2/13/23 - Jules, Tiernan, Robert and ALotOf in GoMe Pub

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2/13/23 - Jules, Tiernan, Robert and ALotOf in GoMe Pub

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Jules links in to the GoMe Pub. Tiernan is behind the bar.

(02/13 18:54:22) Jules Lavisham grins
(02/13 18:54:29) Jules Lavisham: Barkeep!
(02/13 18:55:20) Tiernan Quinlan waves hello
(02/13 18:55:39) Tiernan Quinlan: Oi, how y'doin' Jules?
(02/13 18:56:05) Jules Lavisham: Doing good. Keeping busy.
(02/13 18:56:21) Jules Lavisham: Surface making a lot of demands on me since the New Year.
(02/13 18:56:28) Jules Lavisham squints
(02/13 18:56:30) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, yes, yes. Same. So much th' same.
(02/13 18:56:43) Tiernan Quinlan sighs.
(02/13 18:56:52) Jules Lavisham: Gonna sound an odd question, Tenny, but were you aways sporting a pony tail?
(02/13 18:57:10) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye. Jus' m' hair is a bit shorter than it was before.
(02/13 18:57:24) Jules Lavisham: Ah, that'd be it. KNEW it was something.
(02/13 18:57:26) Tiernan Quinlan: Keeps it out of th' way.
(02/13 18:57:37) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(02/13 18:58:11) Jules Lavisham: Thinking of getting rid of mine. Had more than one comment about how I apparently look like an art critic.
(02/13 18:58:20) Tiernan Quinlan laughs
(02/13 18:58:31) Tiernan Quinlan: No! Don't do tha'!
(02/13 18:59:05) Jules Lavisham: Really? Because not going to lie, it's starting to sting a bit.
(02/13 18:59:08) Jules Lavisham laughs
(02/13 18:59:15) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(02/13 18:59:37) Tiernan Quinlan: It's entirely you, at leas' tha's me opinion.
(02/13 19:00:13) Jules Lavisham: Must admit, seems to be a popular look around here.
(02/13 19:00:54) Tiernan Quinlan: Lots of us w' long hair we want t' keep out of th' way. True, tha', though.
(02/13 19:01:25) Tiernan Quinlan: Can I get y' a coffee, Jules?
(02/13 19:01:51) Jules Lavisham: Grand idea. Thinking this might be a night I want to stay sharp on.
(02/13 19:02:11) Tiernan Quinlan: So, what kind?
(02/13 19:02:33) Tiernan Quinlan looks at the coffee available today.
(02/13 19:03:00) Jules Lavisham: Hmm. Any Dolce Gusto?
(02/13 19:03:25) Jules Lavisham: Failing that I'll have anything espresso-shaped.
(02/13 19:03:42) Tiernan Quinlan: Hmm... Doesn't look like it. But espresso, yeah. I'll get tha' goin' then.
(02/13 19:03:58) Jules Lavisham: Excellent.

Robert links in.

(02/13 19:04:00) Tiernan Quinlan waves hello
(02/13 19:04:08) Jules Lavisham: Ah, hello there Rob!
(02/13 19:04:10) Tiernan Quinlan: Hullo there Robert.
(02/13 19:04:11) Jules Lavisham waves hello
(02/13 19:04:20) Tiernan Quinlan: Coffee?
(02/13 19:04:20) Robert Murry: Well, it's not Saturday night poker.
(02/13 19:04:27) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(02/13 19:04:40) Jules Lavisham: Heh.
(02/13 19:04:43) Robert Murry: You have to ask, Tenny?
(02/13 19:04:50) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(02/13 19:05:23) Robert Murry: What brings us all here today?
(02/13 19:05:38) Jules Lavisham: Our lad Benavud
(02/13 19:05:58) Robert Murry: You've had contact with him?
(02/13 19:06:22) Jules Lavisham: I have! Got a message out of the blue earlier this month.
(02/13 19:06:46) Jules Lavisham: Said he was safe and in good health, and had something important to talk to us all about
(02/13 19:06:46) Tiernan Quinlan prepares the coffees and espresso and carries them over to Jules and Robert.
