Meeting New People

I met some interesting people today.

I had been sat for around 20 minutes or so studying the glyphs in Area Two of Eder Kemo when the sky quickly darkened and poured with rain.

I decided to warm up in Gira for a bit, dry my clothes out that the storm had soaked in minutes, before heading into D’ni and visiting some of the other Neighbourhoods I had seen listed in the Nexus.

Most of the ones I had visited were empty, eventually I stumbled into one of them which was populated with a few people sat around by the fountain talking.

Upon being greeted I wandered over to the group to introduce myself.

They had been talking about the Fall of D’ni, Keira Benson, an Archaeologist, had been studying the fall. She had apparently discovered a D’ni corpse in the Age of Kadish Tolesa as well as other bone fragments in Gahreesen and Teledahn.

I sat with them for a few hours, discussing D’ni, whilst people slowly faded into the hood and out, in the end all there was left was myself, Keira and her friend James Rofen, an Architect.

They asked how I had found my way down here, to which I explained that I was a D’ni Historian and had been studying D’ni for a number of years before managing to get down here. Keira said she had stumbled across some relic that had been brought up from D’ni and her interest in those items had lead her here. James said his friend had been contracted to do some work in the Cavern, upon last seeing his friend he had been told of the Cavern and had decided to come see it for himself.

I think we shall be seeing more of each other over time.

Eder Kemo

When I was younger I used to swim with friends in one of the several rivers that cut through my village. There was one area where the water was deep and secluded under trees which we used to frequent. My first time jumping in there I was not expecting the temperature of the water to be so cold, the initial shock after jumping in robbed me of my breath and I struggled to stay above the surface.

Stepping from Gira to Kemo reminded me of that moment in my life, the difference being the temperatures were not as extreme in difference like the water was and as I stepped upon Kemo I wasn’t gripped by panic and concerns of drowning.

I’m not sure why Kemo became of particular interest to me. Perhaps it was the sense of mystery that emanated from documents and photos brought back to the surface by others. I had heard whispers of a door with an engraving upon it a door within which Phil Henderson eventually vanished behind, of strange pictoglyphs strewn upon the walls of the Age.

By my estimation I had managed to map about 90% of the Age from the photographs relayed to the surface, but I was aware I was missing the key point of how the three areas I had mapped linked together. Now I have the chance to complete my work and study the glyphs I had only seen from a distance in photographs before.

The Link in point was a small pagoda of sorts which lead out over a rocky arch of a bridge. Below was the pond, an area I had seen before from photographs and one of the areas I had previously mapped. The bridge lead over to a path that cut between the eroded rock, as I crossed I noticed large black bug like creatures hanging from the top of the rock wall digging away at the surface and eating something by the look of it.

The path eventually opened up into an area I had deemed “area one” during my previous mapping attempts. A pleasant grassy area with long thin trees with pancake like foliage, smooth pebble like rocks, and what looked like bamboo. The dirt path I stood upon lead down to a stone path which curved to the left out of view. Straight ahead of me was the infamous door. The path also curved to the right where it arched around the area, passing a gazebo before reaching some steps that lead to the fountain and an area with lots of pictoglyphs.

I cannot deny, the draw to those glyphs was strong. But the door…I had to see it first, if only for a moment.

The door was a little more elaborate than the counterpart found at the Cleft with an elegant carved boarder surrounding the same spiral hand symbol I had been finding everywhere. I reached out, my fingers touching the cool surface of the door, tracing the embossed edges of that hand symbol. Touching the door revealed nothing, but that did not surprise me. In fact I am starting to form an idea on how the door is opened. If it is anything like the one back at the Cleft then I will need to hunt down seven cloths.

The area next to the door revealed more of the pictoglyphs that littered the Age. It also served to show me how areas one and three from my mapping were linked, or areas one and two as I have now correctly labeled them.

