2/13/23 - Benavud and others in the Great Tree Hood

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2/13/23 - Benavud and others in the Great Tree Hood

Post by Jules Lavisham »

(02/13 19:51:16) Jules Lavisham: Shorah, Caeser
(02/13 19:51:23) Tiernan Quinlan waves hello
(02/13 19:51:23) Caeser: shorah
(02/13 19:51:30) Robert Murry: Shorah Caeser
(02/13 19:51:32) Caeser salutes
(02/13 19:51:42) ALotOf: ave Caeser
(02/13 19:51:56) Jules Lavisham: Ave Caeser! Lucratori Te Salutant!
(02/13 19:52:17) Caeser: Sorry, don't understand
(02/13 19:52:17) Jules Lavisham: *ahem*
(02/13 19:52:31) ALotOf: some Asterix & Obelix Latin
(02/13 19:52:36) Jules Lavisham: "Hail Caeser. We who are about to get rich quick salute you."
(02/13 19:52:38) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, this should be interestin'.
(02/13 19:52:45) Caeser: Lol
(02/13 19:52:45) Tiernan Quinlan laughs
(02/13 19:52:49) ALotOf: :D
(02/13 19:52:52) Jules Lavisham shuffles his feet awkwardly
(02/13 19:52:54) Robert Murry shakes his head
(02/13 19:52:56) Caeser: How is everyone
(02/13 19:53:10) Jules Lavisham: Don't worry, it went down as successfully as that with my undergrads as well
(02/13 19:53:13) Tiernan Quinlan: Doin' better, now that I'm back here. Heh.
(02/13 19:53:25) Jules Lavisham: No respect for the classics, I tell you.
(02/13 19:53:31) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh, well, undergrads...
(02/13 19:53:34) Tiernan Quinlan shrugs
(02/13 19:53:34) Caeser: Welcome back Tiernan
(02/13 19:54:07) Tiernan Quinlan: Children have no idea about th' stuff tha' matters, now do the'?
(02/13 19:54:22) Jules Lavisham: IT WOULD APPEAR NOT.
(02/13 19:54:29) Caeser shrugs
(02/13 19:54:42) ALotOf: like programming in BASIC... yeah today's children...
(02/13 19:54:42) Jules Lavisham: Ah, it's all fine.
(02/13 19:54:48) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(02/13 19:54:54) Jules Lavisham: Horrible Histories is picking up the slack.
(02/13 19:55:30) Jules Lavisham: That Terry Deary chap has done wonders for the field.
(02/13 19:55:56) ALotOf: Horrible Histories season one or two? :P
(02/13 19:56:03) Caeser: brb really quick
(02/13 19:56:26) Jules Lavisham: I mean, which one would you watch *first* is I presume the question
(02/13 19:56:51) ALotOf: lol
(02/13 19:58:00) Jules Lavisham: Shorah, NoMore!
(02/13 19:58:03) ALotOf salutes
(02/13 19:58:13) NoMore salutes
(02/13 19:58:14) Robert Murry: Actually, I hear that History of the World - Part 2 is in the works.
(02/13 19:58:25) NoMore: shorah all
(02/13 19:58:27) Jules Lavisham: I heard that as well!
(02/13 19:58:30) Robert Murry: More my tatse.
(02/13 19:58:49) Jules Lavisham: Glad to know that Mel Brooks is still knocking about
(02/13 19:59:24) Jules Lavisham: Shorah Shiloh!
(02/13 19:59:31) ShilohOBrien: Shorah, folks!
(02/13 19:59:33) Tiernan Quinlan waves hello
(02/13 19:59:39) ALotOf: Mel Brooks? That guy with the funny 'the inquisition' song?
(02/13 19:59:41) Robert Murry: Hi Shiloh.
(02/13 20:00:03) Robert Murry: That's the one ALotOf.

Benavud links in.

(02/13 20:00:12) Benavud: Um, hi guys.
(02/13 20:00:13) Robert Murry: Benavud...
(02/13 20:00:13) Tiernan Quinlan waves hello
(02/13 20:00:17) Jules Lavisham: Ben!
(02/13 20:00:20) ShilohOBrien: Ben!
(02/13 20:00:24) Jules Lavisham: Good to see you, lad!
(02/13 20:00:26) NoMore: yeah nomore we were talking about history
(02/13 20:00:27) Robert Murry: How are you?
