Ahryeeto: Jilen’s Journal

I spent the day working on the translation for the book that was discovered in Ahryeeto, turns out it was a short journal written by Jilen himself.

It gives a short description of events that took place after the family had fled from D’ni, as well as helped up wrap up the small mystery of who the figure was laying in the bed on Ahryeeto and who were the two that were in Lehns.

Seem Jilen did not stay in the immediate area with them but ventured out into the forest to find his own place.

We were now faced with the possibility that we may spend the rest of our days in this Age. Laia offered to set up a spot for me to live in with them, but I felt perhaps I should let them have their space, with Fehnir yet to show up I felt they would need it for mourning, I did not doubt that my friend had fallen to the same cloud that had taken many other lives.

Heading back to the Link in passage, I took the tunnel up to the upper areas of the forest and decided to find myself an area to set up a camp, Laia kindly lending me construction tools to aid me.

– Journal of Jilen

The passage where the book had been found had been blocked by Jilen himself, to protect himself from the plague. Steven and I plan to head out into the forest and see if we can find where he lived, see what other items of interest can be found.

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