A Couple of Thoughts

The other day I had a thought as I was looking through my research on the Bahro. This thought pondered the use of the Bahro in the construction and writing of an Age. What kind of Book/Age would be produced if it was bound in Bahro hide, more specifically the section that Esher used to Link at will, and if Bahro blood had been mixed with the ink when the Age was written.

My second thought, was if one was to Link to an alternate D’ni (say from using the Bahro Stone in the Hoods) and then journeyed across the lake, up the tunnels to the surface then made your way back to “your house”, would you be there to greet you? It would be an alternate version of you after all (akin to what Yeesha did with Kadish).

I’m curious as to the views on this by the people who read my Beneath journal online.

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