Eder Fahsee

Would you like to help us with a project?

Last September saw the 25th anniversary of Myst, a game made by Cyan based on information from Catherine’s journals. For many of us Myst was the start of a long journey that eventually lead to D’ni. Whilst Yeesha looks upon the Age with sorrow and bitterness for us it was a place of hope of an adventure that we were yet to face.

To celebrate this I Wrote a new Age that I have named Eder Fahsee. This Age is a homage to Myst, Atrus and to the explorer community.

As such we are looking for people to contribute to this Age if they so wish. Within Eder Fahsee a library has been constructed and it is my hope to fill it with books containing your thoughts and reflections.

So what is it specifically you are being asked for?

We are looking for writings to go within the library, specifically your first instances playing Myst (if Myst was not your first game then please feel free to talk about one of the other games), your first thoughts or feelings maybe the impact the game has had on you and your life if any. It can be short or it can be long. If you wish to submit something to the Age then we would then like you to send it to us using the following contact form.

There are some things to remember however.

  • Please be sure you specify how you’d like your name to appear in the Age’s book.
  • Please keep the language/content family friendly. There are younger explorers in our community.
  • We cannot guarantee all submissions will appear. At the moment the plan is for 25 books but that may increase in the future (we will do what we can to get as many entries added as possible).

Submissions are now closed, thank you to those who submitted writing towards this project.