Fens First Visit


Should have packed my wet suit that is for sure. The Age is of a swamp classification, surrounded by rock face. Off the bat I can hear a selection of birds and insects which I should track down.

There seems to be 3 maybe 4 different plants that I can see.
“Fantails” which come in 2 varieties (male plants and female perhaps?) Small “Stonecap” mushrooms and the tall pillar like trees.




The fourth is a strange sack like object that clings to the side of these trees. Upon further exploration I discovered a fallen tree with 3 of these objects upon them. As of yet I have not determined if they are plants, seeds for the mushrooms or if they are a cocoon containing an animal or insect.


Upon further exploration I discovered a Stonecap which had the tendrils that glow red like the tall trees, which lead me to consider that the Stonecaps are the young versions of the Trees or Elder Stonecaps as I decided to refer to them as.


A thought just occurred to me, what if the Elder Stonecaps roots go into the earth, split off into many branches and resurface as the Stonecaps?

I’ll have to talk to Whil and see what he has discovered.


Last night Whil stopped by with a Linking Book to his new Age.

He had asked if anyone was interested in visiting and classifying some of the things in the Age, so I expressed my interest. The slowing down of the DZS of late has made me feel that my previous classification project should continue once more.

Have a few things to sort out before I venture off to check it out.

An End of a Journey

Been a bit hectic today, finished off my research on the Bahro that I picked up, took the body and gave it a proper burial.

Had a meeting with Rob and Keira to chat about the future. Now I’m in the office tidying things up and securing the area before I meet up with Sophie.

Not sure what research will be done in the future, but I plan to go though the Ages and D’ni and get as much of it recorded through pictures as I can.

It’s been 5 years since I first came down to D’ni, but now, I think it’s time for me to finish my research and move on.

Is that even possible? D’ni is, well, fantastic. A place where one can visit other worlds, how does one walk away from that? Can one walk away from that? Or will it begin to call again like it did 5 years ago?

I shall gather the images I need, and return to the surface, focus on other things and finish my research in my spare time.

Finding a way or loosing one?

As the society finds a way I seem to be loosing one. Not sure what it is but lately I have felt so lost.

Occasionally I get these flashes, a feeling washing over me and I felt like I did back in 2002/2003 back when I started all this.

I miss that feeling.

What is it that I feel I am missing? A sense of purpose? Sense of mystery and intrigue?
It didn’t take me long to see D’ni in a different light, even now as people still see an archaeological site, I see a home, a future, a new start.

But as I see this new home, future, a new start. I start failing to see other things, perhaps things that should be seen, that are important. But I forget what they are and why they are important and thus am lost.

Do I miss the adventure? The thrill of danger? I remember sneaking back into D’ni after the DRC pulled out, building a base for The Third Path, ‘borrowing’ books and resources on the Art.

Course I remember the loss, the death of David, the flight of James.

I find myself in the City Proper, venturing here in a daze, and I reach the spot where David was found, where James had been living and researching the Art and the Bahro.

Perhaps I need to retrace my steps in order to find where I was on the path again.

Fish Tacos

Back in the early days, before the DRC opened the cavern publicly and only Authorized Explorers were permitted into D’ni there was some Fish Taco shirts that soon vanished and became much coveted by a selection of people.

‘Rium+’ managed to stumble onto them and so I promptly stole one for myself.

Fish Tacos

Hoping to get some printed up and sent to the DRC for them to dispense to the explorer community, we shall have to see where that goes.

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