(02/13 20:00:35) Benavud: Heh. Hey. It's good to see you guys again.
(02/13 20:00:45) Benavud: Sorry I've been a little "off the grid."
(02/13 20:00:53) NoMore: Hi Benavud! How's goin' ?
(02/13 20:01:01) Robert Murry: We were concerned.
(02/13 20:01:08) Benavud: I'm ok, NoMore. At least, mostly okay.
(02/13 20:01:13) ALotOf: shorah Benavud. You looking well.
(02/13 20:01:20) Benavud: Thanks ALotOf
(02/13 20:01:46) Titus D'Ni: shorah :-)
(02/13 20:01:48) Benavud: Hey Cpt. Jercho. Hey Jules and Mr. Quinlan.
(02/13 20:01:50) ShilohOBrien: You need anything?
(02/13 20:02:08) Benavud: No, I'm good. I'm settled back in to my Relto.
(02/13 20:02:21) Benavud: Ok, well, I guess I should just go ahead and get started.
(02/13 20:02:29) Benavud takes a deep breath
(02/13 20:02:48) Benavud: I'm here because I'm worried that someone out there might be a threat to you--someone I thought was a friend. Someone I trusted.
(02/13 20:02:55) Benavud: But I'll get to that.
(02/13 20:03:00) ShilohOBrien blinks
(02/13 20:03:10) Benavud: I guess the question most people probably have is why I left Tommen.
(02/13 20:03:14) Robert Murry: ?ME looks at Jules.
(02/13 20:03:19) Jules Lavisham: We did wonder.
(02/13 20:03:30) Benavud: I actually feel pretty bad about that, and I'm going to apologize to him when I get a chance.
(02/13 20:03:47) Benavud: I left because my memories--a lot of them, anyway--came back.
(02/13 20:03:58) Benavud: I remembered who my parents were, where I grew up, and all of that.
(02/13 20:04:02) Robert Murry: Oh.
(02/13 20:04:16) Benavud: When I left Tommen, it was to go back to the home in which I was raised on the surface.
(02/13 20:04:22) Jules Lavisham: Oh blimey.
(02/13 20:04:32) NoMore cheers
(02/13 20:04:38) Benavud: My parents--well, the people I THOUGHT were my parents--died years ago, but I hoped to find some answers at the old house.
(02/13 20:04:50) Benavud: And I did, actually. In the form of a journal hidden away that told my story.
(02/13 20:04:51) ALotOf: oh okay
(02/13 20:05:02) Cpt.Jericho waves hello
(02/13 20:05:02) Benavud: So...my real father was D'ni.
(02/13 20:05:11) Benavud: He was the son of a Writer, in fact.
(02/13 20:05:32) Robert Murry 's eyes widen.
(02/13 20:05:33) Benavud: As a child, he apparently escaped from the AeGura theater during the Fall.
(02/13 20:05:45) Benavud: He had help, but I'm not sure who.
(02/13 20:05:51) ALotOf: I bet it wasn't easy to find the hidden journal... puzzles down here tend to be difficult...
(02/13 20:06:09) Benavud: Yeah. Turns out they're difficult on the surface, too, ALotOf :)
(02/13 20:06:20) Benavud: Anyway, I don't know where my dad grew up, but at some point he came back to D'ni.
(02/13 20:06:38) Benavud: It was there he met my mother, who I still know very little about.
(02/13 20:07:04) Benavud: Apparently they though they might be the only D'ni left, so they wasted no time in...y'know. Procreating.
(02/13 20:07:17) Benavud: I think it was a pretty loveless coupling.
(02/13 20:07:17) Jules Lavisham blinks
(02/13 20:07:35) ShilohOBrien: Ouch!
(02/13 20:07:43) Benavud: I don't know the details, but at some point he left her and took me to friends he had on the surface--the people I grew up with.
(02/13 20:08:11) Benavud: As far as I know, that's the last time they saw him. I don't even know how they knew each other.
(02/13 20:08:13) ShilohOBrien: And kinda short sighted. Hadn't they heard about how bad inbreeding is? who did they expect their kids to get with?
(02/13 20:08:31) Benavud: Good question, Shiloh. I honestly don't know.
(02/13 20:08:47) ShilohOBrien shudders.
(02/13 20:08:59) Benavud: My real name isn't Benavud.
(02/13 20:09:04) Benavud: It's Ben-Avud.
