An End of a Journey

Been a bit hectic today, finished off my research on the Bahro that I picked up, took the body and gave it a proper burial.

Had a meeting with Rob and Keira to chat about the future. Now I’m in the office tidying things up and securing the area before I meet up with Sophie.

Not sure what research will be done in the future, but I plan to go though the Ages and D’ni and get as much of it recorded through pictures as I can.

It’s been 5 years since I first came down to D’ni, but now, I think it’s time for me to finish my research and move on.

Is that even possible? D’ni is, well, fantastic. A place where one can visit other worlds, how does one walk away from that? Can one walk away from that? Or will it begin to call again like it did 5 years ago?

I shall gather the images I need, and return to the surface, focus on other things and finish my research in my spare time.

Still Lost

Seem to be spending a lot of time in the office lately.

Working on liquidizing the Restorers Guild site. Site doesn’t get updated as much as it should, and given Rob is happily financing the group the site isn’t really needed. So I have been sat in the office merging content from the Restorers Guild site to my Beneath site.

Seem to be spending a lot of time mulling things over lately.

Sometimes I feel the group got too big, back when we all got together it was just the 4 of us, myself, Keira, Dave and James and later Soph joined us. Back then it was about restoring D’ni, about learning and uncovering the mysteries.
Dave was killed and James fled the cavern, so Steve joined us, and it became about restoration and learning The Art.
We got funding, Keira’s husband Joe joined us and we had engineers, the group became considerably bigger.

Breakthroughs came, Ages were written. Was this evolution of the group or did the group, like me, loose its way?

So where do we go from here, does the group go back to being small? Does the group continue without me? Originally I wasn’t going to stay, joined to help with a few projects and to get help with Tefoonetahn.

So much to think about, to much to think about.

Finding a way or loosing one?

As the society finds a way I seem to be loosing one. Not sure what it is but lately I have felt so lost.

Occasionally I get these flashes, a feeling washing over me and I felt like I did back in 2002/2003 back when I started all this.

I miss that feeling.

What is it that I feel I am missing? A sense of purpose? Sense of mystery and intrigue?
It didn’t take me long to see D’ni in a different light, even now as people still see an archaeological site, I see a home, a future, a new start.

But as I see this new home, future, a new start. I start failing to see other things, perhaps things that should be seen, that are important. But I forget what they are and why they are important and thus am lost.

Do I miss the adventure? The thrill of danger? I remember sneaking back into D’ni after the DRC pulled out, building a base for The Third Path, ‘borrowing’ books and resources on the Art.

Course I remember the loss, the death of David, the flight of James.

I find myself in the City Proper, venturing here in a daze, and I reach the spot where David was found, where James had been living and researching the Art and the Bahro.

Perhaps I need to retrace my steps in order to find where I was on the path again.

Fish Tacos

Back in the early days, before the DRC opened the cavern publicly and only Authorized Explorers were permitted into D’ni there was some Fish Taco shirts that soon vanished and became much coveted by a selection of people.

‘Rium+’ managed to stumble onto them and so I promptly stole one for myself.

Fish Tacos

Hoping to get some printed up and sent to the DRC for them to dispense to the explorer community, we shall have to see where that goes.

Broken KI Image

Sophie stopped by the office earlier, there were a few images on the KI most of them the usual, Ae’gura, Hood shots etc. But one of them is what we’re assuming is Nekisahloth;


Soph said she has cleaned the image up a lot with some new equipment she has been experimenting with. Apparently there are some journal entries on there too but they are pretty garbled, not sure if we can save them.

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