A Minor Set Back

Terribly tired, did not sleep to well lastnight due to this tooth ache I have been suffering with.

So today was the sit in, it was a bit of a mess for sure. Holding it in the city was unwise, however the City is a central location so it seemed a good idea at the time. Next time (if there is a next time) I shall hold it in one of the hoods, that way there is no Nexus cap so all supporters can turn up, people can’t be kept out by non-supporters and so forth.

Cate turned up, not surprisingly haven’t clued the ResEngs into what was going on and people at Cyan who happened to speak with other ResEngs I knew word was going to make its way to the Council. Unfortunatly thats where everything went down hill, Cate’s comments were drowned out in the mass chatter, certain explorers behaviour was absimal, pushing their own agenda;

Interesting how the “Anti D R C” movement took special pains today to prevent explorers from attempting to re-institute recently closed communication channels with the DRC.

So I have to ask: Is this movement Anti DRC…. or are they really anti-explorers?
– Marten

As a result Cate left in a huff unimpressed with the movement, and annoyed that she didn’t get to tell her side to things. As a result myself and some others have emailed her asking for a private meeting to resolve the issue, however given Engbergs comments of late Cate doesn’t want the forum there to be used.

So did we fail? Nope, we just took the first step. Will we succeed? Time will tell with that one.


Some people seem to be confused about what we are trying to accomplish here. I am hearing comments like “its just a forum”, “its not a big deal” and so forth. It is not just about the forum, the forum is a small thing, I am looking at the bigger picture here.

Once upon a time the DRC would barely communicate with us, they under estimated the explorers, and so we rose up (with The Great Tree and with Sharper) and showed them that we are a force to be reckoned with, that we are in D’ni too and to call for communication.

The DRC were doing pretty well with communication, until some set backs, one being the liaisons, the other being the loss of the forums which could have been better used.

Now this sit in is not just about the forums, to me it is about the following.

  • To get the forums back, either for good or as an archive.
  • To show Cate that, dispite her view, there are some of us who do care.
  • To show Cate that we are still here, we shall remain here and we are as much a part of D’ni as the DRC are, this needs to be remembered.
  • That D’ni isn’t just about her, her instant gratification or the DRC its about us all (Bahro and all).
  • To show that we can work together and can have a voice and will not be walked over (today the forums tomorrow what? Take away the city?).

Just a few of the things this is about to me.

Now I am not up for the hostilites, I don’t think Cate is stupid, I do disagree with some of her choices not surprisingly.
Some people don’t get that this is about more than the forum, and some just don’t get the spirit of Uru at all, which is a shame.

I was in the Cavern lastnight seeing what kind of support this matter was getting when I hopped into the Beginners Bevin (the hood that will serve as an overflow for the sit in if the City gets full) and one of the ResEng’s was in there, the subject came up and he asked about it and we told him how we felt about the forum and he said he would mention it in his nightly ResEng report. So I guess the DRC know whats happening tomorrow, whether any of them will show up remains to be seen.

Oh and incidently the RSS feed for UruBlogs seems to be broken (the feed currently uses feedburner) so I would recommend using this link instead: RSS

Making a Stand/DRC Forums

I would like to ask all of you who are not happy with Cate taking away the forums, those of you who would like to see the forums return to join us in a sit in protest in the Tokotah Courtyard* on Thursday at 12pm Cavern Time (12pm Mountain Time, 2 PM EST , 11 AM Pacific, and 19:00 GMT.).

We would like to see the return of the forums and to remind Cate that she can’t have everything her way.

We hope to see you there

* The Tokotah Courtyard is located at the top of the Great Stairs in Ae’Gura.


Haven’t seen much of the DRC lately, not surprising really given that I have not been down in the Cavern to much.
They finally launched their new site, lost alot of information with the change. Not to pleased about that, not to mention that Cate has removed the DRC forums for good apparently. With the constent hostilities that can be found there, I cannot say I am not surprised. However we have lost alot by having them removed thats why the Archivist Division of the D’ni Jazz Club is working on obtaining the forums so that the explorer community can continue using them.

With the current work on 2 websites coming to a close and their launching on friday I should have some time to commit to the RestorersGuild site.

Need to bring in some help with the classification project too, still have alot of work to do.


NSymon posted a transcript of a meeting with Nick White today. Seems like Douglas Sharper is going to be returning to D’ni, should be interesting to see how that goes.

Seems Tsogahl is ready to go but the release date is being argued over.