Progress in Ardin

I’ve been spending a large amount of time on Ardin with Steven lately, as a result several of my planned projects have fallen by the wayside.
It is hard not to stick around the Age, since our discovery in the temple by Jura we’ve been shown a large portion of the Age and learned a great many details regarding their ways, not to mention grasping their language. Steven being a linguist, picked it up pretty easily, I had more trouble but with him helping I soon picked it up, not that I would say I’m anywhere near the level he is, but I can speak to them just fine.

We’ve been building a hut near the Link in point after being given permission by the Aaki to do so, they did recommend building it up off of the waters edge for safety though.

It turns out the Link in point was the site of their previous village, many years ago. There were two “tribes” for lack of a better word, the Aaki and the Ish. Conflict eventually broke out and the Ish moved from the area and started raiding the Aaki village at night, the Aaki eventually moved to where the village is currently located, the boats and ladders are hauled up from the waters to stop the Ish from being able to breech the village.
Apparently the Ish haven’t been seen in years, but they still keep the security in place just in case.

The temple is dedicated to their deity Lah’zu, Jura is the temple keeper, looks after it, runs the ceremonies etc. It was he who discovered us during our investigation of the temple and took us to the village.
The Temple Keeper has 2 pupils who spend most of their life learning the customs so that they take over Jura’s position when he stops.

The village has an Elder who rules, with 4 “hands” who help and advise, the current Elder is Kurailin, which isn’t actually his full name as I first thought but it actually comprised of Kura (Aaki for Elder) and Ilin which is the Elders name.
The Elders and the 4 hands all have the white pearly masks we saw on the figure in the Temple. The masks are part of a rite of passage with the growing males. When they reach a certain age they are tasked with confronting a creature they call an Urbho. It is pretty much a fight to the death, if the young man wins they take the head plate from the Urbho and use it to craft a ceremonial mask, the mask is held as one of the most prized possessions to the young warrior.

The men go out each morning to collect food, be it from fishing or hunting larger pray. The women seem to keep to the village and deal with the children, teaching them as well as food preparation.

As for the village, the houses are made from vast barnacles they fish up from the oceans, they’re connected with wooden walkways and ladders, it’s a very communal feeling. We have spent a great many nights in the village and I can’t say I ever felt like I had any degree of privacy there, Steven it seems felt the same way, which is why he opted to build his hut near the Link in point.

At least I’m getting a nice tan from all this time spent on Ardin, I felt perhaps all my time in the caves in Sul was making me paler.

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