8/21/22 Jules, Harry, Kelsei, Cpt. Jericho, Zekh Astram, BatPrad, judyg and others in New Messenger's Pub

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8/21/22 Jules, Harry, Kelsei, Cpt. Jericho, Zekh Astram, BatPrad, judyg and others in New Messenger's Pub

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Jules Lavisham in Er'cana

(08/21 22:37:23) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Detective Harry Williams' Nexus: Hello
(08/21 22:37:30) [PRIVATE] To Detective Harry Williams: Ah, good evening. Would this be Harry Williams?
(08/21 22:37:39) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Detective Harry Williams' Nexus: Yes
(08/21 22:38:24) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Detective Harry Williams' Nexus: Carl said I should meet you
(08/21 22:38:46) [PRIVATE] To Detective Harry Williams: Good to make your acquaintance, Detective. Jules Lavisham, I've been informed you've been bought in to deal with our recent troubles.
(08/21 22:39:56) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Detective Harry Williams' Nexus: Yes. Carl also told me I should read about the history of D'ni.
(08/21 22:40:16) [PRIVATE] To Detective Harry Williams: Just about to head to the Messenger's Pub, I can fill you in on some information that may be of assistance to your ongoing investigations.
(08/21 22:42:40) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in The Watcher's Pub: I don't see you here, I guess the "Watcher's Pub" is different from the "Messenger's Pub"
(08/21 22:43:17) Jules Lavisham: Ah yes. Not to worry, you're on the right path.
(08/21 22:43:34) [PRIVATE] To Detective Harry Williams: Ah yes, not to worry though, you'll on the right path.
(08/21 22:43:53) [PRIVATE] To Detective Harry Williams: Turn around 180, you'll see a book in the middle of three pedistals.
(08/21 22:44:01) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Chiso Preniv: i found a book leading to a wooden library, is that where I'm supposed to be?
(08/21 22:44:07) [PRIVATE] To Detective Harry Williams: That's the one.
(08/21 22:44:25) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Chiso Preniv: so which book do I use?
(08/21 22:44:25) [PRIVATE] To Detective Harry Williams: You'll want to go all the way to the other end of the place you link to when you use it.
(08/21 22:44:40) [PRIVATE] To Detective Harry Williams: The circle of books on pedistals right at the end.
(08/21 22:44:53) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Chiso Preniv: i see them, which book is it?
(08/21 22:45:17) [PRIVATE] To Detective Harry Williams: Look for the one with yellow walls.

Jules links to the New Messenger's Pub. Soon after, Kelsei A.T links in after him.

(08/21 22:45:18) Kelsei A.T.: evening, jules
(08/21 22:45:23) Kelsei A.T. waves hello
(08/21 22:45:34) Jules Lavisham: Ah, Kelsei, good to see you.
(08/21 22:45:38) Kelsei A.T.: evidently i completely spaced on RFD.

Harry Williams links in.

(08/21 22:45:52) Detective Harry Williams: hello
(08/21 22:45:55) Kelsei A.T.: oh, shorah,
(08/21 22:46:09) Jules Lavisham: Ah, Detective Williams. Good to meet you at last.
(08/21 22:46:18) Kelsei A.T. goes to make herself a drink...
(08/21 22:46:32) Jules Lavisham: Can I get you something?
(08/21 22:46:52) Jules Lavisham: Stocks are a bit depleted, we're overdue another trip up top
(08/21 22:47:20) Detective Harry Williams: I don't really drink, I need to stay sober to think clearly
(08/21 22:47:40) Jules Lavisham: Ah, very good.
(08/21 22:48:04) Kelsei A.T. sips at her drink.
(08/21 22:48:08) Detective Harry Williams: very symmetrical designs...
(08/21 22:48:16) Jules Lavisham pours himself a glass from an open bottle of port
(08/21 22:48:19) Detective Harry Williams: wait a second...
(08/21 22:48:21) Kelsei A.T.: dont mind me, im just going to find a place to sit
(08/21 22:48:41) Kelsei A.T. glances at imager, frowning
(08/21 22:48:44) Detective Harry Williams: no, it's not mirror-symmetry, it's rotation
(08/21 22:48:50) Jules Lavisham: Quite all right Kels, we'll be with you in a moment
(08/21 22:49:09) Kelsei A.T.: ...oh, cody, i dont think thats a glitch, i think you deleted and remade your hood.
(08/21 22:49:10) Detective Harry Williams: what kind of animal was that?
(08/21 22:49:19) Kelsei A.T. shakes head.
(08/21 22:49:24) Jules Lavisham: Animal?
(08/21 22:49:29) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, theo.
(08/21 22:49:35) Kelsei A.T. sips at her drink...
(08/21 22:49:35) Jules Lavisham: Shorah Theo
(08/21 22:49:36) Detective Harry Williams: it looked like some kind of giant duck

Theo, BatPrad and judyg link in.

