0003 Unknown

Returned from the initial visit to what has been designated “0003 Unknown” by the guild.

It was night time when we Linked in, I was going to say it was dark but it wasn’t. We had Linked into a ledge about half way up the inside of a caldera. Below us was a lake of molten lava just bubbling and cracking away. The ledge seems pretty secure, will have to get someone to check it over but I don’t think it’ll be trying to kill us any time soon. The problem stems from the fact that it’s a volcanic Age, we’re going to have to put it on some long term observation to assess if it is going to erupt or not.

0003 Unknown

I’m hoping it will prove to be stable, seeing the various fissures in the rocks, the flowing of the lava I can see that this place would make a unique Age.

Most of the time was spent looking around the immediate area, Soph and Steve are heading back with some equipment to scale the side and get up on the surface to see what things look like up there and set up an observation post to keep an eye on things.

New Age

Had been waiting on some air samples to get back to us regarding a new Age we have been working with. Results came back that indicated that all was well so a team is being assembled to venture into the Age and check it out.

Added a new feature to Beneath called Quick Notes, it utilizes Twitter to post quick updates of what is going on, a bit like mini journal entries. These entries well contain details of what the Restorers Guild and myself are up to in D’ni and its Ages.

Paintings Finished


I finished up the final painting in the series today. Placed them all next to each other and that is when I realized what needed to be done.

Burning Paintings

The painting of Nekisahloth remains, that was the strongest of the 3. The other two I threw on a bonfire we had going. I will finish the set, I shall redo the entire series and it’ll look right.

Painting Events

Started a series of 3 paintings the other day, the first one being of Nekisahloth the Bahro Nekisahl’s leader. According to Dr. Watson, Bahro Nekisahl is what Yeesha calls the “evil” Bahro, it means Twisted Bahro.

The second painting was finished last night, it is of Esher. The third will be of Yeesha of course. Lately I have been interesting in depicting the events that have been going on, they will of course be another chapter in the history of D’ni at some point (the events not the paintings).

I shall be starting Yeesha today.


“I have words.

Destruction is almost upon us. They are here. Fighting in war. Freed from their prison, the Bahro choose their way now; good and evil stand before them. No longer are they slaves to the tablet, no longer is their destiny locked to the wishes of others. No longer is their freedom captive. They are powerful and with freedom, some are dangerous.

Most of the Bahro are friends. They stand with us, protecting us from the evil that surrounds you almost constantly. They sacrifice for you. They battle and die for this cavern. They battle and die for the Ages, and your comfort. They fight for the D’ni as well. They watch over us all.

But there are those who have not chosen to side with you, with the D’ni, or with good. They seek revenge for the evil done to them. They seek to impart tht harm on others, just as they were tortured. Revenge is their excuse but freedom is their cause.

They are able to make the choice and they bask in such opportunity to do as they please. They are free to choose evil and so they do. With freedom comes choice and with choice comes evil, as well as good.

Their leader can be seen clearly. He is missing a large patch of skin on his shoulder – taken from him in the tortuous lab of Esher. Because of that, I will draw them away. Away from the cavern. Away from you. I do not know how long the evil ones will seek me… I do not know how long they will seek what I carry. It could be only days, it could be months.

Destruction is coming. It is almost here. I will delay it as long as I can but, in the meantime, you must find a way. You must make a home. Destruction will be here soon.

I will try to return and help you in the future. If things go well, I will offer you my aid. If things do not, you must find a way on your own.

Regardless, you must be ready. Destruction will come… sooner or later. When it does, you must have a way. You must make a home.

I will do all that I can in the meantime.”

Yeesha In K'veer

I admit it, I wasn’t expecting her to address us herself, I was thinking another imager message. I’ll be taking my slice of humble pie ala mode please.
That said, what did she really give us? She took them away, for now. She tells us what we already know, and a small item we did not know.

Perhaps I would feel different if I had been there, she had left by the time I got over to the area, Telmora took the above image.

I don’t know, she stands there delivers a speech then leaves, we have questions, we need answers and she fails to deliver again. If she returns I am going to do my utmost to talk to her, actually talk to her.

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