Finding a way or loosing one?

As the society finds a way I seem to be loosing one. Not sure what it is but lately I have felt so lost.

Occasionally I get these flashes, a feeling washing over me and I felt like I did back in 2002/2003 back when I started all this.

I miss that feeling.

What is it that I feel I am missing? A sense of purpose? Sense of mystery and intrigue?
It didn’t take me long to see D’ni in a different light, even now as people still see an archaeological site, I see a home, a future, a new start.

But as I see this new home, future, a new start. I start failing to see other things, perhaps things that should be seen, that are important. But I forget what they are and why they are important and thus am lost.

Do I miss the adventure? The thrill of danger? I remember sneaking back into D’ni after the DRC pulled out, building a base for The Third Path, ‘borrowing’ books and resources on the Art.

Course I remember the loss, the death of David, the flight of James.

I find myself in the City Proper, venturing here in a daze, and I reach the spot where David was found, where James had been living and researching the Art and the Bahro.

Perhaps I need to retrace my steps in order to find where I was on the path again.

Fish Tacos

Back in the early days, before the DRC opened the cavern publicly and only Authorized Explorers were permitted into D’ni there was some Fish Taco shirts that soon vanished and became much coveted by a selection of people.

‘Rium+’ managed to stumble onto them and so I promptly stole one for myself.

Fish Tacos

Hoping to get some printed up and sent to the DRC for them to dispense to the explorer community, we shall have to see where that goes.

Broken KI Image

Sophie stopped by the office earlier, there were a few images on the KI most of them the usual, Ae’gura, Hood shots etc. But one of them is what we’re assuming is Nekisahloth;


Soph said she has cleaned the image up a lot with some new equipment she has been experimenting with. Apparently there are some journal entries on there too but they are pretty garbled, not sure if we can save them.

New Year

Returned to the Cavern today after spending Christmas with the family. Going to be spending the next few days in the Firemarble Office working on some of the web projects (Firemarble, Guild of Fine Artists etc) that I am working on.

Rob is due to come down tomorrow to discuss funding.

Need to run by the Age later and see if Sophie is back and get the data from that KI we found in Noloben.


Sophie managed to extract some stuff from the KI we found in Noloben recently. She said something about a Bahro picture, haven’t seen it yet she’s gone off to spend Christmas with her family without dropping the images off in my office.

Heading out to spend Christmas with my family too, shall return after.

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