(08/21 22:49:46) Theo: Shorah b'Shemtee !
(08/21 22:50:01) Detective Harry Williams: It must be from some Age I haven't seen yet
(08/21 22:50:18) Kelsei A.T.: the sandscrit?
(08/21 22:50:25) Kelsei A.T.: its from Payiferen.
(08/21 22:50:53) Detective Harry Williams: And Payiferen is one of these Ages?
(08/21 22:51:01) Kelsei A.T.: part of one very large one, yes
(08/21 22:51:10) Kelsei A.T.: payiferen is technically the name of the continent, as far as we can tell
(08/21 22:51:38) Theo: Shorah Judy !
(08/21 22:51:40) Kelsei A.T.: Negilahn, Dereno, are a couple of others.
(08/21 22:51:43) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, Judy,
(08/21 22:51:44) Jules Lavisham takes a sip from his sherry
(08/21 22:51:54) Jules Lavisham: Shorah Judy
(08/21 22:51:56) Theo: And then there's Tetsonot...
(08/21 22:51:57) Detective Harry Williams: From what I understand, there have been some incidents in the cavern and other ages, too.
(08/21 22:52:03) judyg: hey Theo!
(08/21 22:52:13) Theo: Incidents?
(08/21 22:52:21) judyg: hi Jules and Kelsei!
(08/21 22:52:24) Kelsei A.T. grumbles something under her breath and takes a large sip of her drink
(08/21 22:52:30) Jules Lavisham: Yes. How much have my colleagues given you the lowdown on current events?
(08/21 22:52:34) judyg: hello detective
(08/21 22:52:55) Theo: I've been mostly outside the loops....
(08/21 22:53:10) Kelsei A.T.: if by incidents you mean those deluded cultists, then yes. Mister Detective.
(08/21 22:53:20) Kelsei A.T. looks to Theo, apologetically
(08/21 22:53:25) Detective Harry Williams: Call me Harry.
(08/21 22:53:34) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, Prad,
(08/21 22:53:42) [PRIVATE] From Cpt.Jericho in Cpt.Jericho's Elonin: Hello Jules
(08/21 22:53:44) BatPrad: wb Kelsei
(08/21 22:53:57) Theo: Shorah BatPrad !
(08/21 22:54:02) [PRIVATE] To Cpt.Jericho: Hi there Cpt.
(08/21 22:54:07) judyg: Hey Prad!
(08/21 22:54:08) Detective Harry Williams: Carl gave me the names of six of them, the last of which he called "undetermined".
(08/21 22:54:17) [PRIVATE] From Cpt.Jericho in Cpt.Jericho's Elonin: How's things?
(08/21 22:54:37) BatPrad: shorah Theo
(08/21 22:54:44) BatPrad: Hi judyg
(08/21 22:54:45) [PRIVATE] To Cpt.Jericho: Doing ok. In the pub, bringing Kelsei and our most recent hire up to speed on recent developments
(08/21 22:54:56) [PRIVATE] To Cpt.Jericho: Feel free to pop in if you fancy
(08/21 22:55:05) Kelsei A.T.: to tl;dr it, Theo, there's been a group of folks going around causing some mild troubles- minor thefts of journals and books- that gradually increased into the levels of, well, barging into last town hall and showing off their cult like fanaticism,
(08/21 22:55:17) [PRIVATE] From Cpt.Jericho in Cpt.Jericho's Elonin: Kelsei is here? Damn, my KI is borked again!
(08/21 22:55:18) Kelsei A.T.: a bunch of surface dwellers who seem to think they're D'ni, if you ask me.
(08/21 22:55:21) BatPrad: "undetermined"... okay...
(08/21 22:55:22) Kelsei A.T. sips at her drink.

Cpt Jericho and Zekh Astran link in.

