11/30/22 Jules, Robert, judyg, Harry and Kelsei in the GoMe Pub

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11/30/22 Jules, Robert, judyg, Harry and Kelsei in the GoMe Pub

Post by Jules Lavisham »

Jules links in, judyg behind the bar serving Robert.

(11/30 22:49:16) judyg: i actually wouldn't mind a bartending gig. been there. was kinda nice. meet interesting people! :)
(11/30 22:49:34) judyg: hi Jules!
(11/30 22:49:38) Robert Murry: Judy is serving.
(11/30 22:49:46) judyg: welcome! refreshments?
(11/30 22:49:55) Winter Star: got hot butter rum?
(11/30 22:49:55) Jules Lavisham: Music to my ears
(11/30 22:50:04) Robert Murry: Shorah Winter Star
(11/30 22:50:11) Winter Star: Shorah Peace to all
(11/30 22:50:13) Winter Star waves hello
(11/30 22:50:17) Jules Lavisham: Shorah Winter Star
(11/30 22:50:18) judyg: of corse! please enjoy!
(11/30 22:50:29) Jules Lavisham: A double of whatever's going please, Judy.
(11/30 22:50:35) Jules Lavisham: The stronger the better.
(11/30 22:51:10) Winter Star: Midnight Minakta is good.
(11/30 22:51:30) judyg: awww! you sound upset there! here ya go . go easy, i made it extra potent. looks like you need it. sorry
(11/30 22:51:45) Winter Star: better sign the waver LOL
(11/30 22:52:04) Winter Star: did I need to call you a Uber?
(11/30 22:52:08) Jules Lavisham takes a healthy neck and shudders
(11/30 22:52:12) Winter Star: do I need*
(11/30 22:52:30) judyg: don't let it get to ya. take time to think
(11/30 22:52:37) Robert Murry: Jules, Judy is our new official D'ni bartender.
(11/30 22:52:46) Winter Star: Bar Keep
(11/30 22:53:21) judyg: bartenders make good shrinks, as well.
(11/30 22:53:22) Robert Murry sips his double Scotch.
(11/30 22:53:27) Jules Lavisham: Spot on, Judy.
(11/30 22:53:34) judyg: :)
(11/30 22:53:50) Jules Lavisham: Gods, what a messy business.
(11/30 22:54:08) Robert Murry: Maybe you can help us figure this situation out.
(11/30 22:54:17) judyg: me?
(11/30 22:54:23) Robert Murry: Sure.
(11/30 22:54:41) Jules Lavisham: I shouldn't have been so quick to react as I did. That was bad.
(11/30 22:54:51) judyg: well, i can try. spill it!
(11/30 22:55:47) Robert Murry: I didn't want to frighten the poor girl. She definitely seemed scared.
(11/30 22:56:24) Jules Lavisham: Mm. I thought we were about ready to have a repeat of what happened a few months back.
(11/30 22:57:03) judyg: yeah. i was empathetic to her. she seemed scared. now i worry if she;s safe
(11/30 22:57:21) Jules Lavisham: I do as well, Judy.
(11/30 22:57:33) Jules Lavisham: She's gotten herself mixed up with a bad crowd.
(11/30 22:57:42) judyg: a few months back? i can't remeber
(11/30 22:57:55) Jules Lavisham: July, I think it was.
(11/30 22:58:15) judyg: refresh my old memory?
(11/30 22:58:29) Jules Lavisham: There's a group in the Cavern. Call themselves the Children of the New Seed.
(11/30 22:58:47) Robert Murry: The folks that made threats at the Town Hall a few months ago, right?
(11/30 22:58:51) Jules Lavisham: Conduct themselves as per the teachings of Yahvo, or so they say.
(11/30 22:59:11) judyg: keep going,
(11/30 22:59:22) Robert Murry: They want us out of here.
(11/30 22:59:32) judyg: NOOOOO!!!!
(11/30 22:59:37) Robert Murry: The explorers, that is.
(11/30 22:59:41) judyg: wow!!!
(11/30 22:59:45) Jules Lavisham: My understanding is they're fairly benign. At least, that's what their leader says,
(11/30 22:59:56) Jules Lavisham: There's a subset of them, a splinter group.
(11/30 23:00:16) Jules Lavisham: Been hard at work trying to make things difficult for our work we're doing here.
(11/30 23:00:27) Jules Lavisham: Stealing items, vandalising equipment
(11/30 23:00:36) judyg: first iv'e heard. i am flabbergated!!! we are so nice, and kind, why do they hate us ?????
(11/30 23:00:54) Jules Lavisham: And back in July, they actually stormed the Town Hall
(11/30 23:00:56) Robert Murry: Pushing people off cliffs...
