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5/27/23 - Runa'mei goes to Naybree.

Posted: Wed May 31, 2023 5:09 pm
by Traveler263
(05/27 09:53:40) Runa'mei: shorah
(05/27 09:53:42) Runa'mei says hey
(05/27 09:54:13) Minasunda: shorah
(05/27 09:57:29) Runa'mei: that looks like a nice place. I think I'll visit that later today.
(05/27 09:59:06) Minasunda: at 16 KI here will be a Karaoke Show
(05/27 09:59:57) Runa'mei: ill try to come. :)
(05/27 10:01:17) Minasunda: shorah Thoe :)
(05/27 10:01:25) thoekenem says hey
(05/27 10:01:33) Minasunda: we ar watching Fil just now :)
(05/27 10:01:34) thoekenem: shorah minasunda
(05/27 10:02:01) Runa'mei thanks you very much!
(05/27 10:14:06) Eternal Seeker says hey
(05/27 10:14:12) Minasunda leans right
(05/27 10:14:14) Eternal Seeker leans left
(05/27 10:14:34) Eternal Seeker: hello all
(05/27 10:24:03) Runa'mei: hello, Eternal Seeker
(05/27 10:24:08) Runa'mei says hey
(05/27 10:33:38) ShilohOBrien: shorah, folks
(05/27 10:35:27) ShilohOBrien: Ahh! Cavern Tours twich is live. :D
(05/27 10:38:50) Detective Harry Williams: Hello
(05/27 10:39:19) Runa'mei: hello,
(05/27 10:41:45) Detective Harry Williams: Have you been to Eder Naybree?
(05/27 10:42:31) Runa'mei: not yet, that's on my visit list for today
(05/27 10:42:49) Runa'mei: i've put it off for long enough.
(05/27 10:43:44) Runa'mei: i'll probably head there after Fil finishes singing. :)
(05/27 10:44:01) Detective Harry Williams: It's an interesting place, Naybree.
(05/27 10:44:17) Minasunda: after Fil starts the Cavern Tour
(05/27 10:44:32) Runa'mei: tours? Hm.
(05/27 10:44:34) Detective Harry Williams: with a *very* interesting PLANT.
(05/27 10:44:39) Runa'mei chuckles
(05/27 10:44:50) Runa'mei: i've heard about that plant to no end.
(05/27 10:45:12) Runa'mei: what's the tour subject for today, Minasunda?
(05/27 10:45:33) Minasunda: I think he will continue Aegura - but not sure
(05/27 10:46:16) Detective Harry Williams: Have you heard about the lumberjack who took a chainsaw to a root?
(05/27 10:46:53) Runa'mei: oh, a continuation of a place. I may skip that then. it always feels strange to come into something in the middle of it.
(05/27 10:47:40) Runa'mei: i have, detective. I would have gone to the age sooner, but I had to return home for a time around then.
(05/27 10:48:14) Detective Harry Williams: Speaking of "home"... (places the crystal seashell on the table)
(05/27 10:48:33) Detective Harry Williams: I want to go to Rei'schu.
(05/27 10:49:14) Runa'mei blinks
(05/27 10:49:29) Runa'mei: well, that's not something i can arrange personally.
(05/27 10:49:47) Runa'mei: though I think there's an opportunity coming soon for another ambassadorial meeting,
(05/27 10:50:14) Runa'mei: You might want to wait for that to get announced and tag along then?
(05/27 10:50:29) Detective Harry Williams: Possibly.
(05/27 10:53:09) Detective Harry Williams: This crystal... I want to know more about it. Perhaps if I did, I could better understand why December gave it to me.
(05/27 10:53:27) Runa'mei shrugs
(05/27 10:53:49) Runa'mei: all the nuances about the crystals is the realm of the Priestesses.
(05/27 10:54:19) Runa'mei notes the others have left...
(05/27 10:54:19) Detective Harry Williams: Well, I'm sure they'd have more answers than Calum or Kelsei.
(05/27 10:54:33) Runa'mei: more than even I know, yes.
[Pub is emptied as most folks head to Cavern Tour. Runa'mei makes the decision to head to Naybree.]

Re: 5/27/23 - Runa'mei goes to Naybree.

Posted: Wed May 31, 2023 5:14 pm
by Traveler263
[In Eder Naybree]
(05/27 11:05:53) Runa'mei gazes up at the sky
(05/27 11:06:34) Runa'mei looks around for a bit
(05/27 11:06:41) Detective Harry Williams: What does this statue look like to you?
