Art Movements in Ages

Work has been continuing in my absence.

Today I was thinking about Age styles, and art movements on the surface. A lot of the Ages we have seen thus far have been of a certain style, even though they are different there is a core values that is shared which is born from the D’ni style, both in art, architecture and design. Even some of the newer Ages my fellow explorers have been writing share these traits, not surprisingly. We have ventured down to discover D’ni, it is only natural that their culture is going to have a strong influence on us and we are going to mimic it in our development.

But what of our culture, what of our design aesthetics, what would an Age be like with a design based on periods of our societies growth, minimalism, modernism neo-classicalism. Would Age building have movements like art does so you see a wide array of age styles and aesthetics.

I also wonder if the D’ni had something like this, Kemo, Tsogahl and Delin all share similar elements, was this down to them all being Written by the same person? Stock elements that were used in many garden Ages? Or were they inspired by each other in some sort of Age movement? Was the Garden Age binge just a period in time where Garden Ages were plentiful, or was it a movement in Age writing where Gardens were the fashion?

What caused this train of thought was the trip I made to Tre’bivdil earlier in the day, it was such a fresh style to an Age it amazed me, I am hip deep in modern and minimal design all day every day, why did I not think about applying it to an Age instead of mimicking that of the D’ni design. Tre’bivdil inspired me to try applying a modernist aesthetic to an Age.

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