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First Arrival of the Great King writing contest

  all winners...

In Honor of the Augured Birth of King Ahlesendar
First Arrival of the Great King, Year 1948.

Submitted by: Domahreh

Borne on a torrent sea of seer’s fire,
   Clairvoyance bellowed from old Oorpah’s throat,
Her eyes revolving with sightless desire
      To be the mouthpiece of Yahvo’s command.
      O Trumpet of the Maker! You did send

Us promise: Stone shall comfort her affright
   And soothe his cry with noble recommend:
“Great King, Great Leader, Hail!”

                                             In solemn rite,
      When twenty-five times twenty-five years passed
      Ri’Neref’s sovereignty, the Arch was blessed

Beneath which each new monarch would attend
   His empire’s birth and make prophetic test
In hopes of greatness. Weep not that the hand
      Of raving anarchy seized and defiled
      The D’ni crown! Lament that chaste blood spilled

From vital fountains!—yet civil unrest,
   Cruel-seeming fate, tossed Koreen, queen, and child
Unborn on to the ruddy lake. Each blast
      Of war-wind almost rent their swollen sail,
      Propelling them towards the hidden isle,

Towards safety. And, as prophesy foretold,
   When ‘twixt the Arch’s legs their vessel’s hull
Passed through, its upcast shadow flaming gold
      From every edge, the queen brought forth a son.
      And he cried out unto the regal stone,

And soothing lullaby it did recall;
   The waters soft illumination shone
And not a ripple marred the ocean’s lull.
      Unharmed, the greater family did retire
      To their protected Age for thirty year

And did youthful Ahlesendar return,
   Reclaim the crown, and overwhelm the war.
Rejoice, then, every D’ni citizen!
      For it was this prophetic king who taught
      From violent Root shall New Start be born out.