently impossible, we will have to look into an alternate solution to that if we can’t get them working again

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