02/22/23 - Jules, Tiernan and Runa'mei in the GoMe Pub

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02/22/23 - Jules, Tiernan and Runa'mei in the GoMe Pub

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Jules links in, Tiernan and Runa'mei are at the bar.

(02/22 22:53:15) Tiernan Quinlan: Shorah Runa'mei.
(02/22 22:53:38) Runa'mei: I'm not thirsty, but I thought you could use the company :)
(02/22 22:54:27) Jules Lavisham: I, on the other hand, am parched as *anything*.
(02/22 22:54:39) Jules Lavisham: Almost as if I've been wittering non-stop for an hour.
(02/22 22:54:47) Jules Lavisham splutters theatrically
(02/22 22:55:02) Babbeltje.40 leans right
(02/22 22:55:08) PodHopper leans left
(02/22 22:55:37) PodHopper waves goodbye
(02/22 22:55:41) Jules Lavisham: You into your real ales, Tenny?
(02/22 22:55:47) PodHopper: Goodnight :)
(02/22 22:55:56) Runa'mei: have a goodnight :)
(02/22 22:56:08) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye
(02/22 22:56:09) Thumbs up from PodHopper
(02/22 22:57:45) Jules Lavisham: Check one of the boxes out back, Ed signed up to that Beer 52 monthly ale club thingy
(02/22 22:58:07) Jules Lavisham: There's an Oat Pale Ale there that may be to your fancy
(02/22 22:58:39) Jules Lavisham: Not my usual wheelhouse, but not at all bad!
(02/22 22:59:46) Jules Lavisham: Grab us an Amber if there's anything left
(02/22 23:00:23) Jules Lavisham leans against the counter, visibly fatigued
(02/22 23:03:12) Jules Lavisham: Believe it or not, Runa'mei, that was one of our less exciting Town Halls.
(02/22 23:03:28) Runa'mei: Kura'quen told me of one of the one she went to.
(02/22 23:03:32) Runa'mei: That sounded like quite an evening.
(02/22 23:04:42) Jules Lavisham: Ah yes. The really nerve-wracking one was the one a few months prior.
(02/22 23:05:19) Jules Lavisham: Those lunatics storming in full Maintainer Suit getups demanding our immediate eviction from the Cavern.
(02/22 23:05:58) Jules Lavisham grimaces in memory
(02/22 23:06:05) Runa'mei smiles in aplogy
(02/22 23:06:19) Jules Lavisham: Can't say I'm sorry to see the back of them.
(02/22 23:06:57) Tiernan Quinlan brings out several bottles of different ales and sets them down in front of Jules and Runa'mei.
(02/22 23:07:15) Tiernan Quinlan: There we go. Grabbed wha' I could find, so, y' choice, Jules.
(02/22 23:07:50) Jules Lavisham: Doesn't look good when you're pitching a place as a site of historical interest to have a bunch of sideways loons spouting theology and trying to push explorers off cliffs
(02/22 23:07:59) Jules Lavisham: Aha, well done that man.
(02/22 23:08:42) Tiernan Quinlan takes up his previous Guinness and sips it while looking at the other bottles, clearly selecting his next tipple.
(02/22 23:08:49) Jules Lavisham picks out a suitable IPA and opens the can,
(02/22 23:08:58) Jules Lavisham: Skol!
(02/22 23:09:17) Jules Lavisham takes a sip
(02/22 23:09:24) Jules Lavisham: Ah, lovely stuff.
(02/22 23:09:44) Jules Lavisham: In my opinion, the best toasts require as many constonants and gutteral throat sounds as possible.
(02/22 23:10:20) Jules Lavisham: You'll have to let us know some good ones, Runa'mei.
(02/22 23:10:30) Runa'mei: sorry, not much of a drinker, over all.
(02/22 23:10:44) Runa'mei: my job rarely lends me the excuse,
(02/22 23:10:45) Tiernan Quinlan: Slainte!
(02/22 23:10:50) Tiernan Quinlan sips.
(02/22 23:11:16) Tiernan Quinlan: I'm still a Guinness man all th' way, but I enjoy tryin' new stuff.
(02/22 23:11:33) Jules Lavisham: Entirely reasonable.
(02/22 23:11:55) Jules Lavisham: Well, one of these days I'll be able to look at General Amara'da in the face again
(02/22 23:12:08) Runa'mei chuckles
(02/22 23:12:09) Tiernan Quinlan snickers softly.
(02/22 23:13:23) Runa'mei checks the time
(02/22 23:13:27) Runa'mei: ah, i think I should get going.
(02/22 23:13:40) Runa'mei: Kelsei said she was going to make dinner. I was going to help.
(02/22 23:13:48) Runa'mei: take care, both of you.
(02/22 23:13:54) Runa'mei bows politely
(02/22 23:13:56) Jules Lavisham: Excellent! Give her my best.
(02/22 23:14:01) Runa'mei: of course, Jules
(02/22 23:14:02) Tiernan Quinlan bows
(02/22 23:14:15) Jules Lavisham: Nice to get to show you some more of cavern life down here.
(02/22 23:14:17) Runa'mei: take care of yourself, Tiernan. :)
(02/22 23:14:29) Runa'mei: I'll be around, for sure.
(02/22 23:14:34) Jules Lavisham: Take care. Let us know if we can be of any help with your own endeavours.
(02/22 23:14:37) Runa'mei waves goodbye
(02/22 23:14:41) Tiernan Quinlan: Please do th' same, Runa'mei!
(02/22 23:14:41) Runa'mei: of course,
(02/22 23:14:42) Runa'mei nods

Runa'mei links out.