Eder Kemo

My interest in the door had be fed, for a spell. I shall turn my attention back to it when I further investigate how to open it. In the mean time I felt the glyphs warranted further study so I made my way back to the fountain area.
The glyphs in this area seem to represent some of the other Ages. Indeed I am pretty sure one of them is Kadish Tolesa, and there is one that looks like Gahreesen and another that looks like Teledahn. I cannot fathom as of yet what story these glyphs are trying to tell, who are the figures?

I decided to spend the rest of the day chronicling the glyphs, drawing them in my journal and taking photos of them and noting down their locations and any other details about them that could be helpful in the future.

I feel like there is a larger story to be told by these images, I had felt overly drawn to the Age from the moment I first heard of the “Garden Age”.

Chief amongst my many questions is…Who drew them?

Eder Gira

When I get some time I really need to set up a more comfortable spot to sleep on.

I spent a lot of time in Ae’gura yesterday, conversing with a fair few explorers down at the Ferry Terminal, not many other places to gather currently. The vast stairwell (The Great Stairs as it is known) is blocked off at the top, barring access from the Tokotah Courtyard. Half way up the Great Stairs is a damaged portion of wall that leads to a corridor, within is a blocked area which is curtained off currently, I was planning on darting under the curtain and checking it out but someone approached the area so I left, I’ll explore it later.

Growing tired I retired to Relto to once again sleep on the floor with only my backpack as a pillow.

I slept late, the constant dark of the cavern and quickly moving to an Age at the peak of its day is jarring, like a really bad case of jet lag. I think it will take some time to settle into this new pace of life.

This fact was made worse when I decided to spend today on Eder Gira.

The heat hit me right away, a vent near by spewed steam into the the evening air. In the purplish sky I could see that the Age had twin moons.

Eder Gira

The cracked earth gave way to a different substance of rock, and from the looks of it I’d venture a guess to say it was caused by a lava flow, indeed this theory was enforced as I reached the edge of the cliff I was standing upon and looked down to see a lava flow.

Several pipes lead up towards a structure high up on the cliff wall, it seems to be siphoning the thermal energy from the Age, but for what use I am unsure of.

The Age has rudimentary plantlife, some thorny vines, and scrub grasses as well as some plants with a large leaf to them, there are also large bell shaped plants which I must admit I had failed to notice at first due to their similar colouring to the surrounding rock.

The lower level was blocked by rockfall, but continuing past it opened out onto a wonderful view. A small lake fed by waterfalls tumbling over the rocks, jutting from the water was bones of some huge creature. The best part to all this were the strange manta ray like fish which swam in the waters, these fish apparently had some kind of bioluminescence to them which allows for parts of their body to glow a blueish purple colour.

Behind the waterfall there is a relatively large cave, inside seems to be some wooden basket like items, not sure what the use for these are yet, but I have some ideas what I could use them for. It appears the cave reaches back and ventures further into the rock, despite the two geothermic lighting systems I found and activated the way appears to still be a little two dark, I shall require alternate lighting before exploring into it more.

However, not one of these marvels held my interest as much as the strange tablet I found sitting on one of the bone fragments. A strange item constructed of whiteish pink rock, upon it was a burlap fabric extremely similar to the “Journey Cloths” I had seen in the Cleft. Upon the cloth, to my surprise was a Linking panel, unfortunately I couldn’t quite make out where it Linked to.

Across a stream leading from the pool of water was a small structure of stone and wood, upon it seemed to be another Linking Book.

As it turns out it was, and it was just the Book I had been looking for, the Eder Kemo Book.



I awoke with my muscles in pain, the floor of the hut was not the best place to sleep.

First order of business was to find a Gahreesen Book and get a KI. I took a closer look at the hydrants I had first spotted during my visit back in August. What I had failed to noticed before was that on the tops of the hydrants were symbols which indicated which Age Book was contained within.

Opening up the one with the Guild of Maintainers symbol on revealed the Gahreesen Book. I opened the other 3 hydrants to discover Books for Teledahn, Kadish Tolesa and Eder Gira.

I placed them on the shelves in my hut, and in doing so noticed 2 other Books I had failed to notice in my fatigued state yesterday. One was on the shelf I had placed the other Books on, it was blue with gold trim on the spine. Flicking through showed an area that looked like one of the D’ni Neighbourhoods.