(08/21 22:55:48) Detective Harry Williams: Mita Staser, Casey Kafsing, Marcus Johnson, Tally, Sanna Koskelainen, and somebody called Rafe.
(08/21 22:56:23) Jules Lavisham: Yes, last Sunday the leader of a group calling themselves the Children of the New Seed made his presence known to us
(08/21 22:56:24) Cpt.Jericho: Hello
(08/21 22:56:27) Zekh Astram: hey
(08/21 22:56:32) Theo: Shorah Cpt.Jericho, Zekh Astram !
(08/21 22:56:34) Kelsei A.T.: three of them were at the last town hall- Calum and Carl chased another through the Descent tunnels.
(08/21 22:56:37) Kelsei A.T.: shorah Cpt. Zekh,
(08/21 22:56:41) Jules Lavisham: Good evening Cpt, Zekh
(08/21 22:56:46) Kelsei A.T.: captain, and zekh, rather
(08/21 22:56:57) Jules Lavisham: Yes, one Harlan Mason.
(08/21 22:57:00) Kelsei A.T.: cant forget the good old oxford comma
(08/21 22:57:09) Zekh Astram: nice rug
(08/21 22:57:37) Kelsei A.T.: thanks, Calum found it somewhere on discount a year or so back
(08/21 22:57:50) Jules Lavisham: Quite an... interesting individual.
(08/21 22:57:55) Kelsei A.T.: we've got larger samples scattered around his workstation in the Cathedral. Real tripping hazard, lol.
(08/21 22:58:04) Detective Harry Williams: Calum? Or Harlan?
(08/21 22:58:05) BatPrad: so the descent tunnels are a bit more rubble free now - looked like a bit unpassable in the past...
(08/21 22:58:18) Kelsei A.T.: work is being done on it, Prad,
(08/21 22:58:33) Kelsei A.T.: im not involved directly in it right now, though,
(08/21 22:58:44) Jules Lavisham: In this case, Mr Mason. Cal is a thoroughly interesting character, but for entirely different reasons.
(08/21 22:59:33) Kelsei A.T. snorts, muttering to self something inaudible.
(08/21 22:59:52) BatPrad: :)
(08/21 22:59:59) Cpt.Jericho hums
(08/21 22:59:59) Jules Lavisham: But basically he confirmed our suspicions that we're dealing with a New Religious Movement.
(08/21 23:00:04) Detective Harry Williams: Calum is the one with the weird crystals, right? Carl told me about them.
(08/21 23:00:14) Theo: KI is glitching again!
(08/21 23:00:23) Cpt.Jericho: Religious? That's a pretty big word
(08/21 23:00:27) Jules Lavisham: One called the Children of the New Seed.
(08/21 23:00:32) Detective Harry Williams: Key? You mean your watch?
(08/21 23:00:36) Theo: And I've about run out of time.
(08/21 23:00:40) Kelsei A.T.: later, Theo.
(08/21 23:00:46) Kelsei A.T.: take care,
(08/21 23:00:51) Cpt.Jericho: Ybe Theo
(08/21 23:00:53) Jules Lavisham: Have a good evening Theo.
(08/21 23:00:53) BatPrad: bye Theo
(08/21 23:00:56) judyg: bye Theo
(08/21 23:01:07) Detective Harry Williams: goodbye, theo
(08/21 23:01:07) judyg: enjoy your evening
(08/21 23:01:12) Kelsei A.T.: i dont know what else youd call a group of people who think they're d'ni following the word of some nebulous prophet, Captain,
(08/21 23:01:24) Cpt.Jericho: Wackos?
(08/21 23:01:25) Kelsei A.T. sips at her drink
(08/21 23:01:33) judyg: idiots