(02/13 19:07:02) Jules Lavisham: Carl recently ran into him in person
(02/13 19:07:13) Tiernan Quinlan nods. "Aye, I've just heard about it, haven't seen him meself yet."

ALotOf links in.

(02/13 19:07:26) Jules Lavisham: Shorah, ALotOf
(02/13 19:07:27) Robert Murry: How is he? I hadn't heard from him since our sqirmesh at Naybree.
(02/13 19:07:33) ALotOf: shorah Jules
(02/13 19:07:47) Tiernan Quinlan: Hullo, ALotOf.
(02/13 19:08:03) Jules Lavisham: Ah, lubbly jubbly. Ta, Tenny.
(02/13 19:08:08) Robert Murry: ALotOf, Tenny made coffee.
(02/13 19:08:10) ALotOf: Hello Tiernan Quinlan
(02/13 19:08:20) ALotOf: ah okay...
(02/13 19:08:49) Jules Lavisham: Seems to be holding up alright.
(02/13 19:08:55) ALotOf: these Uruntu laptops have a magic attraction on me, I guess
(02/13 19:08:58) Robert Murry sips the wonderful hot brew
(02/13 19:09:04) Jules Lavisham: Said he wants to speak to the community in a bit.
(02/13 19:09:11) Jules Lavisham: Actually, in about an hour or so.
(02/13 19:09:19) Tiernan Quinlan sips his own coffee.
(02/13 19:09:20) Robert Murry: Really?
(02/13 19:09:23) Tiernan Quinlan nods
(02/13 19:09:30) Jules Lavisham: Mhm. 13:00, Great Tree neighbourhood.
(02/13 19:09:56) Robert Murry: Good thing I took a break from my surveys.
(02/13 19:10:19) ALotOf: and "Free WiFi now available!"... love this pub, lol...
(02/13 19:10:54) Jules Lavisham: Mhm. Been hard to get away from faculty work, myself.
(02/13 19:11:32) Jules Lavisham: Dept's trying to lean on me to up the networking a bit.
(02/13 19:12:11) Robert Murry: Hmm. I want to say that I miss all that.
(02/13 19:12:15) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles. "Had an offer from th' hospital t' come on in pediatrics. I was a bit surprised tha' I could turn it down so easily."
(02/13 19:12:18) Robert Murry laughs
(02/13 19:12:58) Robert Murry: How are you doing Tenny. We haven't seen much of you since...
(02/13 19:12:58) ALotOf: been busy lately to compose some pictures with GIMP myself, which some of my best buddies took on last week's events...
(02/13 19:13:12) Robert Murry: Naybree.
(02/13 19:13:15) Tiernan Quinlan: We compromised, so they have m' number here in case they need another consult on cases. I felt much better about tha'.
(02/13 19:13:35) Tiernan Quinlan: Mostly in Phoenix since then, Robert.
(02/13 19:13:47) Robert Murry: How's Logan?
(02/13 19:14:03) Tiernan Quinlan sips his coffee quietly a moment.
(02/13 19:14:15) Tiernan Quinlan: He's... doing well, Robert.
(02/13 19:14:29) Robert Murry looks down.
(02/13 19:14:40) Tiernan Quinlan: He texts me every week or so.
(02/13 19:14:46) Tiernan Quinlan: Err...
(02/13 19:14:52) Tiernan Quinlan sips his coffee.
(02/13 19:15:31) Tiernan Quinlan: An' before y' say anythin', it's okay t' ask. Really, I'm workin' through things.
(02/13 19:15:42) Tiernan Quinlan: Glad t' be back here.
(02/13 19:15:48) Jules Lavisham: Working through things is good.
(02/13 19:15:58) Jules Lavisham: It's the right direction to be going in.
(02/13 19:16:16) Robert Murry: Well we're happy to have you back. Jules makes terrible coffee.
(02/13 19:16:30) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye. I wasn't expectin' things t' change dramatically or anythin'. He's got a lot of work t' do himself.