(02/22 23:15:18) Jules Lavisham leans back against the bartop
(02/22 23:15:27) Tiernan Quinlan leans on the bar as well.
(02/22 23:15:32) Jules Lavisham: How're you holding up, Tenny?
(02/22 23:15:32) Tiernan Quinlan: "I really didn
(02/22 23:15:52) Tiernan Quinlan: I really didn't want t' interrupt the meetin' today. But...
(02/22 23:16:11) Tiernan Quinlan shrugs a bit. "I'm holdin', I guess y'could say."
(02/22 23:16:27) Jules Lavisham: I'm glad you did. It needed knowing.
(02/22 23:16:48) Tiernan Quinlan: I didn't want t' scare anyone though.
(02/22 23:17:17) Tiernan Quinlan: I don't think Logan's going to be able to run back here.
(02/22 23:17:27) Tiernan Quinlan: I didn't know he was a Masters.
(02/22 23:17:32) Tiernan Quinlan: So...
(02/22 23:17:35) Tiernan Quinlan sighs.
(02/22 23:18:10) Tiernan Quinlan: I'm not sure why he was goin' by 'Logan Marcus' though. It couldn't be another psudonym?
(02/22 23:18:39) Jules Lavisham: Oftentimes people pick names that have some kind of special symbolism, or signifiance to them.
(02/22 23:18:59) Jules Lavisham: Or sometimes they do it just to confound the Google.
(02/22 23:19:24) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(02/22 23:19:57) Tiernan Quinlan: He is a writer.
(02/22 23:20:02) Tiernan Quinlan shrugs
(02/22 23:20:52) Jules Lavisham: If he was smart, he'd see that turning up again wouldn't exactly be the best idea.
(02/22 23:21:02) Tiernan Quinlan nods his head
(02/22 23:21:22) Jules Lavisham: Especially in light of Ben's recent revelations
(02/22 23:21:34) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes...
(02/22 23:21:52) Tiernan Quinlan: Logan wasn't too happy when I told him about wha' Ben said.
(02/22 23:22:03) Jules Lavisham: Putting a Bahro through torment just to try and change a person's mind about Yeesha?
(02/22 23:22:17) Jules Lavisham: I can't imagine anyone in the Cavern would think he was justified in that.
(02/22 23:22:53) Jules Lavisham: Couple that with the business over the Seeds...
(02/22 23:22:54) Tiernan Quinlan: I-I... y'see, tha's where I have trouble.
(02/22 23:23:02) Tiernan Quinlan: Th' Bahro thin'.
(02/22 23:23:12) Jules Lavisham: Hm?
(02/22 23:23:34) Tiernan Quinlan: I mean, I jus' find it hard t' believe he'd actually hurt a Bahro to make a point.
(02/22 23:24:15) Tiernan Quinlan sighs,
(02/22 23:24:30) Tiernan Quinlan: I guess tha's th' difference between myself an' everyone else though.
(02/22 23:24:36) Tiernan Quinlan looks down.
(02/22 23:24:40) Jules Lavisham: I don't want to believe anybody could do that. Someone who believed what they were doing had any kind of moral justiication, in any case.
(02/22 23:31:17) Jules Lavisham: But yes, even the worst people I've met over the years, none of them ever believed themselves the villain in their own story
(02/22 23:31:48) Jules Lavisham: Hell, even that stone bonker Haru'sara probably thinks there's SOME logic behind everything he does
(02/22 23:31:54) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(02/22 23:32:03) Tiernan Quinlan: No, tha's true. It makes sense.
(02/22 23:32:09) Jules Lavisham: True evilness is genuinely rare.
(02/22 23:32:22) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(02/22 23:33:09) Jules Lavisham: Vindictive pettiness is sadly quite prevalent, but honest-to-Gods sadism...
(02/22 23:33:59) Jules Lavisham: Well. You have to look quite hard to find it.
(02/22 23:34:04) Tiernan Quinlan sips and nods again.
(02/22 23:34:15) Tiernan Quinlan: Well I haven't seen much of 't myself.
(02/22 23:36:21) Jules Lavisham: I hope we don't.
(02/22 23:36:57) Tiernan Quinlan takes a long drink and drains his glass.
(02/22 23:37:04) Tiernan Quinlan: Same, definitely. Same.
(02/22 23:38:47) Jules Lavisham: I understand how you must be feeling, Tenny. I wish there was an easy way to reconcile it all.
(02/22 23:39:26) Tiernan Quinlan grumbles.
(02/22 23:39:37) Tiernan Quinlan: Find me a new boyfrien'...
(02/22 23:39:45) Tiernan Quinlan laughs humorlessly.
(02/22 23:39:53) Jules Lavisham snorts
