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Well what a couple of entertaining days it has been.

I decided to get Beneath a domain name, unfortunately beneath.com was taken so I opted for dniexplorer.com.

I put a splash page up with some numbers referencing some lines in Words, whilst I worked on moving the site over and implementing the new layout just in case someone discovered it, I figured they’d transcribe the numbers and read the messages.

Word spread out into the community, and I watched as some people got close to figuring it out but not actually doing so, until someone finally did.

So I figured I’d continue and add some more puzzles, watching people solve them. I’m not really a puzzle person myself, I like Professor Layton but that’s about as far as it goes. But I thought I’d continue a narrative of sorts, on a certain subject leading up to a final puzzle and solution with a few red herrings thrown in.

There have been better puzzles in the community, but I enjoyed setting them up and I hope people enjoyed solving them.

To the people in the various, threads, around, I tip my hat.

Marein has posted a nice summery of the puzzle.

So to the old, welcome back to Beneath, to those new, welcome to Beneath, my journal of my explorations and discoveries in D’ni.

Sul, DRC & Water Samples

What a day, what a day..

My trip to Ae’gura was delayed slightly when I discovered water on the floor in the office on Sul. There really shouldn’t be water on the floor, it goes against the principles of the water. So I took a look into it, and it would see my calculations for the seal in the office was off, the temperature emanating from it has slowly been lowering.

As a result we have removed the seal to allow for the temperature to rise which is a shame as I liked the design of the seal. In its place I opted to use the old mesh walkway design we used for Sul before the stability issues. It will allow for safety whilst allowing for the correct temperature to be maintained and kept without loss through the metal and glass.

Sophie has agreed to give me a hand resolving the issue which should be fixed by tomorrow, it’s only a small area to replace so it shouldn’t take long.

Eventually with the issue understood I headed to the city to collect my samples. It would seem whilst I was in there some security sensors left by the DRC were set off, not by me but it must have been elsewhere. Sophie contacted me over my KI not long after I had been in the cavern to say that Victor Laxman had posted a message on the DRC forums about the sensors going off and asking if someone can go and investigate.
Not sure if he’ll get a reply but if he does, can it mean DRC back in the cavern? It’s been a while for sure, and it would be nice to bump into Sutherland again.

However I have my samples, and tomorrow I hope to continue with my studies.

Water Experiments

I have resumed my studies on the water in Sul after the storm rolled in on Fahets. An earlier visit to the Age revealed that the bad weather had not let up and as such my plans to explore the area outside of the basin will have to be put on hold for now.

Instead I returned to Sul, where the work has been progressing nicely and I believe we are close to shifting the Age to the next phase.
I had been wanting to continue my experiments with the water after an idea I had regarding the formula used in the Er’cana pellets, fortunately I had retained my notes regarding my experiments with the pellet recipes and picked one that I feel may benefit the experiment.
As it stands I have a few hours until I have to return to Er’cana and harvest the pellets.

I have also been musing what effect the Sul water would have on the water from D’ni, with both containing algae species with different traits, would it be possible for both to co-exist in the same body of water? Would the D’ni lake benefit from a mixture?

I have decided that tomorrow I shall make a trip to Ae’gura and take some samples back to test.

Fahets Wildlife Growth

It was quite a shock Linking into Fahets once again, had grown accustom to the silence that greeted me, or the near silence. Sometimes a breeze would rustle the grass, or the slight creaking of the Norapods.

Today it was different, in contrast it was almost a cacophony of sound. In our absence the wildlife in Fahets has continued to grow, expand and flourish, the air was buzzing with activity from insects and the sounds of birds.

My desire to catalog the wildlife has me thinking about climbing out of the basin and exploring the surrounding area.

Not sure how long this will continue for, as thick clouds have gathered in the sky above and I can hear the rumble of thunder, sounds like it’s going to be a bad one. Hopefully the pump will continue working nicely until we install the new, less botched together, version.


Need to remove the book of commentary for now so it doesn’t get ruined. Perhaps it is also time to look into protecting the Link in point and books with a structure or something to shield from the rain.

Film: Sul Imager Test

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