As It Should Be

I have been spending some serious time in D’ni lately even if I do have work to do, thankfully I can steal into the RestorersGuild’s Hood and use their computer set up that they “liberated” from the DRC (as Keira likes to say). UruBlogs is getting alot of interest which is cool, will be even better when we move to the new domain. Currently there is a problem with “beta” Blogger accounts, the feed doesn’t work with our script so Denis is working on a new script which apparently works with Blogger feeds.
Anyway lots of people in D’ni as it should be, areas are still closed off after what is being dubbed “The Great Link” of the 19th. I managed to scale down from the Tokotah II rooftop into the courtyard today, registared the Nexus points I could access to make life easier for me.

The DRC have been making regular visits, Engbergs back in the cavern which is good. Have been a little disappointed by some of the behaviour of the explorers. Some of the comments have been rather immature and hostile. It’s been 2 or 3 days since everyones returned and they are expecting miracles, I know its christmas and all but for Keraths sake have some patience.

The rock is hard.
The rock cutter is patient.
~ D’ni Proverb

I was saying to Marten the other day that people seem to rag on the DRC because people were doing it the first time around (back in 2003) and so it must be okay now or it must be okay cause other people are doing it. Now I remember how the DRC used to be, I was there along with others, and I can tell you compared to how they are now, the DRC have changed drastically.
Before they were distant, they seldom shared information and they made some silly moves (taking Phil for example). Now they have taken on D’ni Restoration Council Liaisons to open up channels of communication, they have Restoration Engineers giving orientations to new explorers, they are more forthcoming with information regarding various subjects. Is it perfect? Proberbly not to be considered perfect people would want full disclosure, and even then people would complain that the information is being given to them and they want to find out for themselves.

Kodama said new books are coming, this will be good, the city will be opened up soon too hopefully the cap in the Nexus will be raised then.

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