(11/30 23:01:14) Jules Lavisham: Issued an ultimatum for us all to leave or face the consequences
(11/30 23:01:17) judyg: i mean. we are being (i thought) respectful
(11/30 23:01:32) Robert Murry: We are Judy.
(11/30 23:01:50) Jules Lavisham: Since then, we've not really heard from them.
(11/30 23:02:07) judyg: is there no way to negotiate? start a compromise?
(11/30 23:02:26) Jules Lavisham: Based on what they had to say, they're not the negotiating sort.
(11/30 23:02:48) Jules Lavisham: The person you saw tonight, Ami,
(11/30 23:02:51) judyg: scary
(11/30 23:02:57) judyg shivers
(11/30 23:02:59) Jules Lavisham: she pointed us in the direction of their leader, Harlan
(11/30 23:03:15) Jules Lavisham: or EX-leader, I should say. They're not answerable to him anymore.
(11/30 23:03:34) Jules Lavisham: Chap called Rafe seems to be the one behind all the bad business.
(11/30 23:03:46) judyg: wow! have another, on me. don't mind if i join you
(11/30 23:03:52) judyg: scary stuff
(11/30 23:04:00) Jules Lavisham: Ah, grand, many thanks
(11/30 23:04:13) Jules Lavisham takes a slower sip
(11/30 23:04:16) Robert Murry: Ami seems to have had a change of heart. She may have been trying to reach out to us tonight.
(11/30 23:04:27) judyg: no wonder you gents are so tense
(11/30 23:04:59) judyg: i agree. let's hope we can get to her before the others do
(11/30 23:05:01) Jules Lavisham: Yes, nothing like being threatened by someone in a Maintainer suit right in front of you to really put a chap on edge.
(11/30 23:05:17) Robert Murry sips his drink in thoght.
(11/30 23:05:41) judyg shakes her head in despair
(11/30 23:05:48) Jules Lavisham: Hmm... Kelsei did have her suspicions that Ami was the one responsible for returning the stolen items.
(11/30 23:06:11) Jules Lavisham: And here she is tonight, wanting to arrange a time to field questions...
(11/30 23:06:13) judyg: Kelsei is quite insiightful
(11/30 23:06:25) Jules Lavisham: She may be wanting to spill the beans, as it were.
(11/30 23:06:38) Robert Murry: If she is trying to meet with us, we should try to listen to what Ami has to say.
(11/30 23:06:45) judyg: let's hope nothing gets in the way of that
(11/30 23:06:58) judyg: what time was that she said?
(11/30 23:07:06) Jules Lavisham: Doing it in a public forum, though...
(11/30 23:07:28) Jules Lavisham: She's presenting herself with a great big target on her head
(11/30 23:07:30) judyg: brave girl
(11/30 23:07:33) Robert Murry: However, I'm concerned that word will gwt out and her "Friends" may show and try to stop her.
(11/30 23:07:53) Jules Lavisham: If Marcus or Rafe or any of the others get wind of this...
(11/30 23:07:53) Robert Murry: get
(11/30 23:07:58) Jules Lavisham: Exactly
(11/30 23:08:11) judyg: well, i can't spill. bartender's creed. so whatever was discussed here, stays here
(11/30 23:08:16) Robert Murry: Not good...
(11/30 23:08:31) judyg: ?
(11/30 23:08:45) judyg: doh!
(11/30 23:08:49) Jules Lavisham: I wish she would have come to us privately
(11/30 23:09:00) Robert Murry: The Town Hall Minutes will may already be out.
(11/30 23:09:14) judyg: right! but how does she know who to PM?
(11/30 23:09:28) Robert Murry: We need to protect her at all costs.
(11/30 23:09:56) judyg nods her head
(11/30 23:09:56) Jules Lavisham: Agreed.
(11/30 23:10:09) Jules Lavisham: But this can't go on.
(11/30 23:10:30) Robert Murry: I suspect they're keeping close tabs on everything we say and do.
(11/30 23:10:36) judyg: don't say it!!!!
(11/30 23:11:00) judyg: we must prevent it!!!!!
(11/30 23:11:21) Robert Murry: We need to resolve this issue once and for all.
(11/30 23:11:38) judyg: bad three letter "w" word!!!!!
(11/30 23:11:51) Jules Lavisham: We can't just sit around and wait for this group - whoever they are - to just go away on their own.
(11/30 23:12:16) judyg: well, i pray our nrgotiaters
(11/30 23:12:43) judyg: negotiators* (oops)
(11/30 23:13:03) Jules Lavisham: We need to consider how this is all going to play out and plan accordingly.
(11/30 23:13:17) Robert Murry: We can't bring in any law enforcement or Government Agency to help.. We've kept the Cavern a secret from them .