(02/13 20:09:23) Benavud: My adopted parents were Jewish, and they named me with Hebrew words that mean "son" and "lost."
(02/13 20:09:32) Benavud: I guess their reasoning is pretty obvious now.
(02/13 20:09:36) Robert Murry nods his head
(02/13 20:09:42) Jules Lavisham: Mhm.
(02/13 20:09:42) Benavud: But my childhood isn't really important.
(02/13 20:09:53) ALotOf: well "the last D'ni" musn't necessarily mean "from the same family"...
(02/13 20:10:01) Benavud: What matters is that I lost them both a couple of years ago, and while grieving, I had a dream the drew me here.
(02/13 20:10:02) ShilohOBrien: I beg to differ, Ben.
(02/13 20:10:27) Benavud: The same vision so many of you have referred to as "the Call."
(02/13 20:10:29) ShilohOBrien: I was thinking about their kids, ALotOf.
(02/13 20:10:36) Robert Murry: What kind of dream?
(02/13 20:10:46) Benavud: And now this is where things get a little hazy.
(02/13 20:10:57) Benavud: I took Yeesha's Journey. I'm quite certain I completed it.
(02/13 20:11:03) Benavud: But I didn't do it alone.
(02/13 20:11:14) Benavud: I met someone down here--someone I'm still having trouble remembering.
(02/13 20:11:24) Benavud: They became a close friend.
(02/13 20:11:30) Benavud: We foudn the Cloths together.
(02/13 20:11:34) Benavud: Even shared a Relto.
(02/13 20:11:41) Benavud: And then they betrayed me,
(02/13 20:11:50) Robert Murry: Hmm...
(02/13 20:12:07) Benavud: I don't remember how or why, but I'm certain that they did something awful--something that had to do with the Journey Doors--and it ended our friendship.
(02/13 20:12:42) Benavud: It wasn't long before I started exploring D'ni itself on my own.
(02/13 20:12:58) ALotOf: just wanted to ask any ideo for a motive for betrayal...
(02/13 20:13:04) ALotOf: *idea*
(02/13 20:13:12) Benavud: One of the places I was exploring meets up with the AeGura basement. That's where I had the accident==the falling bookshelf.
(02/13 20:13:28) Benavud: Good question, ALotOf. I still don't remember what the betrayal was, much less why it happened.
(02/13 20:13:37) Jules Lavisham nods in remembrance
(02/13 20:13:50) Benavud: I've been reading up on amnesia, and I don't think the physical trauma would have been enough to erase my memories.
(02/13 20:13:59) Benavud: I think I must have WANTED to forget.
(02/13 20:14:11) Benavud: Specifically, wanted to forget my friend and the nature of the betrayal.
(02/13 20:14:24) Robert Murry glances at Tenny questionly.
(02/13 20:14:34) Benavud: But more and more, I've come to think the person is dangerous, and a threat to the explorers here,
(02/13 20:14:44) Benavud: So...now I HAVE to remember.
(02/13 20:14:51) Benavud: And I think I know how.
(02/13 20:14:53) ShilohOBrien: Yeah, amnesia caused by physical trauma isn't like it is on TV. Sounds like you were in more of a fugue state.
(02/13 20:14:56) ALotOf: ah makes sense now... a shock-induced self-driven amnesia ... kind of ...
(02/13 20:15:02) Robert Murry: How Ben?
(02/13 20:15:06) Benavud: I have to go past the Journey Door, guys.
(02/13 20:15:20) ShilohOBrien: Any of them or a specific one?
(02/13 20:15:25) Robert Murry raises his eyebrows.
(02/13 20:15:40) Benavud: I don't think it matters. I have this feeling they all go to the same place. Is that right?
(02/13 20:15:51) Benavud: Actually, don't tell me anything about it.
(02/13 20:15:54) Cpt.Jericho: Are you sure Ben? I remember you getting the shakes being near those doors
(02/13 20:16:01) Benavud: It's better if I go in with no preconceived notions.
(02/13 20:16:09) Benavud: Yeah, I'm sure Jericho.
(02/13 20:16:09) ShilohOBrien starts to say something, but cuts herself off.
(02/13 20:16:22) Tiernan Quinlan nods his head
(02/13 20:16:30) Robert Murry: Is he in any danger , Tenny?
(02/13 20:16:40) Benavud: I'm terrified of what I'm going to find there--what's going to come back to me--but I can't in good conscience avoid it any longer if I might have information that could protect the community here.
