Site Tweaks

The plan, was to have Kehrahn finished up for release today. And at the same time push the new updates to the site layout.

But like most plans, it somewhat fell through. A few last minute set backs have delayed the release of Kehrahn.

So I decided to push the update anyway. It’s mostly cosmetic and back-end changes, mainly expanding the header area so it serves more of an advertisement that new Ages/areas have been released to the public.

You may notice the link to the forums has vanished. The forums were there for TTP dicussions and for people to report issues with the areas we have released. However TTP has better forms of communication these days than forum software and reports of issues have been few and far between. So we are going to be archiving the forums and setting up a new means for people to report issues.

It will take a while for the forum topics to show up in the Archive due to the reworking of how archived forums are structured. Currently they are just quotes after quotes, my plan is to recode the format so it is more forum like and easier for people to read.

Finding time to do that between Kehrahn, Sul, Ahryahn, and the many experiments I’m currently running will be tricky.

However, for those who are interested I am planning a quick round up of what I am working on which will be posted over the next few days.

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