(11/30 23:13:22) judyg: unfortunately, there has to be some kind of meeting?
(11/30 23:13:46) Jules Lavisham: No. We're on our own down here.
(11/30 23:13:57) Robert Murry: Hmm...
(11/30 23:14:04) Jules Lavisham: And we need to prevent this from spilling out into the wider community.
(11/30 23:14:12) judyg: can i ask a dumb question? if it comes to war, what do we have for munitions>
(11/30 23:14:14) Robert Murry: Strength in numbers?
(11/30 23:14:35) Jules Lavisham: It just makes no *sense*
(11/30 23:14:40) Jules Lavisham: What this group are after, I mean
(11/30 23:14:57) Jules Lavisham: There's no way they can achieve their goal of driving us out
(11/30 23:15:06) Jules Lavisham: They can't take possession of the City and ages
(11/30 23:15:12) Jules Lavisham: It's a physical impossibility
(11/30 23:15:35) Robert Murry: If they are splintering, maybe we can use that to our advancement...
(11/30 23:16:00) Robert Murry sips his drink again in thought.
(11/30 23:16:02) judyg: well, we are perseveres down here. fingers crossed. and i promise, this conversation didn't happen. people are stupid, and will panic, and get un-reasonable.
(11/30 23:16:15) Jules Lavisham: These kinds of sects inevitably fracture and implode.
(11/30 23:16:32) Jules Lavisham: They depend on new blood to sustain themselves
(11/30 23:17:12) Jules Lavisham: From what we've seen, I'm sure we're dealing with barely half a dozen or so
(11/30 23:17:25) judyg: one more for the road guys? i gotta close up shop, and have one for myself.
(11/30 23:17:42) Robert Murry: Sure Judy. Thanks.
(11/30 23:17:50) Jules Lavisham: I reckon I can go for one more
(11/30 23:17:55) judyg: feel free to hang out. just be sure to lock up
(11/30 23:18:15) Robert Murry: They have small numbers... but we have larger numbers.
(11/30 23:18:25) Jules Lavisham: Will do. Won't be long after this. Got my tutorials for tomorrow.
(11/30 23:18:37) judyg: i'm gonna trust you to behave. ;)
(11/30 23:18:48) judyg: sweet dreams!
(11/30 23:18:51) Jules Lavisham: Got to set a good example for my students
(11/30 23:18:55) Robert Murry: Thank you Judy. we'll be good.
(11/30 23:19:03) Jules Lavisham: Scout's honour

judyg links out.
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Re: 11/30/22 Jules, Robert, judyg, Harry and Kelsei in the GoMe Pub

Post by Jules Lavisham »

(11/30 23:19:29) Robert Murry: We have some plannig to do.
(11/30 23:19:46) Jules Lavisham: Agreed. There's a lot of ways this could end very badly.
(11/30 23:20:14) Jules Lavisham: But we also have a shot to end this thing once and for all.
(11/30 23:20:20) Robert Murry: Or it could work out good. here's hoping.
(11/30 23:20:38) Robert Murry: Agrred. It has to end.
(11/30 23:20:57) Jules Lavisham: We do what we do best. We think this out, and we look out for each other.
(11/30 23:21:15) Robert Murry gulps down his glass.
(11/30 23:21:42) Jules Lavisham: Once Cal and Kelsei get back from Rei'schu, we get together with him and Harry and the others.
(11/30 23:21:47) Robert Murry: Yes, we'll figure it out.

Harry links in.

(11/30 23:21:54) Detective Harry Williams: Hello
(11/30 23:21:54) Jules Lavisham: Ah! Speak of the devil.
(11/30 23:22:04) Robert Murry: Speak of the devil...
(11/30 23:22:05) Jules Lavisham: Evenin' Harry.
(11/30 23:22:19) Detective Harry Williams: Hello, Jules. Hello, Robert.
(11/30 23:22:21) Robert Murry: Jinx, you owe me a drink.
(11/30 23:22:32) Robert Murry: Hello Harry.
(11/30 23:22:35) Jules Lavisham: There's been developments.
(11/30 23:22:40) Detective Harry Williams: like what?
(11/30 23:22:52) Jules Lavisham: We had another appearence at the Town Hall just now.
(11/30 23:22:56) Jules Lavisham: Ami.
(11/30 23:23:05) Detective Harry Williams: AMI?
(11/30 23:23:11) Robert Murry: She seemed very scared.
(11/30 23:23:28) Jules Lavisham: Mhm. Turned up to announce a date and time to...
(11/30 23:23:28) Detective Harry Williams: Oh my God...
(11/30 23:23:36) Jules Lavisham: what was it she said, Rob?
(11/30 23:23:45) Jules Lavisham: Something about answering questions
(11/30 23:24:05) Robert Murry: Anser our questions at 11 KI in Naybree.