(02/22 23:39:55) Tiernan Quinlan: I don' date much, Jules.
(02/22 23:40:18) Tiernan Quinlan: I didn't expect t' meet Logan... but... he made things better. F' a while anyway.
(02/22 23:40:27) Tiernan Quinlan sighs.
(02/22 23:41:07) Tiernan Quinlan: Prospects in m' town were... slim.
(02/22 23:41:39) Tiernan Quinlan: I mean, everyone was sweet an' I loved livin' there, it was wonderful. But... not much in th' datin' scene, if y' take my meanin'.
(02/22 23:42:38) Jules Lavisham: Mhm.
(02/22 23:43:40) Tiernan Quinlan laughs a bit.
(02/22 23:44:10) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, well. I did have one companion f' a while... but he had t' move on eventually.
(02/22 23:44:14) Tiernan Quinlan shrugs.
(02/22 23:44:24) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, well.
(02/22 23:44:38) Jules Lavisham: Well, upside to an international community with physical access to any part of the world you can stand and write a book in.
(02/22 23:45:06) Jules Lavisham: -Options.-
(02/22 23:45:14) Jules Lavisham: Just a consideration.
(02/22 23:45:44) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles softly. "Y' know, y' right."
(02/22 23:46:09) Tiernan Quinlan sips from one of the 'Ale of the Month' selections he'd brought out earlier.
(02/22 23:46:46) Jules Lavisham: If Ed was here, he'd be enthusiastically advocating some manner of mind-resetting debauchery.
(02/22 23:47:01) Jules Lavisham: Probably resulting in a Look from me.
(02/22 23:47:04) Tiernan Quinlan blinks and -looks- at Jules.
(02/22 23:47:23) Tiernan Quinlan: Sounds like y' Ed is a bit of fun at parties, eh, Jules?
(02/22 23:47:44) Jules Lavisham: Considerably more fun than I am, yes.
(02/22 23:48:02) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh. I've been told I'm a bit too stodgy m'self.
(02/22 23:48:21) Jules Lavisham: Just never could find the right rhythms as everyone else, in my case.
(02/22 23:48:39) Jules Lavisham: Like there's some kind of a hidden script that the rest of the universe is privvy to but me.
(02/22 23:48:54) Tiernan Quinlan: Date a lawyer for over ten years an' yeah... I hear tha'. I'm th' same. Never could quite fit int' Alistair's group of friends.
(02/22 23:49:03) Tiernan Quinlan: They were a -bit- odd.
(02/22 23:49:45) Jules Lavisham: They weren't part of the Fae, were they?
(02/22 23:49:57) Tiernan Quinlan -blinks-.
(02/22 23:50:31) Jules Lavisham: Pretty sure my uni's counsel are.
(02/22 23:50:33) Tiernan Quinlan: Well... perhaps? Alistair himself wasn't... well, one could say he -might- have had D'ni blood.
(02/22 23:50:56) Tiernan Quinlan: I wouldn't be surprised. More Scottish selkies, though I expect.
(02/22 23:51:04) Jules Lavisham: Ah.
(02/22 23:51:11) Tiernan Quinlan shrugs
(02/22 23:51:36) Tiernan Quinlan: M' da used t' say m' grandmum was Fae. An' he wasn't bein' nice.
(02/22 23:52:37) Jules Lavisham: I do know there's a supicious lack of Iron Horseshoes in
(02/22 23:52:43) Jules Lavisham: *hic*
(02/22 23:52:51) Jules Lavisham: my Head of Dept's office.
(02/22 23:52:53) Tiernan Quinlan laughs heartily.
(02/22 23:53:08) Tiernan Quinlan: Well then, I'd say, 'theres yer sign'.
(02/22 23:53:20) Jules Lavisham: Exactly. Quad Erat Demonstrandum.
(02/22 23:53:27) Jules Lavisham: Et Tu, Brutae.
(02/22 23:53:50) Jules Lavisham: And things of... that nature in general.
(02/22 23:53:57) Jules Lavisham blinks
(02/22 23:54:30) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye, true. There's jus' more strangeness in' th' Universe than jus'... well... (he looks around) ...D'ni.
(02/22 23:55:13) Jules Lavisham: More in heaven and Earth, than in... Pholosophy, Ingatio.
(02/22 23:55:21) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(02/22 23:56:00) Jules Lavisham: Sudden rush of blood to the feet, there/
(02/22 23:56:24) Jules Lavisham: Reckon that's my cue to head surfacewards.
(02/22 23:56:55) Jules Lavisham: Take care, Tenny.
(02/22 23:57:04) Jules Lavisham: Don't... take any guff, y'hear.

Jules links out.
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