(02/13 20:16:58) Tiernan Quinlan: No, I don't think so, Robert.
(02/13 20:17:02) Caeser: Benanud, how you feeling lately?
(02/13 20:17:11) Benavud: Physically? Fit as a fiddle.
(02/13 20:17:22) Caeser: Glad to hear
(02/13 20:17:25) Robert Murry ponders a moment.
(02/13 20:17:46) Benavud: So...I'm going back. This Friday. At KI 1300.
(02/13 20:17:52) NoMore: well we could tell you what we experienced behind the doors before you go there, if you'd prefer that, Benavud...
(02/13 20:17:53) Robert Murry: Then, we're here to help you, Ben.
(02/13 20:17:54) Benavud: And I don't think I can do it alone.
(02/13 20:18:01) Benavud shakes his head
(02/13 20:18:02) Jules Lavisham nods
(02/13 20:18:08) ShilohOBrien whipsers to Tiernan...Please tell me we have some way to get counseling services down here.
(02/13 20:18:09) Benavud: No, NoMore. It's better if I don't know.
(02/13 20:18:13) Jules Lavisham: We can put the word out to the community.
(02/13 20:18:20) Robert Murry: You won't be alone.
(02/13 20:18:20) Benavud: I need the experience to be as strong as possible, with no preconceived notions.
(02/13 20:18:24) Benavud: That would be great, Jules.
(02/13 20:18:26) ShilohOBrien whispers...He needs it.
(02/13 20:18:33) Caeser: So tell me, what were you doing near the library? You don't have to answer that if you don't want to, but curiosity is my thing
(02/13 20:18:34) Benavud: Anyone is welcome to come who wants to.
(02/13 20:18:36) NoMore: okay... no worries... then I'll keep shut...
(02/13 20:19:00) Benavud: Caesar, I was just exploring aimlessly. I'd already finished Yeesha's Journey, and I needed to get away from the Ages.
(02/13 20:19:09) Jules Lavisham: You're putting yourself at risk for our safety. Least we can do is make sure we have your back.
(02/13 20:19:10) Benavud: But I didn't want to go home, so I started exploring D'ni.
(02/13 20:19:50) Benavud is a bit puzzled...
(02/13 20:19:56) Caeser: Ok, so were you on top of the library or did something fell from the building?
(02/13 20:20:14) Benavud: No, I was down in the basement. A huge bookshelf fell on me.
(02/13 20:20:34) Benavud: Not sure how long I was there before Jules found me.
(02/13 20:20:34) Caeser: Ouch, well I am glad you are doing alright now
(02/13 20:20:41) Benavud: Heh. Yeah, me too.
(02/13 20:20:44) Benavud is a bit puzzled...
(02/13 20:20:54) Benavud: Yeah, so I guess that's it. Any questions?
(02/13 20:21:08) ALotOf: oh there are still bookshelfs down there... looks so empty when looked to from outside the barriers...
(02/13 20:21:19) Robert Murry: Jules, did the bookshelf fall, or did it look pushed over by someone?
(02/13 20:21:24) Cpt.Jericho: Do you want some beartraps for your personal safety?
(02/13 20:21:33) Caeser: Thought the DRC removed those bookselves, since they were in bad condition
(02/13 20:21:40) Benavud chuckles.
(02/13 20:21:43) Benavud: No, no bear traps.
(02/13 20:21:52) Jules Lavisham: No way to tell honestly, Rob.
(02/13 20:22:06) Benavud: They might have in some places, Caesar. In the part I was in, there were definitely shelves.
(02/13 20:22:35) Jules Lavisham: In their condition though, it wouldn't have taken much of a premeditated effort.
(02/13 20:22:35) Caeser: Ok
(02/13 20:22:48) Robert Murry: Hmm...
(02/13 20:22:50) Benavud: You think my friend pushed the shelf, Mr. Murry?
(02/13 20:23:00) ALotOf: the persons who betrayed you in some kind... your suspicion is 'they did something with the doors' (something which was wrong)... that puzzles me...
(02/13 20:23:09) Robert Murry: It is a possibility, Ben.
(02/13 20:23:48) Jules Lavisham: Someone willing to do that...
(02/13 20:23:49) Robert Murry: We need to find this person. He, or she, will have answers.
(02/13 20:24:01) Benavud nods his head
(02/13 20:24:05) Benavud: I hope so.