(11/30 23:24:11) Robert Murry: Sunday
(11/30 23:24:43) Robert Murry: We couldn't get het to stay.
(11/30 23:24:48) Detective Harry Williams: Did either of you manage to get her KI number?
(11/30 23:25:11) Jules Lavisham: 11934056
(11/30 23:25:15) Robert Murry: Um... yes..
(11/30 23:25:24) Robert Murry: That's it.
(11/30 23:25:55) Jules Lavisham: It sounds like she's looking to blow the lid on her associates.
(11/30 23:26:21) Jules Lavisham: Problem is, she's gone and announced it to the whole world
(11/30 23:26:28) Robert Murry: This may be the break we've been hoping for.
(11/30 23:27:17) Detective Harry Williams: I think our Most Wanted crew might show up to stop her if they find out.
(11/30 23:27:40) Jules Lavisham: For all we know, they've found out already
(11/30 23:27:41) Robert Murry: Unfortunately, the rest of their group may try to get to her first, yes.
(11/30 23:28:00) Robert Murry: They have been watching us closely.
(11/30 23:28:14) Jules Lavisham: Hrm
(11/30 23:28:21) Jules Lavisham: Bit of a quandry
(11/30 23:28:34) Detective Harry Williams: You know, I've felt like I've had eyes on me ever since I completed the Journeys
(11/30 23:28:55) Jules Lavisham: Do we reveal the date and time to all and have safety in numbers from others
(11/30 23:29:18) Jules Lavisham: Or keep it between us and hope it flies under the radar of Marcus and the others
(11/30 23:29:30) Detective Harry Williams: I have an idea.
(11/30 23:29:46) Robert Murry: whatever we do, we need to be ready.
(11/30 23:29:50) Jules Lavisham: All ears, Detective.
(11/30 23:31:09) Detective Harry Williams: We could possibly do both - tell people when and where, but keep it so that the Most Wanted don't overhear it.
(11/30 23:32:14) Robert Murry: We have a show of force in numbers,eh?
(11/30 23:32:26) Jules Lavisham: You're suggesting we redact the log of the Town Hall Minutes?
(11/30 23:32:42) Robert Murry: It may be too late.
(11/30 23:32:57) Detective Harry Williams: Sort of... keep the main part of it, but leave out the-- wait a second, who was there?
(11/30 23:33:10) Jules Lavisham: Let me check
(11/30 23:33:12) Robert Murry: They're pros at information gathering.
(11/30 23:33:41) Jules Lavisham: On the flipside...
(11/30 23:33:47) Jules Lavisham: We need to draw them out
(11/30 23:34:15) Robert Murry: What if we use Ami as the bait..
(11/30 23:34:18) Detective Harry Williams: You're right... but I don't think Ami would like being used as bait.
(11/30 23:34:47) Robert Murry: We need to reassure her early on.
(11/30 23:34:53) Jules Lavisham: Well, by going public, she hasn't given herself much choice.
(11/30 23:35:12) Detective Harry Williams: But if you REALLY need to lure these guys out of hiding, I won't stop you...
(11/30 23:35:21) Robert Murry: She did publish those messages.
(11/30 23:35:24) Jules Lavisham: For all we know, making them aware of where she's going to be is exactly what she wants.
(11/30 23:36:19) Jules Lavisham: She came to the Town Hall for a reason.
(11/30 23:36:20) Robert Murry: Maybe she hopes that we will capture them? It's possible.
(11/30 23:36:35) Jules Lavisham: She knows we publish the logs.
(11/30 23:36:41) Detective Harry Williams: True.
(11/30 23:37:02) Robert Murry: Now who's bait, heh.
(11/30 23:37:09) Detective Harry Williams: Maybe SHE'S trying to lure them out of hiding.
(11/30 23:37:20) Robert Murry: Agreed.
(11/30 23:37:34) Detective Harry Williams: If that's the case, go ahead, publish it.
(11/30 23:38:18) Jules Lavisham: Yes
(11/30 23:38:28) Detective Harry Williams: hello
(11/30 23:38:29) Jules Lavisham: Yes, I think this needs to be done.

Kelsei links in.

(11/30 23:38:30) Kelsei A.T.: hello, alll.
(11/30 23:38:42) Kelsei A.T.: small crowd.
(11/30 23:38:53) Robert Murry: Hi Kelsei. how was the meeting.
(11/30 23:38:53) Kelsei A.T.: probably for the best
(11/30 23:38:59) Kelsei A.T. sighs
(11/30 23:39:10) Jules Lavisham: Yes, how are things in Rei'schu?
(11/30 23:39:13) Kelsei A.T.: Calum's still in Rei'schu talking over the potential backfires, if that's any indication.
