12/08/22 - Calum, Jules, Hazado and Argo in Kirel

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12/08/22 - Calum, Jules, Hazado and Argo in Kirel

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[Jules and Calum link to Kirel and activate the podium, which plays Tyion's current message.]

(12/08 18:56:02) Jules Lavisham: Excellent.
(12/08 18:56:23) Calum Traveler: ah
(12/08 18:56:39) Jules Lavisham: Shorah Haz
(12/08 18:56:46) Hazado: Hello!
(12/08 18:57:09) Jules Lavisham: Just a quick drop-in to check the recordings are all working as they should
(12/08 18:58:16) Hazado: Is that still working, I handed the procedures off to Zaroth to handle
(12/08 18:58:26) Jules Lavisham: All fine in Kirel, and the one in the Chiso Basement seems to be doing the job as well
(12/08 18:59:22) Calum Traveler: brb
(12/08 18:59:59) Jules Lavisham: Just about to head over to Naybree, check out these new decorations
(12/08 19:00:05) Hazado: Oh, great! I was on a sabbatical to the surface for 6 months
(12/08 19:00:22) Hazado: Glad they got the chiso basement once working without my help
(12/08 19:00:41) Jules Lavisham: I did wonder why I hadn't seen you around so much!
(12/08 19:00:49) Jules Lavisham: All well?
(12/08 19:00:56) Hazado: Yeah, Calum did a lot of work with that age
(12/08 19:01:13) Hazado: Yeah, just needed a break after all the work in Gahreesen
(12/08 19:01:35) Jules Lavisham: I'll bet. Hefty job, that.
(12/08 19:02:08) Jules Lavisham: Well, I'll resist the urge to bombard you with new project ideas straight off the bat
(12/08 19:02:21) Hazado: just glad its still working :) Gahreesen is a bit of a beast sometimes
(12/08 19:02:46) Hazado: lol, thank you... There are still a lot of ideas in the hopper, but feel free to add more
(12/08 19:03:02) Hazado: Lot of people are starting to help out now
(12/08 19:03:29) Jules Lavisham: Yes, quite heartening to see more people stepping up
(12/08 19:03:38) Jules Lavisham: Help spread the workload a bit
(12/08 19:05:12) Jules Lavisham: I did have a notion about maybe doing something with podiums in the other neighbourhoods.
(12/08 19:05:34) Hazado: Oh? Yeah, its got some garbled mess from the D'ni on it now
(12/08 19:06:01) Jules Lavisham: Mmm. I'm thinking it could be put to use for delivering some words of general introduction and a brief orientation of sorts.
(12/08 19:06:15) Hazado: Oh! That would be a great place for it
(12/08 19:06:45) Jules Lavisham: Telling people where there are, where to get their KIs, pointing them towards Kirel for the regular updates and Chiso for the new Restoration work area
(12/08 19:07:30) Jules Lavisham: Lets them get grounded before they embark on their own explorations
(12/08 19:08:23) Hazado: yeah, maybe ill be able to get the audio function working on the KI's this year...
(12/08 19:08:50) Jules Lavisham: That would also be fantastic.
(12/08 19:09:38) Jules Lavisham: I still think about the idea of museum-style commentaries linked to the KI marker systems.
(12/08 19:09:57) Hazado: thats the general idea
(12/08 19:10:16) Hazado: we know its possible, but messing with the KI is always touchy
(12/08 19:10:37) Jules Lavisham: Stomping round Elonin and getting a feel for how D'ni people lived day-to-day
(12/08 19:12:18) Jules Lavisham: It's something I'd like to see if others are up for contributing to. Material and voicing and the like.
(12/08 19:12:45) Hazado: yep, will need lots of that
(12/08 19:13:19) Jules Lavisham: Same for the hood podiums. Can definitely rely on Ty as per usual, but it would be fun to get other voices into the mix as well.
(12/08 19:13:47) Hazado: I know they are always open for more voices to help
(12/08 19:13:55) Jules Lavisham: Mm.
(12/08 19:14:11) Jules Lavisham: Still, all of that is very much a Next Year jobbie.
(12/08 19:14:23) Hazado: lol, we will see :)
(12/08 19:14:47) Jules Lavisham: I don't know about you, but I'm well up for letting the next couple of weeks or so go by without anything too demanding being asked of me
(12/08 19:19:40) Jules Lavisham: Anyway, think I'll give the Naybree deco's a look.
(12/08 19:19:52) Jules Lavisham: Catch you later, that man.
(12/08 19:19:58) Hazado: Yep!
(12/08 19:20:27) Jules Lavisham: Shorah, Argo
(12/08 19:20:35) Argo: shorah, jules :)
(12/08 19:20:37) Hazado waves hello
(12/08 19:20:49) Jules Lavisham: How're you doing today?
(12/08 19:21:05) Hazado: Think ill head to naybree and see the age. Havent seen it yet
(12/08 19:21:09) Argo: oh, you know, waiting for something to ship into the stores, it's on backorder...
(12/08 19:21:11) Argo: :)
(12/08 19:21:22) Jules Lavisham: Ah, that old chestnut
(12/08 19:21:45) Jules Lavisham: I need to get my christmas shopping done quick-sharpish.
(12/08 19:22:03) Jules Lavisham: Everything's going a bit strike-y in the UK at the moment.
(12/08 19:22:07) Hazado: oh god, christmas is soon
(12/08 19:22:29) Hazado: alright, Naybree is calling me :P
(12/08 19:22:37) Hazado waves goodbye
(12/08 19:22:43) Argo waves goodbye
(12/08 19:22:57) Argo: im going to change out of this shirt now lol.
(12/08 19:23:04) Argo waves goodbye
(12/08 19:23:05) Jules Lavisham: Yes, I was thinking about dropping in to Naybree myself
(12/08 19:23:15) Jules Lavisham: Heh, see you later Argo
(12/08 19:23:17) Argo: later
(12/08 19:23:19) Jules Lavisham waves goodbye

[Jules, Argo and Hazado link out]
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