The other book was a kind of journal left by Yeesha I’m guessing (her symbol was on the cover), which contained various verses regarding the Ages in my possession (as well as Eder Kemo which I have yet to locate).


The truth of a man is found in the darkness, beneath the surface. Some light might reveal only what some men want to be seen.

Sayings of Regeltavok of Oorpah –
Book 9, Entry 221, Item 29


The laws contrived by the proud are their security and their undoing. Such laws make disobedience a virtue, and obedience a sin.

Sayings of Regeltavok of Oorpah –
Book 12, Entry 32, Item 134

Kadish Tolesa

Only the way a man is when he is hidden, is how he is. A shallow glimpse can deceive. Look deep, ponder, and recognize all that is hidden.

Sayings of Regeltavok of Oorpah –
Book 9, Entry 221, Item 77

Eder Kemo and Eder Gira

When all is taken from one, the only hope that remains is what is given by another. Through this giving, both are

Sayings of Regeltavok of Oorpah –
Book 2, Entry 1,071, Item 54

I’m not yet sure what those passages relate to within the Ages they speak of.

I decided to remove some of the weight in my bag by putting my spare clothes in the wardrobe before heading to Gahreesen to get my KI.

I returned to that familiar well that encompasses the Link in area, the warmth of the sun hitting me instantly. I walked the corridors of the Age, remembering which direction to take from my previous visit. My fingers brushing the different textures as I walked.
I had time to soak it in this trip, unguided, I could dither if I pleased. I could almost see the D’ni Maintainers bustling back and forth along the long corridors going about their business.

I ducked into the first room, which appeared to be a storage area. Lockers adorned the walls filled with Books that I assume were confiscated by the Maintainers as people came to collect their KI devices. But there was other maintainer equipment strewn about as well, a helmet of sorts and several long spikes with the Maintainers seal upon the top. But most curious was a strange tablet placed in one of the open lockers. It was made of a pinkish white marble like stone with what looked like the same fabric used on the Journey Cloths covering the front. But the most surprising thing was the Linking panel upon the material…I strained my eyes to look at the little box and it seemed that it leads to D’ni judging by what looks like orange lake water in the distance. Unsure what to do I picked it up and placed it in my bag and took it with me as I felt it warranted further investigation.

I moved on to the next room which contained the KI dispenser. The dispenser was slightly alarming, you place your hand inside the device, and the mechanism places a KI around your hand, I was half worried it was going to take my hand off.

There was a part of me that yearned to stay within Gahreesen and continue exploring the structure. But too long had I wished to gaze upon D’ni properly, and I knew that had to be my first port of all.

After returning to Relto, I used the “Neighbourhood” Book. I arrived in a familiar location, a place I had seen many photos of before I ventured down here. But actually being here was different. I spent perhaps an hour, maybe two walking around. I don’t know how many of those minutes I spent gazing out across the lake towards Ae’gura. Very quickly I noticed how shockingly quiet the neighborhood was, it was completely empty. The only sound I could hear was the gentle “whump-whump-whump” of the great fans circulating air in the cavern.

During my exploration I did discover what appears to be a Book room of sorts. Within were Linking Books to Gahreesen, Teledahn and what appeared to be Eder Kemo. However the most interesting Book was in the center of the room sat upon a pedestal which had moving cogs and a hand slot with the KI symbol upon it like the one in Gahreesen.

The Book took me to a small room with moving cogs, the Nexus. A hub which contains a great many books that can be accessed via a user interface which links with the KI. A quick browse through the interface showed that there were a selection of neighborhoods that could be visited, as well as Gahreesen and the Ferry Terminal in Ae’gura.

I selected the Ferry Terminal and Linked.

It is not what I expected, not at all. I believe it’s the architecture, I was expecting something more classical, more like Rome.

But the Arch…it is so huge, what a sight to behold!

The DRC have barriers up all over the place, blocking entrance off to those who aren’t DRC. I ran into a group of explorers near a “Nexus Point” so I stopped and chatted to them for a while, there were a few familiar faces I knew from the surface.

