Returning to Tochoortahv

Delayed my trip back down by a day seeming we had a lot of stuff to move on the surface.

First thing I did upon arriving in Tehren was to stop by Tochoortahv and see how the work was progressing. I must admit I was astonished in what had happened in a few days, the room is completely finished. We still have a few things to bring in, all the documentation we have is being assembled and is almost ready to go, Sophie’s had some issues with the imager which has delayed it slightly. But the 3 Ages; Tailehn, Orth and Artas are ready and waiting for the Book pedestals to be brought into the Age so they can be placed upon them.

Finally got around to adding a project page for the Age yesterday which can be found here: Tochoortahv Project Page




I think the Age is almost ready for Phase 5, might hand out a few links to some folks in the Cavern like Whil and all, before initiating a wider release.

Will have to have a meeting with the others before doing that, see if they’d rather everything be in place before limited release or to hand out books as it is currently.

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