(02/13 20:24:22) Benavud: All I know is that I feel a kind of terror whenever I think of the person.
(02/13 20:24:26) ShilohOBrien: Are you going to have someone go through the door with you? I mean, if you get overwhelmed before you get sent to the Bahro cave, you may need someone to talk you out of it.
(02/13 20:24:30) Benavud: A feeling that they just want destruction.
(02/13 20:24:54) Benavud: I don't know, Shiloh. I guess I'll decide on Friday.
(02/13 20:25:02) Jules Lavisham frowns
(02/13 20:25:03) Robert Murry: I think we need to protect you, until then.
(02/13 20:25:09) Benavud shrugs
(02/13 20:25:14) Robert Murry: If you want it.
(02/13 20:25:15) Benavud: I can take care of myself.
(02/13 20:25:17) ShilohOBrien: Hell, even if you do make it to the Bahro cave and get overwhelmed.
(02/13 20:25:25) Robert Murry: OK.
(02/13 20:25:36) Robert Murry: But be careful.
(02/13 20:25:41) ALotOf: destruction sounds bad... archeologists and scientists do reconstuct, not destruct (at least not willingly)...
(02/13 20:25:41) Benavud: Whew
(02/13 20:25:43) Caeser: Ladies and gentlemen, I will return, I have offcial business Ae'gura. Take care Benavud, we are all hear for you when you us :)
(02/13 20:25:48) Jules Lavisham: For all we know, this person may not want their intentions known. If they get wind of you learning who they are...
(02/13 20:26:07) Benavud: I'll be careful, Jules.
(02/13 20:26:16) Benavud: This has taken a lot out of me!
(02/13 20:26:23) Benavud: Thanks for coming to hear what I had to say, guys.
(02/13 20:26:23) Jules Lavisham: Ok. We trust your judgement.
(02/13 20:26:35) Tiernan Quinlan nods his head
(02/13 20:26:37) Cpt.Jericho: For all we know this person could be right here now.
(02/13 20:26:42) Robert Murry: Still, contact me, Jules, or Tenny if you need help.
(02/13 20:26:43) Benavud: I have to go. I promised Mr. Palmner I'd meet with him to talk about what I found in the journal.
(02/13 20:26:49) NoMore: stay cool, buddy. you have a plan... and you are still here in one piece
(02/13 20:26:53) Benavud: I will, Mr. Murry.
(02/13 20:26:57) ShilohOBrien: Let us know if you need anything.
(02/13 20:27:08) Jules Lavisham: We mean that, Ben.
(02/13 20:27:17) Benavud: Thanks, guys.
(02/13 20:27:21) Jules Lavisham: And, uh... good to have you back.
(02/13 20:27:21) Benavud: Your support means the world.
(02/13 20:27:21) Robert Murry: Wow. Stay in touch, Ben.
(02/13 20:27:32) Benavud: I'm going to go now. Thanks again!
(02/13 20:27:37) Benavud waves goodbye
(02/13 20:27:40) Cpt.Jericho: See you, Ben
(02/13 20:27:41) Robert Murry: Bye Ben.
(02/13 20:27:46) NoMore: youve made it far and you will still
(02/13 20:27:47) Tiernan Quinlan waves goodbye
(02/13 20:27:51) Caeser: Take care Ben
(02/13 20:27:53) Jules Lavisham: ...
(02/13 20:27:57) Jules Lavisham: Whew.
(02/13 20:28:04) Jules Lavisham: Lot to unpack there.
(02/13 20:28:04) ShilohOBrien turns to Tiernan.
(02/13 20:28:05) Robert Murry: Jules, I've got a bad feeling again.
(02/13 20:28:23) ShilohOBrien: So, can we get counseling services in your clinic. Seems like there's a need.
(02/13 20:28:25) Tiernan Quinlan sighs.
(02/13 20:28:26) Jules Lavisham: I know where you're coming from, Rob.
(02/13 20:28:43) ShilohOBrien arches an eyebrow meaningfully.
(02/13 20:29:03) Robert Murry: Counseling? I may go back to the Pub.
(02/13 20:29:14) Robert Murry shakes his head
(02/13 20:29:23) ALotOf: corn-selling services... popcorn...
(02/13 20:29:26) Tiernan Quinlan: We do have resources available.
(02/13 20:29:36) ShilohOBrien: Seriously, Robert. Ben's got some major trauma to work through.
