Site Update & Other Things

The last few days has found me back in the Office working on some side projects. The Guild of Fine Artists site is slowly coming together, with the news of WordPress 2.5 being released today I should be able to implement the new version and improve some features.
Also launched a newer build of Beneath that will eventually tie into the D’ni Jazz Club site more when the new DJC build is released.

Need to sort the forums out and add more means for people to locate the posts they are looking for.

I had been trying to contact the members of the DRC in order to get some interviews with them for a special issue of The Firemarble, unfortunately they were unable to be contacted.

Some structural issues have cropped up in the pub downstairs, nothing major or life threatening, it has presented an opportunity to work on enlarging the area and adding new things. Joe has got a team together to head up the project hopefully they will be along soon with the equipment needed.

Area 0003 has been under continued observation and seems to have stabilized. Designs have been finalized and are up for approval by the council. I am expecting it to pass and work can begin, I shall need to organize a supply trip, given the nature of this Age we are going to need some specialized materials, hoping I can find information on Nara to work with.

Final Pellet Experiments

I think photo documentation of the Ages is complete, not a 100% sure though, guess I never will be.

Keira stopped by to tell me the materials for the windows has been delivered to Tehren. Need to stop by and take a look to see if everything is there and start working on them.

Last batch of pellets that I have been experimenting with went in to the ovens, need to run them to Ashem’en later and see where they stand with the rest of the pellets. I have a feeling they won’t match up to the pellets I have been using frequently but I guess we shall see.

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