(11/30 23:39:16) Detective Harry Williams: Umm... tell her what you told me.
(11/30 23:39:30) Detective Harry Williams: about HER.
(11/30 23:39:39) Kelsei A.T.: You mean Ami? Kura'quen mentioned.
(11/30 23:39:47) Detective Harry Williams: She did? But how-
(11/30 23:39:51) Kelsei A.T.: ill... gladly divert to that in a bit.
(11/30 23:40:05) Jules Lavisham: Kura'quen was at the meeting, Harry.
(11/30 23:40:06) Robert Murry: She said that seh would bring you up-to-date.
(11/30 23:40:26) Kelsei A.T.: and she did let us know,
(11/30 23:40:28) Robert Murry: She
(11/30 23:40:41) Detective Harry Williams: I see. I'm definitely looking forward to speaking with one of these people.
(11/30 23:40:50) Kelsei A.T.: anyways... Rei'schu...
(11/30 23:40:59) Kelsei A.T. grumbles and goes behind the bar to make herself a drink
(11/30 23:41:16) Robert Murry: Uh oh...
(11/30 23:41:18) Jules Lavisham: Well this doesn't look good.
(11/30 23:41:23) Kelsei A.T. fusses with the coffeemaker a bit...
(11/30 23:41:24) Detective Harry Williams: what?
(11/30 23:41:32) Kelsei A.T. lets it brew...
(11/30 23:41:42) Robert Murry: Double shot?
(11/30 23:41:45) Kelsei A.T.: someone stole a translation necklace.
(11/30 23:41:50) Kelsei A.T.: and several crystals.
(11/30 23:41:55) Detective Harry Williams: Umm...
(11/30 23:41:55) Jules Lavisham: WHAT?!
(11/30 23:42:00) Robert Murry: WHAT?!
(11/30 23:42:09) Kelsei A.T.: We think it's Haru'sara,
(11/30 23:42:24) Robert Murry: Jinx, that's two drinks.
(11/30 23:42:27) Kelsei A.T.: the man went awol not long before the theft. nobody had seen him since yesterday afternoon...
(11/30 23:42:30) Kelsei A.T.: the theft happened last night.
(11/30 23:42:33) Jules Lavisham: That... *bloody*...
(11/30 23:42:53) Kelsei A.T. turns back to the coffee maker and pours a mug...\
(11/30 23:42:54) Detective Harry Williams: Haru'sara, that's the guy with the crazy costume, right?
(11/30 23:43:01) Jules Lavisham: That's the one.
(11/30 23:43:01) Kelsei A.T.: one and the same
(11/30 23:43:13) Kelsei A.T. tips back the mug and sips at her coffee...
(11/30 23:43:28) Robert Murry: Good ol' Haru'sara. He didn't want anything to do with those necklaces.
(11/30 23:43:36) Kelsei A.T.: further more, the Linking Book we left to return link to D'ni for Kura'quen to use got disturbed.
(11/30 23:43:44) Jules Lavisham: I would have thought him getting a kerb-stomping in the arena would have been enough to teach him some gods-damned humility.
(11/30 23:43:47) Kelsei A.T.: We think he used it as an escape route.
(11/30 23:43:58) Robert Murry: He's here?
(11/30 23:44:01) Kelsei A.T.: possibly
(11/30 23:44:06) Kelsei A.T.: would explain why he took a necklace,
(11/30 23:44:14) Detective Harry Williams: Wait, so he stole a translation necklace and some crystals and is bringing them HERE? To D'ni?
(11/30 23:44:18) Jules Lavisham: This is bad.
(11/30 23:44:20) Kelsei A.T.: we don't know why he stole the crystals he did, though.
(11/30 23:44:27) Detective Harry Williams: What were they?
(11/30 23:44:33) Kelsei A.T. sighs
(11/30 23:44:34) Robert Murry: As if we didn't already have enough trouble to deal with.
(11/30 23:44:36) Kelsei A.T.: what *werent* they?
(11/30 23:44:47) [BUDDIES] From cileeeeeee in DRC(276) Hood: Hey Ro :)
(11/30 23:45:00) Kelsei A.T.: several shape shifting story stones, several audio recorder stones...
(11/30 23:45:07) Kelsei A.T.: atleast One memory soul crystal,
(11/30 23:45:16) Jules Lavisham: Oh my gods...
(11/30 23:45:23) Detective Harry Williams: Umm...
(11/30 23:45:24) Kelsei A.T.: thankfully an empty one, it seems, but...
(11/30 23:45:30) Jules Lavisham puts his head in his hands
(11/30 23:45:38) Kelsei A.T.: the more concerning thing is he also took several 'blank' stones,
(11/30 23:45:49) Kelsei A.T.: the ones they use to replace damaged linking books
(11/30 23:46:01) Robert Murry: Oh boy.