My visit in August was very solitary, aside from my guide. Meeting fellow explorers in the city was definitely an experience. It was nice to just chat and discuss D’ni society along with other things.

I still have so much to see.

[note:] DRC released a KI user manual, obtain a copy of it later.

The Calling

I have no idea how long that message had been sitting in my inbox. The message in question happened to be from Jeff Zandi who, despite the wishes of the DRC, was giving me the means to reach the Cleft. Not a guides tour like my previous visit, but access to join “The Called” in D’ni.

Despite it being late August, the temperature was extremely hot. Thankfully I had packed plenty of water, I was not used to American weather. I had been walking a while, eventually I started recognizing the landscape from my previous visit. As if to signal that I was on the right track I could see the volcano on the horizon.

I had spied the volcano even before I had noticed the fence that surrounded Zandi’s land. As I walked over to the infamous Airstream trailer I was surprised to find Jeff himself waiting for me outside.

The Cleft

Surprisingly he had little to say to me, but he did mention a message waiting for me from “her”. The power was off so I had to get it running again. Within the Cleft was a mechanism linked to the windmill on the surface. After I finally got the windmill working and power running in The Cleft, I discovered “her” message.

Shorah. Rekooahn treCleft preniv legloen b’rem… Oh yes, not in D’ni, they won’t understand.

Once again, the stream in the Cleft has begun to flow. It was dry for so long. The water is flowing in from the desert. The storm is coming.

Have you heard of the City? The deep City, the ancient Uru? Where there was power to write worlds? For thousands of years, the City lived; lived beneath the surface, keeper of the secret, keeper of the power, keeper of the Ages. Always keeping. The City grew proud, and then it died.

The water flows where it wills. It seeks its own path uncontrolled except that it flows downward, always downward.

D’ni, the City of Ages, of other worlds, died. But now it breathes again, it awaits. Some will seek that destination, but you should seek the Journey. It’s as a fine tapestry, complex beyond comprehension, but now torn. We will show you remnants; pieces of the tapestry. Pieces of the Journey. Find the remnants, these Journeys. Seven. Seven in each Age, seven here in the desert. Consider it a quest. No, a request.


The water flows downward, and there it pools and collects, and finally, it reaches the roots. And the tree begins to grow again.

I am Yeesha. My parents brought me to this place. We will bring you.

There is much to study here, there is a document seemingly penned by Atrus’ own hand to Yeesha, his daughter. I shall have to return here with the means to copy the document for future referencing I think. But for now a quick note of the contents within my journal will suffice.

My search for the cloths took me back up into the heat, as I headed back over to Jeff to see if he had any thoughts on the message, as I did so I discovered another one of the cloths on the back of his Airstream. Despite his lack of words he was most helpful in pointing the way at times. My hunt for the cloths lead me to discover some interesting artifacts strewn about the area. My first discovery were sheets of metal, half buried in the desert floor. They encircled a larger object which I recognized from Catherine’s journals as the telescope from Riven. Across the way I could spy some large bones, upon which was another cloth. Then bones as it turns out (from looking at the formation of the skull and tusks) is that of a Wahrk, which leads me to wonder what other relics from that infamous Age has fallen through to Earth to be left here gathering in the dirt unloved. If I had my way I’d be carting them off to somewhere safe.

Is this the location where the fissure lead to after the collapse of Riven?

Incredible, it seems that the seven cloths allow for the doorway under the tree in The Cleft to be opened. Opening it revealed a tunnel that lead to a cave. All around me I could hear strange chittering noises that I found unnerving coming out from the dark recesses of the cave. Upon the walls were strange pictoglyphs of symbols with D’ni lettering, a figure and spirals, all of which gave off a blue light when passed.

The path through the tunnels lead to a podium of rock, upon which was a small book which I had seen before. A Relto Book, my Relto Book.

It’s been a long day, the cave is nice and cool but I need to find a place to rest. I will chronicle the pictographs when I return here, but for now I shall Link to Relto and see if I can rest there.

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