4/17/23 - Bahvahnter Opening Ceremony.

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4/17/23 - Bahvahnter Opening Ceremony.

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[NOTE: This Chatlog has been edited of clapping for readability. Speakers have been BOLDED.]

(04/17 12:00:25) [PRIVATE] From Patrick Dulebohn: Hit it!
(04/17 12:00:26) skyisblu rolled a single six-sided die with a result of 3.
(04/17 12:00:30) Calum Traveler: camera's live
(04/17 12:00:32) ametist': lol
(04/17 12:00:34) Ro"Jethhe rolled a single six-sided die with a result of 4.
(04/17 12:00:35) Nosila: yeah, I like Lillo :)
(04/17 12:00:38) TOOO: don't forget, some of us named the Tiam ball "Amy"
(04/17 12:00:41) Zekh Astram: Hold your dices, I'm not running a game
(04/17 12:00:42) Olorin: The pond water is at the right temperature of 16.42 celsius
(04/17 12:00:47) IwonK: wasn't it Tiamy?
(04/17 12:00:50) Patrick Dulebohn: OK, it's now 12:00, so let's start!
(04/17 12:00:50) Ro"Jethhe: Lilo is ok if it's a male frog
(04/17 12:00:53) Claidi Song: Cool! Amy is nice
(04/17 12:00:58) skyisblu claps her hands
(04/17 12:00:59) Patrick Dulebohn: Hello everyone! Welcome to Eder Bahvahnter!

(04/17 12:01:04) maluhia: I moved back :)
(04/17 12:01:04) Ro"Jethhe claps his hands
(04/17 12:01:09) IwonK cheers
(04/17 12:01:09) Wonky Potato Cookie cheers
(04/17 12:01:11) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(04/17 12:01:12) Patrick Dulebohn: We're gathered here for what is always one of the most exciting times: to celebrate a newly-restored Age added to our collective body of work.
(04/17 12:01:14) Claidi Song: Cool! Amy is nice
(04/17 12:01:14) Nosila: woop, woop!
(04/17 12:01:44) Patrick Dulebohn: As you can see, given the sheer size, getting this Age ready for everyone to enjoy was NOT a small feat!
(04/17 12:01:48) Sidda points
(04/17 12:02:01) Olorin: We can make party here
(04/17 12:02:02) Patrick Dulebohn: Today, we'll hear from two familiar faces to this restoration who were directly involved in tending to the grounds and facilities of Eder Bahvahnter.
(04/17 12:02:20) Patrick Dulebohn: They are also the team that was previously responsible for the fantastic work in Elonin in the cavern.

(04/17 12:02:33) Patrick Dulebohn: My fellow explorers, please welcome back Dulcamara and ametist!
(04/17 12:02:36) Patrick Dulebohn claps his hands

(04/17 12:03:07) ametist': Thank you Patrick!
(04/17 12:03:14) Claidi Song: It is so beautiful
(04/17 12:03:30) ametist': And thank you all who is here, so good to see you all.
(04/17 12:03:33) Pink Elephant claps her hands
(04/17 12:04:11) ametist': Our Our hope is that you will find this garden peaceful and relaxing.Here are many places were one can sit down and think a little,or chat with friends, take a little swim in the pond or cool downby just walking in the stream.
(04/17 12:04:24) Pink Elephant: here's hoping that someday, Alabaster and Elodeous will make it into this game, too
(04/17 12:04:36) philipgr: Yes
(04/17 12:04:44) TOOO nods his head
(04/17 12:04:52) ametist': This garden age was written by a D'ni man as a gift for his beloved andthat lovely story can be found in the Journal
(04/17 12:05:17) Olorin nods his head
(04/17 12:05:20) Zekh Astram has a sudden intuition and looks around
(04/17 12:05:21) ametist': It was hard work to restore it to this state, but we have had greathelp and assistance from a whole bunch of explorers.
(04/17 12:05:29) Crewcut: Shorah Babbel :))))
(04/17 12:05:41) ametist': Some of them of the adventurous sort, so I have been holding my breath many times
(04/17 12:05:41) ondine: Bonsoir Etienne :))
(04/17 12:05:58) ametist': when seeing some of them climbing the highest cliffs or jumping downfrom high up branches!
(04/17 12:06:18) Wayne Todd starts to laugh
(04/17 12:06:19) ametist': Unfortunately a little water leak appeared one day, well, that was me that caused it.
(04/17 12:06:35) ametist': I was moving the shelf that stands next to the doorway, above the stairs.

(04/17 12:06:41) Mirphak: shorah everybody
(04/17 12:06:51) cile waves hello
(04/17 12:06:53) ametist': I thought it would fit better on the other side of the room. Dulcamara was on the surface and I thought I should surprise her.
(04/17 12:07:03) philipgr: Shorah Mirphak :)
(04/17 12:07:06) Minasunda: shorah Mir :)
(04/17 12:07:08) ametist': But that shelf was to heavy, and when I tried to push it it fell to the floor and I could hear water from beneath the floor. Somehow a water pipe was broken a bit. So I am sorry about that!
(04/17 12:07:28) ametist': This happened recently so we had not enough time to try to fix it.