(02/13 20:30:01) ShilohOBrien: He's gotta ask, yeah, but maybe we can drop a few hints.
(02/13 20:30:08) Jules Lavisham: No doubt. But he's choosing to deal with things proactively.
(02/13 20:30:21) ALotOf: yepp sounds it will still not be easy for him... since he got these panic headaches in the past round these doors...
(02/13 20:30:29) Jules Lavisham: Asserting control over his situation.
(02/13 20:30:38) Jules Lavisham: Can't fault a person for doing that.
(02/13 20:30:57) Robert Murry: We're going to do everything we can for him, Shiloh. Be assured of that.
(02/13 20:31:00) ALotOf: at least now he has regained the will to remember - that may help him push forward...
(02/13 20:31:04) ShilohOBrien: That's good, but he's gonna need some tools to help with that in my never-to-be-humble opinion.
(02/13 20:31:35) ShilohOBrien: Can someone coach him on biofeedback or some other calming techniques?
(02/13 20:31:41) Robert Murry: I am proud of him for all of his initiative these past few weeks.
(02/13 20:31:58) Robert Murry: Tenny?
(02/13 20:32:22) ALotOf: we may have to give him the feeling of safety to keep his back...
(02/13 20:32:24) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye?
(02/13 20:32:53) ShilohOBrien: Maybe I'm catastrophizing here, but I don't like to think of the possiblility of him breaking down or going into a fugue state alone in the Bahro cave.
(02/13 20:32:53) Jules Lavisham: Something like CBT, Shiloh?
(02/13 20:32:58) Robert Murry: You've been deep in thoght. What can you do for Ben?
(02/13 20:33:08) ShilohOBrien: Something like that, Jules.
(02/13 20:33:11) Tiernan Quinlan: I have done some meditation techniques with Ben, he responded well to it.
(02/13 20:33:19) ShilohOBrien nods.
(02/13 20:33:47) Tiernan Quinlan: I have a theory, but I can't be certain of it until I have more information. An' tha's gotta come from Ben.
(02/13 20:33:48) Jules Lavisham: Maybe worth revisting in the coming days, Tenny.
(02/13 20:34:07) Jules Lavisham: Just to ensure he's going into battle with a full arsenal, as it were.
(02/13 20:34:17) Tiernan Quinlan: But yeah, if he needs extended councellin', I have resources.
(02/13 20:34:36) Tiernan Quinlan: Through Argon at th' least.
(02/13 20:34:53) NoMore: haha I always need the opposite - 'brainstorming sessions' - taking a walk and confront me with the things which trouble me...
(02/13 20:35:29) Jules Lavisham: Right. I'll help spread the word about this to the community.
(02/13 20:35:54) Jules Lavisham: See if I can catch Cal when he gets back from Rei'schu
(02/13 20:36:35) Robert Murry: Good.
(02/13 20:37:11) Jules Lavisham exhales
(02/13 20:37:32) Robert Murry: I don't want to interfere with Ben's plans, but I do want us to help him.
(02/13 20:37:39) Jules Lavisham: And there was me thinking things were starting to calm down around here...
(02/13 20:37:56) ALotOf: that falling bookshelf... could still be both a bad accident or a try to calm someone who knows too much...
(02/13 20:38:21) Robert Murry: That unknown person is gnawing at me. We need to find him.
(02/13 20:38:32) Jules Lavisham: Mm.
(02/13 20:38:37) Cpt.Jericho: A shelf toppling over by itself right when a person is in front of it? Unlikely
(02/13 20:38:40) Jules Lavisham: Right. Work to do.
(02/13 20:38:51) Jules Lavisham: Keep me posted.
(02/13 20:38:53) ALotOf: at least it's not a whole cult (yet)... just one person now (yet)...
(02/13 20:38:55) Robert Murry: Agreed.
(02/13 20:39:12) Robert Murry: I have a caldera to continue to survey.
(02/13 20:39:27) Robert Murry: Or not...
(02/13 20:39:28) Jules Lavisham: Catch you all later.
(02/13 20:39:35) Jules Lavisham waves goodbye
(02/13 20:39:37) Robert Murry: Bye Jules.
(02/13 20:39:41) Cpt.Jericho: Bye Jules
(02/13 20:39:44) Robert Murry waves goodbye
(02/13 20:39:50) Tiernan Quinlan waves goodbye
Prof. Jules Lavisham, Lecturer in Classical Civilisations
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