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First Arrival of the Great King writing contest

  all winners...

Submitted by: Kehl: Creator of Simple Words

Past, long past. Deep in the dark
Of myst memories an ancient wrote
words of coming truth: “The Arch
welcomes the reign of the great one…”

While wicked wars ravaged on, the
Young one waited among the Garo-hevtee,
Taken out among the branches—
Terokh Jeruth. When will he wake?

Biding time after narrow escape from
Such nuhdahtahv b’fahsee. Peril from
The warlike Pento and pursuit forcing
Koreen from his home.

Now awake our Great One, baby born
Under the Arch prophetic. One of whom
Oorpah told beyond his age of Garternay,
One would rise above all.

Mothers, of Pento, of D’ni mourn over sons
slain. Soft and fair tears flow swiftly
to the lake, filling it full of sorrow.
All cry out: Ahlsendar return to us!

And the young king soon sailed through
Kerath’s Arch, his ship the harbinger of
horror’s death. The once war times now ended
and all D’ni rejoices in his coming.

Ahlsendar, our Great One, Arch-born,
Arch-returned, bastion of peace for us.
Tears of joyous celebration cover all,
true happiness again.

Our place in the Great Tree preserved,
and the Great One’s salvation remembered.