(11/30 23:46:16) Kelsei A.T.: as i said, Calum's still in Rei'schu working over the possible backfires.
(11/30 23:46:20) Kelsei A.T. sips at her coffee...
(11/30 23:46:27) Kelsei A.T.: so. Ami.
(11/30 23:46:39) Kelsei A.T.: she finally spoke up and it's to say she's going to be somewhere at a set time?
(11/30 23:46:43) Jules Lavisham: Yes.
(11/30 23:46:49) Kelsei A.T.: please tell me someone got the place/time down.
(11/30 23:46:56) Detective Harry Williams: According to Jules and Robert, Naybree on sunday 11 ki
(11/30 23:47:02) Kelsei A.T. snarls faintly
(11/30 23:47:07) Robert Murry: 11 KI at Naybree on Sunday
(11/30 23:47:10) Kelsei A.T.: damn it all, I have family obligations that day.
(11/30 23:47:27) Kelsei A.T.: girl's been stalking me and sending me stolen items, that can't be a coincidence
(11/30 23:47:32) Robert Murry: She said that she has answers for us.
(11/30 23:47:33) Kelsei A.T.: atleast, i think its her.
(11/30 23:47:37) Kelsei A.T.: i would hope so.
(11/30 23:47:41) Jules Lavisham: It has to be.
(11/30 23:47:55) Jules Lavisham: She bought Harlan and us together
(11/30 23:47:59) Kelsei A.T. leans against the counter, frowning...
(11/30 23:48:02) Jules Lavisham: It fits her MO
(11/30 23:48:20) Kelsei A.T.: i wonder why she'd go from avoiding people to suddenly setting up a confrontation
(11/30 23:48:27) Kelsei A.T.: there's no way this is exclusively meant for us.
(11/30 23:48:36) Jules Lavisham: She must be desperate
(11/30 23:48:48) Robert Murry: If all of this is true about Ami, then I believe that True Bloods have split up.
(11/30 23:49:00) Jules Lavisham: She could barely hold it together long enough to tell us what she wanted
(11/30 23:49:02) Robert Murry: She wants to help us.
(11/30 23:49:04) Detective Harry Williams: that WHAT?
(11/30 23:49:15) Kelsei A.T.: True Bloods? Where'd you hear that one?
(11/30 23:49:28) Kelsei A.T.: sounds like an old TV show about vampires.
(11/30 23:49:32) Robert Murry: Sorry True Seeds.
(11/30 23:49:35) Detective Harry Williams: "True Bloods have split up"? what the heck does that mean?
(11/30 23:49:49) Kelsei A.T.: I suppose that's as good of a name for them anyways,
(11/30 23:50:03) Kelsei A.T.: True Seeds, True Bloods... they certainly thought they were the inheritors or whatever.
(11/30 23:50:03) Detective Harry Williams: The True Seeds? Is that the cult that the Most Wanted are part of?
(11/30 23:50:20) Detective Harry Williams: I'll take that as a yes
(11/30 23:50:26) Robert Murry: Yes.
(11/30 23:50:28) Jules Lavisham: Children of the New Seed was the name that Harlan called his own group.
(11/30 23:50:40) Detective Harry Williams: i heard that
(11/30 23:50:49) Kelsei A.T.: makes sense they'd name a splinter group off of the original, I suppose...
(11/30 23:51:04) Kelsei A.T. sighs, and sips at her coffee more
(11/30 23:51:30) Jules Lavisham: In any case,
(11/30 23:51:42) Detective Harry Williams: Where did you hear that name? Did Ami call them that?
(11/30 23:51:53) Jules Lavisham: she came to the Town Hall knowing we were going to post the log
(11/30 23:52:05) Kelsei A.T. nods to Jules
(11/30 23:52:16) Kelsei A.T.: that. is a valid point. same thing the others did, right?
(11/30 23:52:44) Jules Lavisham: Gods, I'm getting tired of being these people's bloody messenger's service
(11/30 23:52:49) Kelsei A.T.: same.
(11/30 23:52:58) Robert Murry: She may be trying to get us to "ambush", capture her friends.
(11/30 23:53:09) Kelsei A.T.: they cant be that stupid, but also...
(11/30 23:53:12) Kelsei A.T.: maybe they're desperate.
(11/30 23:53:18) Kelsei A.T.: if she's threatening a tell all?
(11/30 23:53:26) Detective Harry Williams: Unless it's all been one big long con and this whole thing is a trap.
(11/30 23:53:42) Kelsei A.T.: oh, it's definitely a trap, i'd wager
(11/30 23:53:47) Kelsei A.T.: just the 'who' is the big question.
