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First Arrival of the Great King writing contest

  all winners...

Coronation Song
(Arrival of the Great King)

Submitted by: Hannah Catherine

Sing, oh sing of the exiled king,
And of his broken throne.
Of his matchless worth and his storied birth
Beneath the arch of stone,
Of his newborn flight through the deadly night
As his enemies pursue him.
Past the island gate he'll prepare and wait,
For his foes shall ne'er subdue him.

Cry, oh cry for the ones who die
At the foot of war's cruel throne.
The living weep and the dead ones sleep
As cold as fallen stone.
How long? How long must the funeral song—
The dirge, the lamentation—
Both day and night mark the fear-wracked plight
Of the suffering D'ni nation?

Pray, oh pray for the far off day
When the king reclaims his throne,
When the scourge of war has been banished far
From the sheltering halls of stone.
Through the endless night they still seek a light
As fragile as an ember.
"The king will come like the rising sun!"
Say those who still remember.

Sing, oh sing for the great high king
Now reclaims his mighty throne!
Hope's bright flame burns— D'ni's king returns
Through the ancient arch of stone!
Sing joyful songs for he rights cruel wrongs
And tyrants cower before him.
For the dream war killed peace can now rebuild
So the D'ni will adore him!