Linked to Er’Cana, reminds me of the cleft. Found a strange square symbol like the one I found on the imager in the Watcher’s Room, I took a KI image dare say its important. I think after this I shall check out some of the older ages in my possession.

What the?
I saw a giant petroglyph of the Fissure, I touched it now I’m in a Bahro cave, except it’s different to the last. There’s a pool of water in the center of the cave and some more numbers, 5:18, plus some strange symbols that looks like the volcano in New Mexico. I think I need to get a KI shot of them, this is not making any sense, less sense than when I started the journey. This path very few have trodden I have no-one to turn to for help.

A search of the Ages revealed nothing new, except at The Cleft where I discovered a pair of D’ni goggles I had overlooked last time I was there. Very pleased I found these, they will come in most handy.

Returned to Er’Cana. Managed to get this strange tram device to work and take me inside the ‘factory’ as I’m currently calling it.

What do these numbers mean? Times? Or perhaps book passages, the word?

I think I’m in D’ni but where? Not sure, I see the familiar glow of the orange lake out of a window.
I have no idea what I’m doing here. Why a Bahro cave with glyphs on the wall that represent power levels in Er’Cana? I wondered if perhaps the number of spikes around the glyphs are the key to what the power levels should be set as. I shall have to wait for the timer to run out then try again.

Temp – 19
Weight – 30
Time – 40

Hope this works.
It kind of worked, I managed to get to these pellet things, the problem is I don’t know where to take them, the Bahro cave or the place in D’ni?
I took one to D’ni put it in the machine, it scanned it then dropped it into the water below, the water began glowing white.

Decided to return to Ahnonay, wonder if any D’ni actually live here still. Managed to get to the island, found a door can’t open it. Found another square diagram and some more numbers. – 3:72

Seems my theory about the numbers was correct, I shall investigate further. One thing still bothering me though is those darn pellets. Perhaps you need to deliver 5 cells to each location, tedious linking back and forth. It is okay from the D’ni location as there is a linking book there back to Er’Cana, but I have to go via Relto every-time I link from the Bahro cave to Er’Cana.

“The door lies at the end of the path.”

This is getting frustrating.

What is going on here? Figured out the Quabs (Discovered references to the crab creatures in some documents I liberated from the DRC, apparently the official name for them is Quabs) were what the clock thing was showing so I chucked them all into the water, the lights went out. Linked out and linked back to find destruction, the age is in ruins, gray skies dark and stormy, trees of crystal. Destroyed the trees, I had to the clock was showing them lit up.

I had no idea such ages were possible, of course its possible the Great Tree makes it so.
Beautiful, a ruptured Ahnonay floating in space.

Things are coming together, three instances of Ahnonay. I follow the shells to link to places that I can’t get to in one instance but can in another. Its like the Truman show, what was Kadish doing?

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