(05/27 11:06:50) Runa'mei: ah, Chezahcen,
(05/27 11:07:04) Runa'mei: i recognize this style. my grandmother carved this, for sure.
(05/27 11:07:10) Runa'mei kneels down...
(05/27 11:07:25) Runa'mei traces carving marks in the statue...
(05/27 11:07:56) Detective Harry Williams: this isn't the only one.
(05/27 11:07:59) Runa'mei: it's far more simple, but there are similar statues decorating her yard at home.
(05/27 11:08:02) Runa'mei snorts
(05/27 11:08:06) Runa'mei: i'm not surprised by that.
(05/27 11:08:26) Runa'mei: there are... many of these in her yard.
(05/27 11:08:31) Detective Harry Williams: over here...
(05/27 11:08:58) Runa'mei is amazed!
(05/27 11:09:04) Detective Harry Williams: SEVEN statues on this side of the canyon alone.
(05/27 11:09:06) Runa'mei: the- the sun hat statue!!
(05/27 11:09:14) Runa'mei: the sunhat statue even-!
(05/27 11:09:18) Detective Harry Williams: "Sun hat"?
(05/27 11:09:35) Runa'mei: yes, one of the ones in Grandmother's yard has a very large sun hat
(05/27 11:09:46) Runa'mei: I asked her why and she just said it reminded her of another home...
(05/27 11:09:54) Runa'mei: it seemed so random but...
(05/27 11:10:02) Runa'mei reaches out and traces the fissure lines in the statue
(05/27 11:10:22) Runa'mei: I suppose this is what she meant.
(05/27 11:10:38) Runa'mei stares in silence for a few long moments, smiling nostalgically
(05/27 11:11:08) Detective Harry Williams: you are currently standing directly below the site of a battle between myself, Jules, Robert, and a few other explorers vs a group called the True Seeds.
(05/27 11:11:39) Runa'mei doesn't quite seem to hear the detective at first, lost in her thoughts
(05/27 11:12:31) Runa'mei examines the other statues, mumbling to herself in the Rei'schuian language.
(05/27 11:13:42) Runa'mei kneels down...
(05/27 11:13:49) Runa'mei bows
(05/27 11:13:55) Detective Harry Williams: Do you know what those books are?
(05/27 11:14:03) Runa'mei glances at one
(05/27 11:14:09) Runa'mei: ah,
(05/27 11:14:15) Runa'mei: the summary tomes of the first meeting
(05/27 11:14:29) Detective Harry Williams: Yes.
(05/27 11:15:16) Detective Harry Williams: anyway, over here is the really weird plant
(05/27 11:15:45) Runa'mei stares for a long moment
(05/27 11:15:59) Runa'mei: how harsh are the ravages of time...
(05/27 11:16:24) Detective Harry Williams: everything is covered in green stuff that I thought was ivy at first, but is actually the crown of the Tree of Naybree.
(05/27 11:16:39) Runa'mei: so I've heard.
(05/27 11:17:04) Runa'mei: Calum had many choice words to be had regarding this plant, when we first met.
(05/27 11:18:06) Detective Harry Williams: I don't see any fruit or anything to produce seeds
(05/27 11:18:33) Detective Harry Williams: how would this thing reproduce?
(05/27 11:19:02) Runa'mei: possibly in the way fungal growths do?
(05/27 11:19:16) Detective Harry Williams: possibly. Anyway, here's a levitating statue.
(05/27 11:19:24) Runa'mei picks up a pair of colored shorts, and chuckles
(05/27 11:20:01) Runa'mei: another familiar shape from my Grandmother's carvings
(05/27 11:20:09) Runa'mei: that one did not float, however,
(05/27 11:20:49) Detective Harry Williams: what about this fountain?
(05/27 11:21:43) Runa'mei: my grandmother must not have liked it much, because I can't say it's familiar at all
(05/27 11:21:59) Runa'mei: excepting that it's similar to the one in Eder Kemo
(05/27 11:22:41) Runa'mei looks around on her own for a bit
(05/27 11:24:04) Detective Harry Williams: does a reindeer mean anything?
(05/27 11:24:14) Runa'mei: a what now?
(05/27 11:24:23) Runa'mei consults the translation necklace...
(05/27 11:24:42) Runa'mei: a... is that what you call those?
(05/27 11:25:32) Detective Harry Williams: What do you call them?
(05/27 11:25:37) Runa'mei: extinct, these days.
