A New Project

It has been a while since I last stepped foot in the cavern, most of my time lately has been spent on Ashel with James. But a few days ago I received a message from Chloe.
She has been working with the CRS up in the tunnels that link D’ni to the surface and had been contacted regarding a larger project. I had been following her work with a keen interest and as a result she passed word on to me regarding this project.
Upon learning what the project entailed I swiftly returned to the cavern, much to James’ chagrin. There is some paperwork that will need to be dealt with eventually before I get the full picture of what the project requires, but I am excited.

Returning to Fahets

The last few days have found me back upon Fahets overseeing the installation of a new area. It continues to amaze me the changes wrought within the Age, when I compare what sits before me with the photos from when I first Linked to Fahets…
Everywhere wildlife is growing without restraint, helped along by the continued stability that the Garohertee provided. I have even discovered new plants and animals that I had not seen before, all waiting to be studied.
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A Mysterious Book

Late in the morning I was disturbed from my work by the postwoman knocking on the door. I was curious as she only knocks when she had a package to deliver and the only thing I had ordered recently were some DVD’s that were not due to arrive until next week. Now normally a package arriving is nothing worth noting within this journal, the contents of said package related absolutely with my studies of D’ni and thus earned and entry within my journal.

Inside the small cardboard box, which I must point out had no return address, I gazed upon a blue book which was adorned with a strange tree motif. Attached to the book was a Post-it-Note with that familiar handwriting which had been inscribed on a note which accompanied the Garohertee that fixed the issues with Fahets. And of course, as if to cement the knowledge of who the sender was, the spiral hand stamp that was also on the note previously sent.
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Poster: Fissure

I guess I should also post this here for those who don’t check out my other sites (although to be honest after this long I’m not sure who still swings by Beneath).

I’ve been working on some “retro” style posters lately and decided to make one inspired by Atrus falling through the fissure.

Anyway for those who are interested prints are available.


December Wallpaper: Myst


And so we reach the end of this wallpaper series ending where everything started, Myst island.

As usual you can find them in the Downloads section.

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