(02/13 19:16:33) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(02/13 19:16:38) Jules Lavisham snorts
(02/13 19:16:51) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye, I am sorry about inflictin' Jules' coffee on y'all.
(02/13 19:16:58) Robert Murry grins.
(02/13 19:17:13) Robert Murry: This cup rectifies everything.
(02/13 19:17:19) Tiernan Quinlan laughs
(02/13 19:17:25) Jules Lavisham: Agreed. You've single handedly saved us all.
(02/13 19:17:36) Tiernan Quinlan laughs again, harder.
(02/13 19:17:52) Jules Lavisham: You should know by now what happens when I'm left unsupervised in these affairs.
(02/13 19:18:06) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(02/13 19:18:08) ALotOf looks thursty at the coffee machine...
(02/13 19:18:25) Robert Murry: The chances of falling down the Great Shaft accidently have been grealt reduced.
(02/13 19:19:23) Robert Murry: Seriously, I'm glad you're doing better. I hated how things went down at Naybree.
(02/13 19:19:41) ALotOf: It wasn't really dangerous before - you were falling long enough to grab your relto book and panic link out...
(02/13 19:19:49) Tiernan Quinlan: Coffee, ALotOf? What can I get y'?
(02/13 19:20:14) ALotOf: A cup of coffee sounds nice...
(02/13 19:20:18) Robert Murry: On a positive note, I hear that Callum is incorporating some new safety measures there.
(02/13 19:20:47) Jules Lavisham: Yes, I understand he's going to get some netting sorted out
(02/13 19:21:02) Tiernan Quinlan prepares a cup for ALotOf, refilling his own and bringing the pot over to everyone.
(02/13 19:21:10) ALotOf: must be the experiences he made in Naybree
(02/13 19:21:12) Robert Murry: About time, too.
(02/13 19:21:19) Jules Lavisham: Which apparently is going to double as a means of scaling the cliffs and accessing the area beyond
(02/13 19:21:23) ALotOf thanks you
(02/13 19:21:33) Thumbs up from Tiernan Quinlan
(02/13 19:21:57) Jules Lavisham: I'm told there's a rather pleasant beach type affair to be had
(02/13 19:22:23) Jules Lavisham: Should be just the ticket when things start warming up a bit
(02/13 19:22:51) Robert Murry: Yep. I get a tour of it from him. My new "Happy Place".
(02/13 19:23:11) Tiernan Quinlan: Ahh! Sounds lovely! I must go soon.
(02/13 19:23:18) Tiernan Quinlan sips his coffee.
(02/13 19:23:23) Jules Lavisham: Excellent! Must remember to bring a towel.
(02/13 19:23:35) Tiernan Quinlan: I heard somethin' about a telescope, but not much.
(02/13 19:23:40) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(02/13 19:23:51) ALotOf: Don't panic. And never forget your towel. lol...
(02/13 19:23:57) Tiernan Quinlan GRINS
(02/13 19:23:58) Robert Murry: No hula girls though.
(02/13 19:24:03) Jules Lavisham: Quite so, ALotOf.
(02/13 19:24:40) Robert Murry: Might wants to bring some marshmeloows...
(02/13 19:25:18) Jules Lavisham: And ask anyone with an accoustic guitar politely yet firmly to leave?
(02/13 19:25:54) Jules Lavisham: Sorry, too many houseparties as an undergrad where that was a Thing.
(02/13 19:25:55) Robert Murry: Waht about a ukelele?
(02/13 19:26:11) ALotOf: towel - check. telescope -check. hula girls - check. marhsmellows - check. wait... what kind IS this beach... ? :D
(02/13 19:26:17) Jules Lavisham: Oh absolutely. Infinitely preferable.
(02/13 19:26:56) Jules Lavisham: I'll take "Over the Rainbow" on a Uke over another cover of Wonderwall on an accoustic anyday.
(02/13 19:27:14) Robert Murry shakes his head
(02/13 19:27:21) ALotOf: that's the spirit...
(02/13 19:27:32) Jules Lavisham: Mind you, both are trumped by Crazy Train on the accordion.