(05/27 11:25:47) Detective Harry Williams: Huh?
(05/27 11:26:10) Runa'mei: they were hunted into extinction by larger species.
(05/27 11:26:22) Runa'mei: long before I was born,
(05/27 11:26:32) Runa'mei: all I've ever seen are their skulls
(05/27 11:26:37) Detective Harry Williams: well, there's a carving of one on a stone over here
(05/27 11:26:47) Runa'mei: ill take a look at it later,
(05/27 11:27:00) Runa'mei: i want to get some height and see things from above
(05/27 11:27:00) Detective Harry Williams: there are two others, of different animals
(05/27 11:27:28) Runa'mei: i'm sure my grandmother left many things here for others to find eventually
(05/27 11:27:33) Runa'mei: i'll get to them in time
[Runa'mei climbs up onto the roof of the Link-in Pavilion.]
(05/27 11:29:30) Runa'mei is checking something out
(05/27 11:29:43) Detective Harry Williams: Which one did you find, the daggers or the book?
(05/27 11:30:11) Runa'mei: may I have some time to myself for a few minutes?
(05/27 11:30:16) Runa'mei: I need to think.
(05/27 11:36:16) neoghe: what 'cha pondering?
(05/27 11:36:22) Detective Harry Williams: You going to the area with the other Linking Book and the Lumberjack Journal and the collapsed wall and the shirt, neo?
(05/27 11:37:11) neoghe: tryin for up top.... again
(05/27 11:37:28) Detective Harry Williams: If you do, you'll find it's been barricaded.
(05/27 11:37:45) Detective Harry Williams: calum is worried about a sink hole
(05/27 11:39:02) neoghe: theres a way. and i've done most everything so
(05/27 11:39:37) Detective Harry Williams: Runa'mei, you realize that we are currently in the only part of the Garden not taken over by the Tree?
(05/27 11:39:53) Runa'mei: that much seems obvious.
(05/27 11:40:32) Runa'mei: the ferns are nice
(05/27 11:40:59) Detective Harry Williams: I actually have a theory about the Old Hunt God's magic "Knife", if you want to hear it.
(05/27 11:41:09) Runa'mei: not at the moment,
(05/27 11:41:27) Runa'mei: thank you for the offer however
(05/27 11:41:43) Detective Harry Williams: Maybe I'll send you a Kimail and you can read it later
[Runa'mei wanders the garden, eventually making her way towards the upper cliffs with the artwork left by Athsheba.]
(05/27 11:46:15) Runa'mei runs a hand along the wall, gazing at the artwork...
(05/27 11:49:00) Runa'mei sniffs back tears...
(05/27 11:49:45) Detective Harry Williams: You found the paintings, huh?
(05/27 11:50:07) Runa'mei: yeah
(05/27 11:50:39) Detective Harry Williams: Anyway, that story is your grandmother's. The other one, the higher up one, is Chezahcen's.
(05/27 11:51:48) Runa'mei seems to have a loss of words for the moment
(05/27 11:52:20) Detective Harry Williams: And I think that my sympathy for the woman (Athsheba, not Chezahcen) cannot be overstressed.
(05/27 11:53:46) Runa'mei: thank you.
(05/27 11:53:49) Detective Harry Williams: But at least she didn't die when Veovis and A'Gaeris poisoned the city with their bio-weapon.
(05/27 11:54:13) Runa'mei: small mercies.
(05/27 11:54:28) Detective Harry Williams: Saved by a stranger...
(05/27 11:55:50) Detective Harry Williams: but I think her mother's sacrifice was much more upsetting to her than the other woman
(05/27 11:56:13) Detective Harry Williams: I mean, it was her mother, so OF COURSE
(05/27 11:56:25) Runa'mei: Detective, I appreciate your words, but
(05/27 11:56:33) Detective Harry Williams: but what?
(05/27 11:56:35) Runa'mei: could you not talk about that for the moment?
(05/27 11:56:39) Detective Harry Williams: okay
(05/27 11:56:43) Runa'mei: thank you.
(05/27 11:57:38) Runa'mei kneels down...
(05/27 12:00:00) Detective Harry Williams: I sent you the KImail about my Knife theory.
(05/27 12:00:11) Detective Harry Williams: you don't have to read it now
(05/27 12:02:14) Detective Harry Williams: this cat lady is Chezahcen, right? She looks a bit like the statues, so...
(05/27 12:02:19) Runa'mei: yes, its her.
