Extended Leave

Taking an extended leave to the surface to mull things over, not certain whether I’ll be returning.

Need to arrange a meeting with Robert and the others before I go and discuss what to do there as well.

Mapping Projects

Today found me down in the Archives looking over past research into Ages like Noloben and Releeshahn as well as Jalak and Minkata.

The last few days I have been working with the cartography department on drawing up some maps that we have yet to get around to. With the research I found in the archives we should have enough information to go on in order to map some of the Ages Watson visited during his quest to free the Bahro.

After that I think we need to turn attention to newer Ages like Maw, Fens and Ahra Pahts.

Of Computers and Eder Tsogahl

The new computer has been put in the office, had some issues with Vista not being installed on it correctly but that is okay, I wanted to put XP on it anyway. After some driver issues and it not playing nice with the Pathfinder software we finally got it working.

Been in and out of Tsogahl over the last few days, the weather there has been nice lately. Spent a few hours earlier just hanging out with Keira and Steve.

Eder Tsogahl

I’m thinking of moving the Jalak Book from the archive to Tehren so we can get some “public” games going, it has been a while since I have played Highball and Shifting Sands.

Computer Troubles

This last week has found me doing data recovery on one of the computers in the Firemarble Office after it decided to give up the ghost over the previous weekend.

As a result some of the projects I was working on have been delayed, which is annoying to say the least.

Had a quick meeting with the council earlier to vote on assigning a name to 0002, was a 3 to 2 vote on the name Eder Ahnotahm so the name has now been assigned to the location.

Heading up to the surface either tomorrow or over the weekend to pick up a replacement machine for the office, going to grab some small supplies whilst we are there.

A Couple of Thoughts

The other day I had a thought as I was looking through my research on the Bahro. This thought pondered the use of the Bahro in the construction and writing of an Age. What kind of Book/Age would be produced if it was bound in Bahro hide, more specifically the section that Esher used to Link at will, and if Bahro blood had been mixed with the ink when the Age was written.

My second thought, was if one was to Link to an alternate D’ni (say from using the Bahro Stone in the Hoods) and then journeyed across the lake, up the tunnels to the surface then made your way back to “your house”, would you be there to greet you? It would be an alternate version of you after all (akin to what Yeesha did with Kadish).

I’m curious as to the views on this by the people who read my Beneath journal online.

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