(04/17 12:07:30) Claidi Song: :)
(04/17 12:07:41) ametist': We will of course, but probably we have to break open the floor to get to the leak.
(04/17 12:07:42) Dulcamara: lol

(04/17 12:07:43) Rik: just a little duct tape
(04/17 12:07:53) Calum Traveler: accidents happen, but we'll get it patched. :)
(04/17 12:07:57) skyisblu: We just have to remember our rain boots!
(04/17 12:07:57) ametist': Anyway, if you walk to close to that rightmost shelf and hear water, just go back down the stair one step or two.When you go up again it's gone.
(04/17 12:08:01) TOOO: As long as it really IS just water, it should be OK
(04/17 12:08:07) ametist': Yes :)
(04/17 12:08:15) Claidi Song starts to laugh
(04/17 12:08:24) Prad: duck tape...
(04/17 12:08:24) Olorin: Could we drink the water?
(04/17 12:08:28) Dulcamara: Good to know :-)

(04/17 12:08:36) Rutger Hiland: Is there a plumber in the Age? XD
(04/17 12:08:38) ametist': It is like the vibrations from walking moves the pipe in a way that opens the crack or close it.
(04/17 12:08:41) Zekh Astram: Call Mario
(04/17 12:08:49) cile starts to laugh
(04/17 12:08:50) philipgr: I thought it was a secret moonshine still that was running :)
(04/17 12:08:55) TOOO: If it starts shapeshifting, RUN!
(04/17 12:09:04) ametist': Oh, and speaking of water, we have also restored a new set of rooms in Elonin!

(04/17 12:09:08) IwonK: *hiccup* not anymore, philipgr...
(04/17 12:09:10) Prad: Maaariiiooo...
(04/17 12:09:15) TOOO cheers
(04/17 12:09:18) ametist': There was earlier a closed and locked door,now its unlocked and able to open :)
(04/17 12:09:22) Rik cheers
(04/17 12:09:33) Rutger Hiland: Isnt that where we came in?
(04/17 12:09:33) TOOO: Yay
(04/17 12:09:34) ametist' smiles
(04/17 12:09:36) Dulcamara: We found the key

(04/17 12:09:39) Claidi Song cheers
(04/17 12:09:40) Cody Herd cheers
(04/17 12:09:40) Patrick Dulebohn: We know how much you all hate locked doors. Remember the storeroom in the Pub?
(04/17 12:09:42) Patrick Dulebohn laughs

(04/17 12:09:45) TOOO: Under the doormat, right?
(04/17 12:09:45) Sestra: And a lovely space it is!
(04/17 12:09:45) ametist': Yep :)
(04/17 12:09:49) Calum Traveler: a different room from that one, i believe ;)
(04/17 12:09:49) Zekh Astram: Are the bathroom locks still operational though ?
(04/17 12:09:51) Dulcamara: Yes
(04/17 12:09:53) philipgr: Yes
(04/17 12:10:13) Prad: always under the doormat :P
(04/17 12:10:28) TOOO starts to laugh
(04/17 12:10:34) ametist': So with that it is time to invite you all to the Classic Music stream by babbeltje
(04/17 12:10:44) ametist': It is by the fountain
(04/17 12:10:49) Dulcamara: The key was fallen in the fountain

(04/17 12:10:52) MagicYoda: shorah all :))
(04/17 12:10:57) Jules Lavisham: Oh *excellent*
(04/17 12:11:05) ametist': Please do not disturb the stream by running and or shouting over there :)
(04/17 12:11:16) ametist': Thank you all so much!
(04/17 12:11:24) Calum Traveler: thank you for the wonderful work in Bahvahnter, Ametist, Dulcamara, :)
(04/17 12:11:25) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(04/17 12:11:25) TOOO: In the Hall of the Mountain King?
(04/17 12:11:29) ametist': For being here with Dulcamara and me today.
(04/17 12:11:36) Wayne Todd: Congratulations, Ametist and Dulcamara!
(04/17 12:11:39) Nosila: A beautiful restored age, thank you! :))
(04/17 12:11:40) ametist': And a big thanks to all testers!
(04/17 12:11:41) Sathopper: it is beautiful no words
(04/17 12:11:43) Ro"Jethhe wants to ask a question...
(04/17 12:11:44) Ro"Jethhe: Will the link to Edr Bahvahnte show up in our Nexus?
(04/17 12:11:46) ametist' cheers
(04/17 12:11:46) ondine cheers
(04/17 12:11:47) skyisblu: Bravo ametist' and Dulcamara for such a beautiful place :)
(04/17 12:11:50) Rutger Hiland does a dance
(04/17 12:12:00) Dulcamara: I thank you ametist to be my age partner
(04/17 12:12:03) Olorin kneels down...
(04/17 12:12:05) Murry: Well done, Ametist and Dulca
(04/17 12:12:07) Patrick Dulebohn: You ladies continue to amaze all of us with your work!
(04/17 12:12:22) Lu*: Bravoooo Ametist and Dulca /clappp
(04/17 12:12:26) Patrick Dulebohn cheers
(04/17 12:12:30) Claidi Song: Thank you for sharing such a lovely age with us
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