Rils, Douglas and Nick have returned from their trip to Negilahn. What they found shocked them, apparently they discovered a fresh kill. Pieces of the corpse were everywhere, it had been ripped apart. No tracks had been found, only some scratch marks in the trees, which has cause people to think it could be an airborne attack.

Not surprisingly a fair few people think it is the Bahro doing, based solely on the fact that they can Link at will and fly. A weak argument if you ask me, and one that is devoid of logic. Whats the point of the Bahro doing it? Some feel its a warning to us, I feel that if I was going to make a warning, I would snatch one of the explorers from the city, not some animal from a museum Age.


With the rumors of sightings in the hoods, I have decided to open a dialogue with them, at least that is the plan. Whether this will work or not remains to be seen, the Bahro are here to stay we need to approach them and see how things will work between us all.
Seems as I have been writing this entry a Bahro has appeared in the hoods and placed a Bahro Stone to Ae’Gura there, does that sound like the actions of a being who is slaughtering animals?

I have not encoutered them, not yet but it is only a matter of time. I have recieved a could of interesting KIimages of the Bahro in the hood.

Heading up to the surface tonight, I have a meeting to attend tomorrow, and a visit to the new family member to make. I should drop by Tehren and see if the RG guys need any supplies brought down.

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