(11/30 23:54:01) Robert Murry: It could be a trap, or a way to bring them out into the open.
(11/30 23:54:17) Detective Harry Williams: That's what I mean. Is it a trap for THEM, or for US?
(11/30 23:54:29) Robert Murry: Either way, we need to prepare.
(11/30 23:54:45) Kelsei A.T.: there's worse places for a trap, I suppose.
(11/30 23:54:45) Jules Lavisham: If they wanted us disposed of, there could have done so at any point over the last year or so
(11/30 23:55:07) Detective Harry Williams remembers hearing something about cliffs
(11/30 23:55:44) Kelsei A.T.: yes, Naybree has some very steep cliffs, I'd recommend folks not climb up on them if it is a trap meant for us.
(11/30 23:56:24) Kelsei A.T. frowns
(11/30 23:56:28) Kelsei A.T.: just why, though?
(11/30 23:56:52) Robert Murry: Hmm... If we had the high ground, though we could jump them in surprise.
(11/30 23:57:03) Detective Harry Williams: Or we could get shoved off
(11/30 23:57:12) Kelsei A.T.: that's risky, though. if you shove someone off the cliff, you both might fall uncontrollably.
(11/30 23:57:18) Detective Harry Williams: True/
(11/30 23:57:20) Robert Murry: Not if we get there first.
(11/30 23:57:45) Robert Murry: When they link in, we catch them.
(11/30 23:58:20) Kelsei A.T.: it's a plan, I suppose...
(11/30 23:58:22) Jules Lavisham: Are you proposing we have the means of defending ourselves?
(11/30 23:58:41) Robert Murry: Some could hide in the follage and the cave.
(11/30 23:58:48) Kelsei A.T. sips at her coffee further, and frowns as she empties the mug...
(11/30 23:58:54) Kelsei A.T. goes for a refill...
(11/30 23:58:59) Robert Murry: Yes I am Jules.
(11/30 23:59:10) Robert Murry: We'll need help.
(11/30 23:59:49) Kelsei A.T. sips her coffee again...
(11/30 23:59:50) Detective Harry Williams: I have a plan. At maybe 10:59, make a circle around the link-in point. I think Maintainer suits would work if they attack us... although... if I remember what someone told me, Tally was wearing one, we would all look like him.
(11/30 23:59:59) Jules Lavisham looks down grimly and nods.
(12/01 00:00:31) Kelsei A.T.: him and that Tati fellow, too, if I remember Calum's description of events right.
(12/01 00:01:04) Kelsei A.T.: so that's atleast two people who could be confused for them, maybe...
(12/01 00:01:08) Detective Harry Williams: I thought his Ki was "Mita".
(12/01 00:01:21) Kelsei A.T.: they changed IDs at some point,
(12/01 00:01:35) Kelsei A.T.: i think "Mita" and "Fasyk" were even more fake IDs they used for working at the overflow station.
(12/01 00:01:56) Robert Murry: Doesn't Rei'scheu have a prison in their age? Should we ask them for help since they know our plight?
(12/01 00:02:24) Kelsei A.T.: talk about a prison hasn't come up,
(12/01 00:02:27) Detective Harry Williams: How do we know that Ami isn't ONE OF THEM?
(12/01 00:02:50) Kelsei A.T.: but i think they have their own worries considering the theft from last night.
(12/01 00:02:56) Kelsei A.T.: we might be on our own on this one.
(12/01 00:03:03) Robert Murry: True.
(12/01 00:03:53) Robert Murry: Perhaps if we get enough explorers, these people will stand down.
(12/01 00:04:15) Kelsei A.T.: that's only if all of them come
(12/01 00:04:27) Kelsei A.T.: if we can see it's an obvious trap, no doubt they can.
(12/01 00:04:41) Kelsei A.T.: and if they ARE the ones setting up the trap...
(12/01 00:04:51) Kelsei A.T.: maybe theyre hoping for a wider crowd anyways
(12/01 00:04:55) Kelsei A.T.: who knows
(12/01 00:05:03) Kelsei A.T. sips at her coffee, contemplating...
(12/01 00:05:35) Detective Harry Williams: We'll need an army, I think, if we're going to stop them. I mean, they have Relto Books just like the rest of us...
(12/01 00:05:53) Kelsei A.T.: I dont know if an Army would do any good,
(12/01 00:06:01) Kelsei A.T.: and i dont know if we'd get that many people anyways.
(12/01 00:06:13) Detective Harry Williams: yes, that's a good point.
(12/01 00:06:58) Detective Harry Williams: 11934056
(12/01 00:07:31) Kelsei A.T.: is that Ami's KI#?
(12/01 00:07:34) Detective Harry Williams: Yes
(12/01 00:07:41) Kelsei A.T.: thanks...
