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Negilahn Monkey

Ardin – Day 4

We were planning to head to the island at first light, but after discussing it we were not sure if the villagers went to the island on a daily basis or not, so we decided to wait a few hours until the time they went on the previous day to see.

The time came and passed, and we figured we would be fine to take a look. Mindful still that we may be observed we tried to sail behind the dotted rocks hoping we’d stay hidden until we reached the island.

As we approached we could see a wooden dock where they would fasten their boats, we continued to sail around the island to the back, opting to beach the raft there out of sight then walk back around.
A path connected the wooden dock to an entrance to a cave within the rock, mindful of there perhaps being people inside we carefully entered.
A flight of steps descended down into a rectangular room flanked by wooden columns, at the end sat on a what looked like a throne made of stone was a large figure. We couldn’t make out if the figure was actually made of gold or if it was covered in gold-leaf or something of that nature, but covering its face was a curious white mask carved from some strange material.

We located a recess where we could potentially stand without being seen and set about Writing a Linking Book to the temple so we could return to study it more without having to rely on the boat.

We spent about an hour there, looking around, making sketches and mapping it out before we felt it would be best if we left.

Ardin – Day 3

As evening came we heard a long deep note from a horn of sorts. With that sound the boats were hauled up and the ladders leading down from the village were retracted. Leads me to wonder if they are not protecting themselves from something?

The white glow came from the sun reflecting off of the barnacle houses, this white glow faded and was replaced with the warm orange glow of the lanterns being lit as night fell.

Things settled down and we turned in for the night, making note to check on the village if we happened to wake during the night. The gentle lapping of the shore and the calls of unseen creatures in the sea providing the soundtrack before I dozed off.

The morning was fraught with panic, we awoke late, to find masses of boats sailing towards us, for a moment we feared we had been spotted but that panic ebbed as they sailed past us and to one of the large islands that stood between the village and the Link in island.
From observing the village it looked like the entire place emptied out.

Worried about them seeing us on the way back we hid everything and retreated in between the rocks and waited, 2 hours passed before the first boats started heading back.

I stayed another hour, watching and making observations, from what we can tell they seem to be a simple fishing community. I have opted to return to Sul for a while and continue some of my other work, Steven is staying another night to continue the observations, tomorrow we plan on heading over to the other island they visited to see what is there.

Ardin – Day 2

Steven returned to the Age after our initial visit and stayed for several hours, as night fell he observed the glowing points on the distance rock turn from white to orange, speculating that the rock contained the location of the native population.

We took one of the inflatable rafts through into the Age with us along with some supplies and set about sailing over to one of the islands closer to the the glowing rock. We both felt that we should observe from a distance to see the nature of the inhabitants before trying to interact with them, if they turned out to be hostile then it would have been a lot safer for us.

The current of the sea was against us, as a result it took us a lot longer to reach one of the smaller islands than we had anticipated. Upon beaching the craft we pulled in behind the rocks and sought to set up a little observation station so we could watch unseen.

Setting up a scope we were able to set our eyes upon the rock. Before us we could see tier after tier of building constructed from what looked like huge barnacles, connecting them were wooden walkways and ladders all mounted to the side of the rock high about the seas waters.
The boats are kept suspended above the waters, then lowered down before they are sent out for fishing, not quite sure the reasoning behind that as the waters around the rock seem calm enough for the boats to be mored there.
It would seem they have cooking stoves of some sort, the top parts of the barnacles seem to be chimney stacks, several of them had smoke emanating from them.

Tonight we shall be spending the night here, continuing with the observations. Steven has said the temperature drops but it is still pretty warm at night, so sleeping outdoors will not be an issue.

Ardin – Day 1

The crafting of Steven’s first Age has been a long and difficult road, one that neither of us understand given his grip with the D’ni language is far better than my own. His first attempt at Writing Eder Allatwan ended up in failure with the Age proving to be unstable, so like the trooper he is, he salvaged the concepts he wanted to keep and set about starting over.

Upon completing this work, he brought the Book by for us to make the initial Link.

The heat of the Age hit us immediately, the hair on my arms began to rise as I soaked in the warmth from the sun. The surrounding tropical sea giving rise to the fresh salty smell that took me back to my trips to the beach in my youth. We had decided to forgo the use of Maintainer suits, a practice that we are currently debating with the others on whether we should continue.

We did not notice it at first, but the large stone that sat upon the island, was actually being supported beneath with smaller stones. As a result the structure formed a odd room of sorts, as we passed through the growth and entered we discovered the pool that Steven was set on having in his Age, and I can see why, the illusion it gives off is perfect..

But that wasn’t what surprised us most about the pool, no it was the carved ring of stone that surrounded the pool that gave us pause, the indication dawned on both us quickly that this Age was inhabited.
We spent some time investigating the surrounding area more thoroughly and discovered more decoration elements on the stones supporting the main stone, it would seem the population used to come here, but the over grown feeling that hide the area indicates they haven’t been by in a while.

We walked around the shore trying to find other signs of life, but there is a dozen places they could be hidden away, the Age is littered with the same egg shaped rocks, varying in size, indeed one of them which we calculate to be about a mile or two away from us must be incredibly vast in size. Curiously that rock is also the only one that seems to have little points of light glowing from it, not quite sure what it could be, perhaps the signs of life we were looking for.

We shall be heading back (Steven decided to keep the name of the failed Age but drop the Eder) tomorrow with a raft in the hopes of sailing out to the rock and investigating. For now we collected some samples of the surrounding area to take back with us. Steve is planning to return with some supplies to set up a workshop from where we can work.

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