Well Sharper has definitely returned and is doing the rounds. I did laugh at the explorers asking if he minded that they read his journal. Morals aside, if you are going to read the journal just do it, don’t ask and don’t allow them to know you are reading said journal. As a result Sharper now knows we read it, and so if he wants to dish out dis-information he can, and we will lap it up. This kind of thing happened before, it just blows my mind.

He’s off to Negilahn with Nick and Rils to deal with this “predator” that has been eating the wildlife, apparently there was a blurry photo of some of the remains, morbid for sure but I would like to get a copy of this photo.

Have been spending some time out and about with my camera, started taking panoramic shots of all the Ages and area’s. Even made a trip back to Ahra Pahts and took one there.

Ahra Pahts Panoramic

Had a little trouble with exposure at first but I have managed to solve the issue, I think the Eder Delin one has got to be my favorte so far.
I decided to set up a new section of the album for the panoramic shots.

Outside the Pod

We finally got everything sorted, Joe decided to come with us. Nick said that there is something in the jungle that has the other animals scared, Whil’s suggestion about Sharper is a good one, wonder if that is what they will get him to do.


We went out looking for evidence of this animal, but we couldn’t find any. So we started collecting information for the DZS. Joe was getting a sample of the “Snake Vines” when we heard this crashing coming through the Jungle, scared the hell out of us, the thing was freaking huge.
I don’t think we have ever run so fast in our lives, Joe fell and hurt himself pretty bad. Steven and Keira are taking him up to the surface so we can get him checked out at the hospital.

I don’t plan on getting that close to an Urwin any time soon.

March 3rd, 2007

The team came back with the test results from Fahets, they were all green the Age is safe.

I returned without the Maintainer suit, despite it being one of the slimmer models of suits the Maintainers had I still find it rather restrictive.

I spent the morning down in the basin studying the various plant life and making notes for my ongoing flora and fauna classification project. The pod plants seem to be a large fruit of some sort. The centers are a similar structure to tomatoes but they have a very sweet scent to them. I harvested a collection of them at several stages of growth to run some tests on and see if they are edible.

It is very peaceful here, the sound of the waterfall and the birds, the occasional buzzing of insects. I did spy what appeared to be a beetle of some sort flitting around the rocks and settling on the trees. I am hoping I can catch one for further study.
I brought in a ladder with me to get up to the second level that surrounds the basin. It is an enclosed area with walls of rock but from what I can glimpse the Age expands out further through a forest like area. Perhaps I can see about cutting through the rock and opening a channel to this secondary area at some point.

In the mean time I have set myself to mapping the initial area. Sophie voiced an idea of setting a camera up on a helium balloon and letting it go to see if we can capture some images of the surrounding area. Evidently she had read an article about some school children doing something similar to take photos of Earth from the edge of space with great results.

The Window

So we put the window up above the Tsogahl book in Tehren today. Looks good, will look even better when we see how the Delin and Great Zero windows look too.

Tsogahl Window

Steven said he is up for trying to breach the pod in Negilahn, haven’t decided when we shall do it though.

March 2nd, 2007

I have put pen to paper. The first of many Garohevtee inscribed upon the whiteness of the page, the blackness of the ink almost burning into it. After long hours and longer days it is done. I have checked, double checked, and triple checked the Kormahn and everything is in order.

I have called the Age Fahets (D’ni for first), it seemed an appropriate name.

A Linking Book back is ready to be taken through lest I trap myself upon this new world and before me a blackened Linking panel awaits that first contact with my hand.

I felt the familiar electrical tingle in my hand, the lurching of my body as everything shifted. The sensation of my body shattering and coming together again, all things I have been through countless times before during my time in D’ni but this time it feels different somehow. I know it isn’t the process is the same every time one Links and certainly one gets used to it, but this is my Age and as a result there is a kind of mental conditioning that somehow it is different this time.

I arrived in a small rock basin peppered with moss growth and some sort of fungus. A small pond dominates the basin floor which is surrounded by a myriad of plant life and some strange pod like plants that remind me of cacti somewhat. Above the basin appears to be another level which as far as I can see is not currently accessible, perhaps I can get a ladder set up or carve some steps into the rock. Upon this higher level there are large trees and colossal blades of grass growing everywhere. I am curious how far out this Age extends and what manner of wildlife can be found there, but before I get too ahead of myself I need to gather the necessary samples to check to see if the Age is safe before returning without this Maintainers suit.

The initial surveying looks promising however.