Photo: Tokotah II Rooftop

Tokotah II Rooftop

Fahets Released


It’s taken a lot of work, and a lot of time, but my first Age, Fahets, is finally open to the public.

Hopefully the pumps will continue working and keep the Age dry. Sophie is still fine tuning the pumps, so there will be some changes there over time.

For those of you who would like to obtain a Linking Book, you can order one through our Order page

A forum topic has been set up so that explorers can report any issues that may arise, a specific topic has been set up for Fahets which can be found here: Fahets Topic.

Photo: Fahets


Fahets Wildlife

The last few days have found me returning to Fahets. Met again by the constant tiresome rain that the Age is known for amongst the Third Path members. The pumps we were using to keep the water out haven’t been able to keep up with the onslaught, as a result Sophie is now looking into something that is better suited to the job.
She’s been looking at the heavy duty ones we used in Cass along with some that the teams found in D’ni in the past.

She tells me we may have something to put in the Age tomorrow if we’re lucky (by lucky she means if she pulls an all nighter).

Currently work is hindered by a bout of thick fog, which has made it hard to see more than a meter in front of oneself, not to mention the dank musky smell and taste it leaves in your mouth.

My focus during my return has been to the wildlife that has grown remarkably quickly in the Age. The most curious of these plants are some strange pods (that I have named Norapods) that have grown, akin to cigars in shape. They have a mottled blue/yellow coloured skin which at first appears firm, but when touched you can feel that they are softer inside. We cut one of the ones near the Link in point open to investigate further, the inside was indeed a lot softer, juicy one might say, which a structure that reminds me of a tomato. We took the top half back to be tested to see if it contains anything dangerous.

Into the City

Our previous expedition into the City had proved fruitless in regards to finding some Ink and Books to bolster our failing supply.

As a result I’ve decided to head back up with Sophie and search some other areas of the city to see if we can find anything.

I’m worried there may not be anything left after being plundered by Gehn and other explorers. At this point I’m thinking we need to look to the lake and the private islands there, although I don’t think we’ll find any in K’veer.

I’m just waiting for Sophie to meet me here at the Ferry Terminal before we head up.