Winterbloom Notebook

Today I Linked for the first time to the Age, as of yet I have not given it a name.

I arrived in a clearing in a dense forest, a white blanket of snow has covered everything. The clearing lead through the trees to the west where I could see a larger clearing. I headed in that direction to find the core of the Age which I had written, the purpose of it.

A heart shaped recess in the ground which housed a small pool of water.

This is where the garden will be created.

The quietness here is eerie at times, punctuated now and then as the wind picks up and rustles the leaves in the trees, I have yet to hear any sounds of birds or other wildlife if there is any.

Today I have returned, whilst the environmental samples I collected yesterday are tested to make sure all is safe, to take a look at the strange tree like objects in “the heart”. From what I can tell they seem to feed on the geothermic fissures. The bark on them is porous and filters out the steam that they pick up from the vents over which they grow, perhaps they filter out nutrients from the steam that helps them grow?

There are several in various stages of growth, the youngest of which seems to have not been growing long, as a geothermic vent is still visible underneath it. The oldest looking on is a massive thing, extremely bloated in structure, I shall have to set up some equipment to observe them whilst I am elsewhere.

Tests have all come back as green, I can now commence work on the Age.

It can get rather cold here if not properly attired, I have been mulling over an idea of under floor heating on the paths when they are put in, the geothermic vents in The Heart keep that area nice and snug without melting the ice and snow away so I shall not have to worry about that area to much.

I think if we are able to tap into one of the vents and redirect the steam through some piping built in under the path it should do the trick, we shall need to use a metal which has good conductive properties.

What on earth was that?

It was a deep moaning roar coming from somewhere in the forest, could hear heavy dull thumping with it, whatever it is it must be huge.

There it is again, seems to be coming from the northeast.

Whatever it was it has gone, found where it had been though, lots of damage to the surrounding trees, looked like scratch marks in the trunks, pretty big foot prints in the snow too, strange shape made from 5 circles, shall have to put some observation posts up to see if we can get a glimpse of what it is.

The piping has almost been completed, just the Link in point to do, the path leading to The Heart is being set down and is looking well, we should have the Link in point podium finished by the end of the day, it just needs to set which is difficult in this temperature. Robert is going to stop by later with some heat lamps and generators.

The big fat steam tree has shrank, from watching the observation footage of it, it grew a little more before releasing a tonne of spores into the air, as it did it shrank in stature slightly, over the next few days is shrank even more. This seems to be the end of the tree’s life cycle, I took a look at it today and noticed the leaves had started browning and the tree’s bark was paler.

Today I ventured out again into the surrounding forest, I have yet to find any more signs of the creature and I have not stumbled into any more clearings, the rest of the forest seems to be pretty dense.

Damn, all the Firemarbles for the lamps seem to be faulty, not a single one of them will work.

Several of the observation points off in the forest have been destroyed, unfortunately they did not manage to capture decent footage of the creature.

Work continues on, plants are being brought in for the garden after being tested to see if they could survive the temperatures.

Hiatus, the Ages problem with passing Phase 4 is infuriating me, going to take some time away.