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Submitted by: Ri'Neref

What lies beneath this fallen world?
The cold expanse with darkness filled.
The winding paths that crush the mind,
They fall to dreaded depths, yet climb
To reach the windy surface clime.

Whilst chambers daunt and haunt the lost
Never to waken, minds cold with frost.
Eager for life, not yet to live,
First live to come, last dead to lie.

First Arrival of the Great King writing contest

all winners...

All this has passed, because great shame
Was passed on cursed Ae’garis’ name.

Whose cart of death in sleep was found,
Long years before, while sleepless bound,
Ahlsendar, the king, was crowned.
For not just in statesmanship did he rule,
Fulfilling in greatness: the prophesy’s tool,
The legacy left him he passed on,
Telling a time with D’ni gone.
Of other things as well as that,
The new tree falling, stricken dead.
As survivors found a missing thread.

What lies beyond these fallen worlds?
The emptiness that drives the word.
The written phrase burned to the page
Made to discover the next great age.
But power drives the mind to greed,
To death and darkness does it lead.
And such the poet laments greatly,
For peoples fallen deep, innately,
Till crowned again the Great One reigns;
And peace has one the great campaign.