(02/13 19:27:43) ALotOf gulps down some coffee...
(02/13 19:27:47) Robert Murry: NOOO!!!!
(02/13 19:27:48) Tiernan Quinlan blinks
(02/13 19:28:08) Jules Lavisham: Believe it or not, that was my first exposure to Ozzy back in the day.
(02/13 19:28:54) ALotOf: still not getting over the 'over the rainbow' on Uku...
(02/13 19:28:55) Tiernan Quinlan: That could be impressive...
(02/13 19:28:59) Jules Lavisham: Good ol' Felix. Has a band in Brighton these days. Must check up on him next time I'm on the South coast.
(02/13 19:29:18) Robert Murry: Of course Zydeco music from Cajun Louisiana on an accordian is fine with me.
(02/13 19:29:35) Jules Lavisham: Now THAT I'm unfamiliar with
(02/13 19:29:52) Tiernan Quinlan: My experience with musical instruments extends t' violin an' piano. But tha's about it.
(02/13 19:30:03) Robert Murry: Try it sometime. You might like it.
(02/13 19:30:20) Jules Lavisham makes a note
(02/13 19:30:55) Jules Lavisham: Well, we'll be needing fresh material if we ever have a round 2 of our musical recommendations in Rei'schu
(02/13 19:31:12) ALotOf: keyboard and guitar here, both not perfect since both mostly self-taught...
(02/13 19:31:19) Robert Murry: Hmm, good point.
(02/13 19:31:41) Robert Murry: I'm looking forward to returning there.
(02/13 19:32:07) Robert Murry sideglances at Jules.
(02/13 19:32:14) Jules Lavisham: Me too! Be nice to see how Kura'quen is getting on with my books.
(02/13 19:32:26) Robert Murry: They did know how to throw a party.
(02/13 19:32:45) Tiernan Quinlan: That they did.
(02/13 19:32:51) Jules Lavisham: Ugh. I don't know if I can look at General Amara'da square in the face again.
(02/13 19:33:00) Robert Murry innocently sips his coffee.
(02/13 19:33:05) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(02/13 19:33:13) Jules Lavisham: Feel like I have some ground to make up.
(02/13 19:33:21) Jules Lavisham: Hmm... wonder if she fences.
(02/13 19:33:26) Robert Murry: Heh heh.
(02/13 19:33:46) Robert Murry: Only sober jules. Only sober.
(02/13 19:34:04) ALotOf: me will probably rather read about it ... neither me nor NoMore being good negotiators.... or vaccum cleaner vendors...
(02/13 19:34:08) Robert Murry looks at Tenny
(02/13 19:34:47) Tiernan Quinlan snickers.
(02/13 19:34:58) Jules Lavisham: That's a shame, ALotOf.
(02/13 19:35:08) Tiernan Quinlan: Now, now, y'don't want me t' get drunk. Really now.
(02/13 19:35:31) Tiernan Quinlan: I was th' medic on th' team, couldn't afford to.
(02/13 19:35:39) Jules Lavisham: I imagine when the next round starts, we'll be looking for other explorers to contribute.
(02/13 19:35:46) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye!
(02/13 19:36:18) Jules Lavisham: Help usher in a new wave of explorer negotiators.
(02/13 19:36:28) Robert Murry: Yeah, ALotOf. You have a lot of experiences to relate.
(02/13 19:36:50) ALotOf: I've seen towards of last round there were actually people interested - on the location where it took place...
(02/13 19:37:52) Jules Lavisham: Provided you don't give away the Canver
(02/13 19:37:58) Jules Lavisham: *ahem*
(02/13 19:38:03) Jules Lavisham: Cavern,
(02/13 19:38:11) Jules Lavisham: bring something good to eat and drink,
(02/13 19:38:15) ALotOf laughs
(02/13 19:38:33) Jules Lavisham: and find some common ground
(02/13 19:38:55) Robert Murry: Samples of your favorite music would go over well with these folks.