(12/01 00:07:51) Detective Harry Williams: That's the number they gave me and it worked
(12/01 00:08:03) Kelsei A.T. taps the KI# in and sees the name added...
(12/01 00:08:10) Kelsei A.T. sighs tiredly
(12/01 00:08:23) Robert Murry: If they are falling apart as we suspect, then a show of force by any number may be enough to break them up.
(12/01 00:08:31) Jules Lavisham: Well, if they insist on meeting us with force, they will not find me without the means of defending myself.
(12/01 00:09:05) Robert Murry: I have some means myself.
(12/01 00:09:16) Kelsei A.T.: well, i'll leave it to you all to plan on that.
(12/01 00:09:41) Kelsei A.T.: i think it'll be best to post the information, Jules. even if we don't, I'm sure she'll find some other way of getting the message to these people.
(12/01 00:09:57) Jules Lavisham: Agreed.
(12/01 00:09:57) Kelsei A.T.: and if we post it, maybe we'll get more people showing up.
(12/01 00:10:03) Robert Murry: Why don't we get some rest, and get a plan together with the others.
(12/01 00:10:04) Kelsei A.T.: who knows, a show of force might work...
(12/01 00:10:07) Kelsei A.T. nods
(12/01 00:10:13) Detective Harry Williams: or it might not
(12/01 00:10:14) Kelsei A.T. finishes her coffee
(12/01 00:10:20) Kelsei A.T.: or it might not.
(12/01 00:10:24) Jules Lavisham: I'm done acting in fear of these people.
(12/01 00:10:38) Kelsei A.T.: i suspect Ami is too, if this is her trap for them.
(12/01 00:10:40) Robert Murry: I agree Jules.
(12/01 00:10:45) Kelsei A.T.: and if she is... good for her.
(12/01 00:10:59) Robert Murry: Then we should help her.
(12/01 00:11:05) Detective Harry Williams: it's either a trap for them or a trap for us. Let's hope for the former.
(12/01 00:11:14) Jules Lavisham nods
(12/01 00:11:18) Kelsei A.T.: i dont envy the girl, being the bait in this.
(12/01 00:11:38) Kelsei A.T.: regardless of who the trap's for, that's not a good position
(12/01 00:11:55) Jules Lavisham: No. But she's stuck her neck in making an appearance tonight.
(12/01 00:12:05) Robert Murry: She's sacrificing a lot.
(12/01 00:12:11) Jules Lavisham: The least we can do is have her back.
(12/01 00:12:11) Kelsei A.T.: mmh.
(12/01 00:12:39) Robert Murry: Then we're in agreement. We help her.
(12/01 00:12:41) Kelsei A.T.: just wish I could be there. if she chose that time to keep me out of it, i can only wonder why.
(12/01 00:12:49) Jules Lavisham finishes his own drink and slams the glass down resolutely
(12/01 00:12:59) Robert Murry: To protect you.
(12/01 00:13:14) Kelsei A.T.: i can only wonder why.
(12/01 00:13:20) Jules Lavisham: Right. I'm going to post the logs, then head to the surface.
(12/01 00:13:22) Robert Murry: Why else did she send those items to you?
(12/01 00:13:28) Detective Harry Williams: Alright. Let's just assume that the trap is for these "True Seeds". What do we have to do?
(12/01 00:13:43) Kelsei A.T.: i have no damned idea, Robert,
(12/01 00:14:11) Jules Lavisham: Think it's time I gave the collection a stock-take.
(12/01 00:14:28) Kelsei A.T.: what do we do indeed...
(12/01 00:14:32) Kelsei A.T. looks towards Harry
(12/01 00:14:57) Kelsei A.T.: I'd say... let them dig themselves into whatever pit they're building,
(12/01 00:15:21) Robert Murry: It's simple, Harry. We catch them. Heh.
(12/01 00:15:47) Kelsei A.T.: im going to go catch up on some surface work, make some calls...
(12/01 00:15:54) Jules Lavisham: Keep me posted.
(12/01 00:16:02) Kelsei A.T. sighs
(12/01 00:16:20) Kelsei A.T.: if i hear anything else from Calum, you'll be the first to know, Jules.
(12/01 00:16:29) Jules Lavisham nods
(12/01 00:16:34) Jules Lavisham: We'll get through this.
(12/01 00:16:35) Kelsei A.T. gives a nod in return
(12/01 00:16:37) Detective Harry Williams: That doesn't seem like a good plan to me, Murry. "We catch them". Hmf.
(12/01 00:16:44) Robert Murry: I'm heading out myself. I may look over Naybree tomorrow with a new perspective.
(12/01 00:16:46) Kelsei A.T.: have a goodnight
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