(05/27 12:02:34) Detective Harry Williams: and the guy with the horns is...
(05/27 12:03:11) Runa'mei: the old hunt god,
(05/27 12:03:37) Detective Harry Williams: what's the zigzag he's holding here?
(05/27 12:03:59) Runa'mei: the knife.
(05/27 12:04:20) Detective Harry Williams: right. I always pictured it as more like a Moiety Dagger, but...
(05/27 12:05:09) Detective Harry Williams: to be honest, I'd have a hard time cutting bread with a zigzag-shaped knife, let alone spacetime.
(05/27 12:05:47) Runa'mei: the ancients often love their exotic weapon shapes. it made them feel powerful.
(05/27 12:06:22) Detective Harry Williams: "The Pen is mightier than the Sword"
(05/27 12:06:28) Runa'mei: mhm
(05/27 12:07:10) Runa'mei: also, ornate weapons often broke far more easily
(05/27 12:07:24) Runa'mei: anything simpler, sturdier, would stand up to it.
(05/27 12:08:06) Detective Harry Williams: Cutting through spacetime with a magic knife sounds a bit Bahro to me. It always has.
(05/27 12:08:48) Runa'mei: I doubt they'd need something like that.
(05/27 12:09:07) Runa'mei: from what i've seen of them through Yeesha's journey so far...
(05/27 12:09:15) Runa'mei crosses her arms, frowning
(05/27 12:09:31) Runa'mei: tell me, how does one travel from one version of an age to another with but a book?
(05/27 12:09:44) Detective Harry Williams: I have absolutely no idea.
(05/27 12:10:00) Runa'mei: neither has anyone else I've asked.
(05/27 12:11:28) Detective Harry Williams holds out the crystal, only it's not a seashell. It's a knife similar in shape to a Moiety Dagger, but is slightly bent in a zigzag shape, making it look broken.
(05/27 12:12:02) Runa'mei: a decent aproximation.
(05/27 12:12:18) Runa'mei: may I?
(05/27 12:12:21) Runa'mei extends her hand
(05/27 12:12:40) Detective Harry Williams gives Runa'mei the crystal
(05/27 12:13:03) Detective Harry Williams: must... not... think...
(05/27 12:13:03) Runa'mei holds it for a moment, then hums
(05/27 12:14:34) Runa'mei shifts the crystal into a standard knife shape, flat blade, cross hilt guard, thin, round handle... then shifts it further, turning one edge of it into a 3-shaped multi point swoop, each point tapering to a gleaming edge.
(05/27 12:14:56) Runa'mei: this is what I've seen of the knife, in depictions from home.
(05/27 12:15:31) Detective Harry Williams: your "knife" looks like it's been bent out of its proper shape.
(05/27 12:15:31) Runa'mei extends the blade, comparing it to the drawing on the wall...
(05/27 12:16:12) Runa'mei: no-one ever said this thing was practical.
(05/27 12:16:39) Runa'mei: the Priestesses think it's a ritual ceremonial knife the ancient followers of the Old God used,
(05/27 12:16:46) Runa'mei: more for show than actual effect.
(05/27 12:17:08) Detective Harry Williams: I don't actually think the knife could cut space-time.
(05/27 12:17:24) Runa'mei hums, and lets the crystal return to a basic, ambiguous blob of stone
(05/27 12:17:28) Runa'mei hands it over again
(05/27 12:17:41) Runa'mei: no, which made all the fighting over it the more absurd.
(05/27 12:18:07) Runa'mei: the shape is all wrong for cutting, or stabbing,
(05/27 12:18:08) Detective Harry Williams takes it back, but instead of a seashell, it turns into a feather.
(05/27 12:18:19) Runa'mei: lighter to carry that way, heh
(05/27 12:18:37) Detective Harry Williams: I think THIS is what caused the Cataclysm, not the knife.
(05/27 12:19:10) Detective Harry Williams loses concentration and it turns back into a seashell
(05/27 12:19:37) Runa'mei: yes, Calum's been going back and forth with the Preistesses about the Descriptive Book.
(05/27 12:19:48) Runa'mei: they havent come to any conclusions yet that I'm aware.
(05/27 12:20:23) Runa'mei sighs
(05/27 12:20:39) Runa'mei: if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go get something to eat.
(05/27 12:20:49) Detective Harry Williams: Okay, goodbye for now.
(05/27 12:20:55) Runa'mei: farewell for now
(05/27 12:20:59) Runa'mei nods, and reltos out