(02/13 19:38:56) ALotOf: so like "oops, just given away the cavern - sorry, my fault... hehe"
(02/13 19:39:26) Jules Lavisham: Certainly will be easier now they don't have that absolute berk Haru'sara to placate
(02/13 19:39:26) Robert Murry: You would do fine.
(02/13 19:40:06) Tiernan Quinlan sips his coffee.
(02/13 19:40:13) Robert Murry grimced at the mention of Haru'sara.
(02/13 19:40:25) Jules Lavisham: I'd seriously give it some consideration, ALotOf.
(02/13 19:40:49) Jules Lavisham: We're certainly up for providing any relevant material in prep.
(02/13 19:41:02) ALotOf: yeah Haru'sara... no negotiotion is prone to go smooth forever... there's always that point where things can get hairy...
(02/13 19:41:46) Robert Murry: I'd like to find that hairy son of a ...
(02/13 19:42:07) ALotOf takes two swigs of coffee
(02/13 19:42:14) Jules Lavisham sips his coffee in angry solidarity
(02/13 19:42:31) ALotOf: ;)
(02/13 19:42:41) Tiernan Quinlan snorts softly.
(02/13 19:42:45) Robert Murry: ?me considers adding Scotch to his coffee.
(02/13 19:44:28) Jules Lavisham checks his KI
(02/13 19:44:41) Tiernan Quinlan: I'd heard that he'd been seen in th' Cavern? O-or someone they suspected was 'im?
(02/13 19:44:42) Robert Murry: Time to go meet Benavud
(02/13 19:44:49) Robert Murry: ?
(02/13 19:45:08) Jules Lavisham: I reckon so. He's due to be making his appearence soon.
(02/13 19:45:09) Tiernan Quinlan: Not sure, got most of tha' secondhand from Dira.
(02/13 19:45:11) ALotOf: towards... our returned son of the cavern... :)
(02/13 19:45:23) Robert Murry: I'm certain that he's around.
(02/13 19:45:51) ALotOf: ... so not arectangular... :P
(02/13 19:46:07) Jules Lavisham shoots ALotOf a Look
(02/13 19:46:12) Tiernan Quinlan coughs slightly on his coffee.
(02/13 19:46:28) Robert Murry relaxes and smiles.
(02/13 19:46:36) Jules Lavisham drains his cup
(02/13 19:46:41) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, well Circles can be a problem... (snickers to himself)
(02/13 19:46:59) Tiernan Quinlan: (OOC: totally an inside joke for Tenny)
(02/13 19:47:01) Jules Lavisham: That absolutely hit the spot, Tenny.
(02/13 19:47:02) Robert Murry finishes his coffee.
(02/13 19:47:23) Tiernan Quinlan grins
(02/13 19:47:30) Jules Lavisham: Someday I need to get my things down here to get a Cold Brew on
(02/13 19:47:40) Robert Murry: Yes, indeed. Thank you for the Pick-Me-Up.
(02/13 19:47:58) Tiernan Quinlan: No problem. Prolly ought t' get a move on soonish, eh? An' yes, I could use another Cold Brew. Haven't had one since Phoenix.
(02/13 19:48:08) Robert Murry looks at Jules.
(02/13 19:48:19) Robert Murry: Ready to go meet him?
(02/13 19:48:23) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye.
(02/13 19:48:27) Tiernan Quinlan nods his head
(02/13 19:48:27) Jules Lavisham: I reckon so.
(02/13 19:48:34) Jules Lavisham: Coming, ALotOf?
(02/13 19:48:42) Robert Murry nods his head
(02/13 19:48:46) Tiernan Quinlan cleans up the coffee things.
(02/13 19:48:51) ALotOf: (haven't eaten rice like a Phoenix yet myself)...
(02/13 19:49:03) ALotOf: ready
(02/13 19:49:06) ALotOf salutes
(02/13 19:49:10) Jules Lavisham: Right, on we go
(02/13 19:49:11) Robert Murry: To the Great Tree then.
(02/13 19:49:31) Jules Lavisham: See you all there!

Jules, Tiernan, Robert and ALotOf link to the Great Tree Hood.
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