So its been 9 days since Steven went off to see if he could find out what Age the DRC were planning to release to us next. Course since then news filtered out that the age was going to be Eder Delin.
So I guess thats where he is..not sure he hasn’t contacted me like he usually does. The reason I am concerned is that some new KIimages of Eder Tsogahl was released recently, they are interesting shots showing a new version of a Journey Cloth and a new Bahro Door. I thought nothing of it until another explorer pointed out that the strange shape in one of the Delin images that we have been speculating about is very similar to the door seen in Tsogahl? A new journey? If its a door like in Tsogahl I bet thats where he has gone.. I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken him long to figure out how to open it.

It has been a long and stressful week. The DRCL structure is collapsing, Wolfie decided to step down the other day and I have stepped down myself today. I also decided to pull my membership from The Great Tree group, I don’t think cavern politics has a place in my life anymore…I thought I had learned from last time I guess not. Persuing knowledge is a far wiser path to take.

My parting “gift” for the community will be the notebook I have been writing, that will hopefully be left in the hood classrooms.

I guess that extra KI I obtained will come in handy, hopefully it hasn’t been damaged by the Bahro event on the 19th of was inactive so I don’t see why it should be.

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