Spent a few days on the surface getting some supplies to bring back with me. Returned the the Age I have been working on, still a lot to do seems to be progressing well we’re looking forward to seeing the results.

Took a detour returning to the Cavern, decided to check out that spot from the Bahro sighting, I wasn’t disappointed managed to get a wonderful picture of one, will have to post it sometime. I really need to get the gallery up.

The classification documents are coming along nicely, not much work to do seeming The Third Path had pretty much got everything in place already, aside from the new Ages I have recently gained access too.

Kodama showed up for the Town Hall the other morning, that guy can dodge questions like bullets. He answered a few questions I had for him, I had been wondering if the “Canyon Strip” area where the Kadish Gallery is, is the Karim District mention in one of the DRC notebooks. Kodama said that the Karim District was in the City Proper, Marie mentioned that we could have access to area’s in the City Proper within a year which was news welcomed.
Unfortunately Kodama did delay a theory I have had for a number of years now regarding the Tomb of the “Great” King (Not sure whats so great about a King who committed genocide then caused the death of thousands of his own people centuries later). Kodama said the tomb was sealed (Atrus must have sealed it after the Terahnee events) and was being treated with care.

DRC Meeting

DRC Meeting
Had a meeting with the DRC and Liaisons today, almost missed it as I was busy on the surface trying to fix this database problem I have been having with DJC. Thankfully Vortmax sent me a jingle reminding me about it and I was able to make my way down in time.

I believe the others managed to get a full log posted up on the Liaison site. Tomorrow we have a Town Hall meeting with Victor, unfortunatly I have business on the surface to attend to and so wont be able to make it which is a shame. I am rather interested in seeing what Victor has to say about D’ni technology.


I just got word, they have secured the funding, the restoration is back on.

This is fantastic news, everyone is blowing up about it, I am so excited. Kez is trying not to get excited for fear of being let down, I need to keep telling myself that despite the fact funding is secured cautious optimism is still the best policy. I would hate to see this fall through like last time.

Despite my grievances with the DRC’s actions before the restoration collapsed I am kinda looking forward to seeing how the future progresses. From my meetings with them I can tell they have changed hugely over the last 2 years, the fact they took Yeesha’s journey is proof of that.

*Pops open a beer* To D’ni

DRC Meeting

Eder Delin
The results came in I was elected DRC Liaison along with Eleri, Gadren, Wolfie and Vortmax.

Marie wanted to meet with us today after yesterdays results so I made my way to the Uruto Hood that she had given me a Nexus invite for.

I don’t know what made me think that I should check out the imager as soon as possible but I did, and I discovered the above image on it. Apparently the Age is called Eder Delin, a small Garden Age that Marie has been working on, she said that a lot of rest Ages have similar features. I am looking forward to visiting that place.

Lots to do, the DRC suggested setting up Town Hall meetings between them, Cyan and the explorers. Sounds like a good idea, gives the people who never got to see the DRC around back during the restoration to meet them. They are still trying to get that funding from Blake, I hope it goes well.

I best go upload these transcripts to the site for editing.

August 16th, 2004

Once again I find myself reading through James’ journal. His documentation on the Art is of growing interest to me. We have been visiting these Ages, restoring and documenting them, but the underlying principle behind how these Ages are Written is fascinating. This morning I stopped by the Tehren Neighbourhood and retrieved one of the Kormahn, Descriptive Books, we had in the archive for an Age called Artas. I am trying to wrap my head around the Garohevtee.
I have selected several Garohevtee from the Artas Kormahn and have been studying their relation to the make up of the Age in the hopes of better understanding the concepts behind them.
It’s clear from James’ work that he was making some progress in understanding the Garohevtee, if his work had continued perhaps he would have succeeded in taking it to the next step if we had allowed him. Perhaps we should have let him, the longer we are in the cavern the greater the chance that someone in the explorer community will learn Age Writing. We may forbid it within the Third Path but we cannot stop everyone in the community from trying.

I have to wonder, can we really stop members of the Third Path from Writing? If they are determined they will find a way and keep it hidden, perhaps this is the path James would have taken if things had not gone they way they had…