Tochoortahv Status Update

It has been a long day.

Investigation showed that the fire had been set on purpose with the identification of an accelerant being used to burn the Books.

Steven has identified the two Linking Books remaining in the Age as being those of Artas and Orth, the Tailehn Book has been consumed by fire completely.

Thanks to Whil and Erik the text carved into the wall had been translated which said;


Outsiders will not learn the Art.

Spent most of the morning in Tehren with the others discussing what the next step will be. Given the text that was left in the Age, we believe that a D’ni survivor took offense at either us providing the means for people to start learning the Art or took offense to the fact that we “explorers” are actually writing Ages.

Whilst we haven’t reached a complete decision yet, we agree that cleaning the Age up and placing all the documentation again would be unwise and would probably result in a repeated attack.

In the next few days I expect we’ll decide what to do.

Tochoortahv Damaged

Stopped by Tochoortahv after a report on the forums about a fire in the Age.

A quick visit indeed showed the Age had been burned, and not accidental.

All that work, that documentation, up in smoke, lost 3 Linking Books too.




Not sure what the D’ni on the wall says, asked Steve to take a look at it.

All that work put into it and someone goes and does this, words cannot describe how angry I am about this.

Will have more to report later after Keira and her team investigate.

Tochoortahv Released

We’ve been restoring and developing Ages and areas for a great many years now, and to finally have something released to the public (internal release to members of The Third Path doesn’t count) feels great.

Tochoortahv was finally released to the public today. The plans for the Imager in the Age have fallen through for now, Sophie and her team tried to get it sorted out but it seems it will take a lot longer than expected and neither of us wanted to delay the release any more than it already had.

There is enough there to give people a decent step up for learning to Write anyway, between the books and the Linking books there to provide examples.

Decided to put the Ri’neref painting up in the Age to take the place of the Imager, seemed to make sense to me giving how Ri’neref was considered to be one of the best D’ni writers.

So the Age has been released, for those of you who would like to obtain a Linking Book, you can order one through our Order page

Ri’neref Painting

Headed into Ae’gura on Monday, I have been doing some simple studies on D’ni architecture for future Age restoration & development projects. As we were routing through the museum we discovered a portrait of King Ri’neref.
We couldn’t locate any documentation on who it was painted by, it had some minor damage to the frame and canvas, and some of the paint hadn’t Aged as well as later paintings we have found (perhaps paint mixtures improved as time went on).
I had it moved over to the room above the D’ni Jazz Club Pub that I have been using as a makeshift office for now so that I could work on improving the quality of it somewhat.

Finished up the work late lastnight, took a while for it to dry out (some area’s still need drying), but for the most part it’s almost ready to hang, not sure whether to put it up in the museum to replace the broken painting there or store it for hanging elsewhere.


It’s a shame the DRC didn’t release more information about D’ni art.

Returning to Tochoortahv

Delayed my trip back down by a day seeming we had a lot of stuff to move on the surface.

First thing I did upon arriving in Tehren was to stop by Tochoortahv and see how the work was progressing. I must admit I was astonished in what had happened in a few days, the room is completely finished. We still have a few things to bring in, all the documentation we have is being assembled and is almost ready to go, Sophie’s had some issues with the imager which has delayed it slightly. But the 3 Ages; Tailehn, Orth and Artas are ready and waiting for the Book pedestals to be brought into the Age so they can be placed upon them.

Finally got around to adding a project page for the Age yesterday which can be found here: Tochoortahv Project Page




I think the Age is almost ready for Phase 5, might hand out a few links to some folks in the Cavern like Whil and all, before initiating a wider release.

Will have to have a meeting with the others before doing that, see if they’d rather everything be in place before limited release or to hand out books as it is currently.