Back to Fahets

It’s been a while since I have been back to Fahets, the Age has changed dramatically in the last year or so.

The constant rain had filled up the area surrounding the Link in point, it’s now several feet deep, as a result dormant wildlife has flourished, growing all over the place.
Unfortunately the Roseleaf tree we had implanted into the Age had not been so lucky, the ground it was planted in became so water logged it had nothing to cling to and toppled over and slowly died.

We spent the day looking over the basin, and constructing some wooden decking that we’re thinking of extending out into the rest of the Age, the problem being the rest of the Age is blocked at the moment thanks to the wildlife so we’ll have to look over that.

Seeming that there is technically not that much to sort out, we should be good to release the Book for the Age soon. We just need to run some tests on the wildlife, and we can always release the Age in stages and just allow for visits to the initial Link in point.

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