Exploring with Kehra

True to her plans, my wife returned to the Cavern lastnight after 6 long years of being away.

We wondered through most of the old places, Gira, Kemo, Teledahn, Ae’gura and so on. It was nice to see her remaining upbeat through the experience, if not excitable at times, I’ve not seen her feel this way about the cavern in a long time.


Eder Gira

D'ni Ae'gura

D'ni Great Zero

D'ni Great Zero

Overall we spent several hours exploring again, like old times, although she wished not to visit some of the newer area’s released by the DRC’s last stint in the cavern, nor did she want to visit any of the explorer restored/developed Ages.

Perhaps in time she will change her mind on that, who knows.

Returning & Possibly Returning

Thursday found our family driving 6 ours across several states to spend Thanksgiving with relatives. Friday found us attending a wedding of Jen’s cousin. Saturday found us attending the birthday of Jen’s grandmother. Sunday found us driving the 6 hours back up home.

To say I was tired come the new week was a great understatement, as a result I spent a few extra days up top getting my energies back, not to mention the slight feeling of being burned out was not a great motivator in my returning.

However the work proceeds so I returned back today.

Interestingly Jen indicated the interest in perhaps returning herself. After the DRC left back in 04 her relationship with the Cavern has been a troubling one, often leaving her upset about the restoration ending. Whilst we restore ourselves, it isn’t the same as the work the DRC was doing in her mind, and I am in agreement with her views.

However, with a memory of Gahreesen, a memory that didn’t upset, she felt perhaps it was the time to make a visit, I must admit I miss her company greatly in the Cavern, I miss the discussions and theories we used to weave, but one step at a time.

Break Time

So much work to do still, it just seems to build and build, despite when we complete projects and release them.

I am still worn out from working on Fahets, upon completion we threw ourselves straight into the pub.

I was planning on heading up to the surface for a few days later anyway given that it is my wifes birthday tomorrow, so now would be as good a time as any to take a few days out.

Photo: Tokotah II Rooftop

Tokotah II Rooftop

Fahets Released


It’s taken a lot of work, and a lot of time, but my first Age, Fahets, is finally open to the public.

Hopefully the pumps will continue working and keep the Age dry. Sophie is still fine tuning the pumps, so there will be some changes there over time.

For those of you who would like to obtain a Linking Book, you can order one through our Order page

A forum topic has been set up so that explorers can report any issues that may arise, a specific topic has been set up for Fahets which can be found here: Fahets Topic.