(08/21 23:01:40) BatPrad: ;)
(08/21 23:01:42) Cpt.Jericho: ealots?
(08/21 23:01:48) judyg: oh! "sheeple"
(08/21 23:01:49) Cpt.Jericho: Zealots...
(08/21 23:01:52) Zekh Astram leans on the railing of the stairs and pays attention to the discussion
(08/21 23:01:55) Detective Harry Williams: Carl said that it was undetermined whether Rafe was the prophet.
(08/21 23:02:00) BatPrad: cultists
(08/21 23:02:12) Jules Lavisham: The chap was pretty insistent that the sabotages and everything else were not his doing.
(08/21 23:02:13) Kelsei A.T.: whether he is or not, there's still someone,
(08/21 23:02:18) Zekh Astram: A flashmob gone wrong ?
(08/21 23:02:28) Cpt.Jericho: So far, we know of just a handful. Would hardly call that a cult either
(08/21 23:02:38) Kelsei A.T.: fledgling, perhasp,
(08/21 23:02:46) Detective Harry Williams: five or six that we know of, anyway
(08/21 23:03:08) Jules Lavisham: Perhaps. These half a dozen or so seem to be a splintering off from the main group.
(08/21 23:03:38) Jules Lavisham: Ones that are weaponing the theological underpinnings of it and turning it into hard dogma
(08/21 23:03:43) Cpt.Jericho: Wait, what main group?
(08/21 23:03:50) Jules Lavisham: The Children of the New Seed
(08/21 23:04:00) Kelsei A.T.: the New Seed are the main group- these sabboteurs are a splinter, it seems.
(08/21 23:04:05) Cpt.Jericho: I thought those were the group?
(08/21 23:04:10) Kelsei A.T.: evidently not.
(08/21 23:04:21) Kelsei A.T. sips at her drink
(08/21 23:04:35) Kelsei A.T.: honestly, im playing catchup just like the rest of you- what else did this Harlan guy say, Jules?
(08/21 23:04:48) Cpt.Jericho: Well, then we should recruit those splinters, wire them up and bust the main wackos
(08/21 23:05:14) Kelsei A.T.: im not sure that's wise, Captain, considering its the splinters that are causing trouble.
(08/21 23:05:18) Zekh Astram: Eh.. just set traps
(08/21 23:05:22) Jules Lavisham: Tried to extol the virtues of his group. Co-operation, the benefits of pulling together, all that nice sounding sopwash.
(08/21 23:05:35) Cpt.Jericho: Enemy of my enemy, Kelsei
(08/21 23:05:39) Kelsei A.T.: and they were rather vocal about wanting us gone,
(08/21 23:05:45) Jules Lavisham: Definitely tried to lovebomb Tenny and me. Standard NRE recruitment tactics.
(08/21 23:05:47) BatPrad: hmm... hard to 'recruit' them I guess... probably they follow their own agenda...?
(08/21 23:05:47) Kelsei A.T.: the splinters, that is,
(08/21 23:05:53) Cpt.Jericho: Not saying we will let them live afterwards
(08/21 23:06:01) Kelsei A.T. eyes the Captain oddly...
(08/21 23:06:04) Theo: Time for me to return to the Surface. Shorah gah bigtotee b'shemtee !!
(08/21 23:06:04) Detective Harry Williams: Cutthroat
(08/21 23:06:10) Kelsei A.T.: later, theo,
(08/21 23:06:19) Zekh Astram: But how do THEY recruit, what's the main point of their sales pitch ?
(08/21 23:06:21) judyg: stay safe

