Sul Construction

We have spent the last few weeks carefully constructing the lava well for this project. I’m hoping the dense stone material we used in the construction will provide an ample safeguard in containing the lava.


It took us a while to pump the water over from the small body of water it was contained in, unfortunately the water was a little further away than I had planned so it took a considerable amount of time to move it to the new location.

However, upon doing so I was pleased to note that the experiment was a success. We managed to successfully place an orb of water above the lava well.

I plan to do some studies over the next few weeks to see if I can measure water evaporation levels and see if we can find a balance if we’re losing to much water.

Harbingers: The Philosopher

Took some time out lately from working on a project for the SR guys to work on the third piece for my “Harbingers” series, The Philosopher, A’gaeris.

The Philosopher

The final piece titled The Maintainer, is next on my list and the series will be complete.


Work has been progressing well lately despite the set backs like flooding.


The room has been cleaned up and I have added a book of commentary.

Thankfully the fire hadn’t cause as much damage to the structure as I had first thought.

I’m hoping we can get the hall all sorted out and opened up soon for people to explore.

Given its new purpose, I have renamed Tochoortahv, Cass. Seeming Cass will serve as my home, I thought it appropriate that it should be named after the street where my wife and I got our first house together.

Sul Book Finished

I’m hoping to get into Tochoortahv and clean up the mess there in the next few days. My attention has been focused on the Sul Book which I have finally finished, tomorrow I shall be Linking through and seeing if the concepts worked, not to mention if the Age is stable. I’m a little concerned given how rushed the Book was and the fact that I borrowed concepts from other Descriptive Books.

I was thinking of Linking through tonight, but the hour is getting late and I figured I’d relax in the D’ni Jazz Club pub with the others with a glass of whiskey.

I’ve also been talking over some rough concepts with the others about the expansion of Tochoortahv. We sent in a sounder team to survey the surrounding rock to see if it is suitable for expanding. The initial room of Tochoortahv is actually carved from a small cave, we figured there might be other caves around that we could use. Sure enough the team found a pretty large cave south of the room.
The rock thickness between the area is only about a meter thick, I’m surprised we didn’t break through as we were developing.

Future of Tochoortahv

We couldn’t decide what to do with Tochoortahv, that said we did decide that trying to remake the Age to fit the initial concept once again would be folly. Chances are the same thing would happen again and we would not what that, it’s a waste of our time, energy and resources.

So Tochoortahv has been handed over to me, not quite sure what I shall do with it yet, I have a few ideas mulling around.

We’re still not sure who did the actual damage, and thus far we’re out of leads and the investigation has hit a dead-end. A few people have been assigned to keep checking things out in the hope we find out who did it, but I’m not expecting much. In the mean time we’re returning our focus to the other projects we’ve got going. And I’m turning my focus to the new Age I’ve been working on for a few months now, a simple place which serves as an experiment to some concepts I had thought of.

I must confess I’m pulling a bit of a Gehn on this one, and working with some concepts pulled from other Descriptive Books. Hopefully however I’ve set a good foundation for these borrowed concepts to work from and the Age will be stable. The next few days will see as I am about to put the finishing touches to the Age which I called Sul (named after the Goddess Sulis).

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