More and more explorers are turning to The Art, hoping to craft their own Linking Books, others are looking for the resources to learn how to Write.

It’s a long process, even more so for those who had to scour the ruins of D’ni looking for information, piecing together fragments of documents and, at times, just guessing what certain Garohevtee do.

It’s a topic that comes up frequently in the TTP meetings. It was in one of these meetings that Keira raised an interesting concept, a location with documentation and help for learning how to Write. She suggested a place where people could come and find documents on how to start out with Age writing, guiding them through what we know (sketchy at best) about the Garohevtee, there they could see examples or lesson Ages.
Sophie suggested perhaps having recordings there that people could watch and listen to that could also help explain the concepts listed in the documents.

An excellent idea.

We spent the afternoon discussing it, it would only need to be a small location. It was an unamanous vote, all 5 of us wanted to go ahead with it so Keira and Sophie have set up preparations for the project to go ahead.

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