18th April 2022

I have been spending a lot of time on Cass lately, working away on getting the Age prepared for the second stage release. Over the last couple of months I have been formatting various documentation to go within the museum as well as receiving several new artefacts for display. The amount of progress being made has been pleasing.

Sitting here at the top of the stairs, watching the clouds drift over my head… I’m going to miss the quietness of the museum when it is opened, but I’m looking forward to people visiting.

Work on the four wings are coming along. The Journey/New D’ni wing is completed, the Fauna wing is looking pretty decent. I’ve had to use one wing for storage of artefacts for the time being, just until work can be carried out on the actual storage area in the back of house. The final wing was going to be for old D’ni, but the upper floor of the center hall kind of covers that so I’m rethinking what we do with that wing. Patrick and I have discussed a few ideas that I think could be interesting.

In addition to the work being carried out on Cass, I have also been preparing an area in Fahets for release in a few months time. Highgarden was a small garden area I discovered during an exploration trip, it seemed like a lovely little place to set up for Third Path Council members to come and relax. With the Third Path being defunct for many years now I thought I should open the area to the explorer community to join.

It’s been difficult these last few years, trying to juggle surface responsibilities (which are increasing) with my work within D’ni. Even more so with the pandemic and my concerns for what that could do to native populations within the Ages. I’m trying to be better and block some time aside for me to do the things I enjoy, the projects I want to do instead bringing surface baggage with me everywhere I go. Thankfully, I finally took on board the restoration and development process Patrick uses and have applied it myself to great effect. It is very similar to the policy we used to use but a bit more streamlined. But it means that the time frames for restoration and development projects are reduced significantly.

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