Theo links out.

(08/21 23:06:22) Jules Lavisham: Sounded very convincing though. I can see why he's been able to assemble followers.
(08/21 23:06:53) judyg: simple minds can be easily led astray
(08/21 23:06:56) Jules Lavisham: Essentially it sounds like rebuilding D'ni in alignment with Yahvo's teachings
(08/21 23:07:08) Cpt.Jericho: Was that directed at me, Harry? In that case, thank you.
(08/21 23:07:11) Kelsei A.T.: considering Ami's message was for us to speak to a Harlan, and we did... it could be he's the moderate in comparison,
(08/21 23:07:16) Jules Lavisham: Adopting the moral principles of the D'ni theology
(08/21 23:07:44) Jules Lavisham: Bit of a sociologial and religious "back to basics" approach
(08/21 23:07:47) Zekh Astram: But do they seem to buy their own mumbo jumbo ?
(08/21 23:07:51) Cpt.Jericho: The D'ni had morals?
(08/21 23:07:53) Kelsei A.T.: well, you did, atleast, jules.
(08/21 23:07:55) Kelsei A.T.: some did,
(08/21 23:08:19) Kelsei A.T.: its just that conflicts over those morals were... less than desireable.
(08/21 23:08:20) Detective Harry Williams: what? Why are you asking that, captain?
(08/21 23:08:23) judyg: simple minds zehc
(08/21 23:08:41) Kelsei A.T.: D'ni had something like over... 2000 cults at one point I think? 200 maybe?
(08/21 23:08:52) Jules Lavisham: "I did?" What do you mean, Kelsei?
(08/21 23:08:53) Kelsei A.T.: my brain is tired and I can't remember properly, but there were a lot all at once, at one point.
(08/21 23:08:55) judyg: there were a lot
(08/21 23:08:59) Kelsei A.T.: you spoke to Harlan with Tenny
(08/21 23:09:00) Cpt.Jericho: I consider "cuttrhoat" as a compliment
(08/21 23:09:01) Kelsei A.T.: I didn't,
(08/21 23:09:04) Kelsei A.T.: i wasnt there,
(08/21 23:09:10) Detective Harry Williams goes silent... 2000 cults...
(08/21 23:09:11) Zekh Astram: I wouldn't rule out some drung induction too, you find everything in those Ages
(08/21 23:09:16) Jules Lavisham: Ah yes, thought you said I bought into it.
(08/21 23:09:21) Jules Lavisham laughs
(08/21 23:09:28) Kelsei A.T.: was at Mysterium with Calum- for a given measure of 'with' considering he was behind the reg-desk most of the weekend.
(08/21 23:09:36) Jules Lavisham: Not going to lie, it was a compelling sales pitch.
(08/21 23:09:40) Detective Harry Williams: "drung'?
(08/21 23:09:54) Zekh Astram: It's my accent, sorry
(08/21 23:09:56) Kelsei A.T.: it certainly read like a familiar sales pitch, when i reviewed the log after,
(08/21 23:09:56) BatPrad: It was a quite religious civilization - so not surprising for me they had many cults as well...
(08/21 23:10:20) Jules Lavisham: Lots of talk about the virtues of co-operation, combining our talents and empathy in a grand purpose
(08/21 23:11:05) Cpt.Jericho: The D'ni were just self-glorifying slavers IMO
(08/21 23:11:14) Detective Harry Williams: WHAT???
(08/21 23:12:16) Cpt.Jericho: Hey, they used to have slaves
(08/21 23:12:39) Cpt.Jericho: Or what do you think the Bahro were to them?
(08/21 23:12:39) Detective Harry Williams: What slaves?
(08/21 23:12:53) Kelsei A.T.: depends on what era of history, Detective,
(08/21 23:13:12) Kelsei A.T.: D'ni lived for a long time- slavery of bookworlders was common at some points, illegal at others,
(08/21 23:13:19) Detective Harry Williams: The Bahro?
(08/21 23:13:27) Kelsei A.T.: "Beast People" literally,
(08/21 23:13:33) Cpt.Jericho: Oh, my, here we go
(08/21 23:13:41) Kelsei A.T.: a common slave word, it seems,
(08/21 23:13:47) Kelsei A.T.: Terahnee used it as well,
(08/21 23:13:47) Zekh Astram: Bookworlders ? Who coined that term, that's funny
(08/21 23:13:57) Kelsei A.T.: and *they* were a splinter from Garternay like the D'ni were,
(08/21 23:14:19) Jules Lavisham: I appreciate this is probably a lot of history to take in, Harry.
(08/21 23:14:23) Kelsei A.T.: not sure exactly, zekh,
(08/21 23:14:40) Zekh Astram takes a glance at Harry
(08/21 23:14:51) Cpt.Jericho: Seriously, that's why I was wary of on outsider on this case.
(08/21 23:15:23) Zekh Astram: I think it's good, on the contrary
(08/21 23:15:25) Jules Lavisham: An outside perspective is what this matter could do with, Cpt.
(08/21 23:15:40) Zekh Astram nods to Jules
(08/21 23:15:40) Detective Harry Williams: I just got down here
(08/21 23:15:41) Cpt.Jericho: Maybe, if he did his homework
(08/21 23:15:49) Kelsei A.T.: i think some of us are just either too close to the matter, or have too much else on our plates, Captain,
(08/21 23:15:59) Detective Harry Williams: Carl never said anything about "beast people"
(08/21 23:16:08) BatPrad: heard of the term 'bookworlder' myself when NoMore told me about the Benavud guy... still learning here too...
(08/21 23:16:14) Kelsei A.T.: it's not literal in most uses, Detective
(08/21 23:16:22) Zekh Astram: Well.. they're more like aliens, really
(08/21 23:16:26) Detective Harry Williams: Benavud, that's the guy who lost his memory, right?
(08/21 23:16:30) Kelsei A.T.: the "Bahro" of Terahnee were, for example, just humanoids,
(08/21 23:16:37) Jules Lavisham: Well, that's why we are offering the full range of our knowledge and resources to him.
(08/21 23:16:45) Zekh Astram: GIving them beast attributes don't do them justice as they're clearly intelligent
(08/21 23:16:51) Jules Lavisham: Correct, Harry.
(08/21 23:16:57) judyg: how is benavud? haven't seen him lately.
(08/21 23:17:11) Kelsei A.T. doesn't know either...
(08/21 23:17:25) Kelsei A.T.: might be busy trying to recover his memories? I'm not sure.
(08/21 23:17:31) Jules Lavisham: Nor have I, though I understand he's well.
(08/21 23:17:36) judyg: poor guy
(08/21 23:17:42) Kelsei A.T.: ive been rather disconnected this last month.
(08/21 23:17:54) Jules Lavisham: We'll check in with him and provide an update at the next Town Hall meeting
(08/21 23:18:03) Kelsei A.T. nods
(08/21 23:18:15) judyg: when is that? next meeting, i mean
(08/21 23:18:20) Kelsei A.T.: last weds of the month
(08/21 23:18:24) Kelsei A.T.: that's what we settled on i think?
(08/21 23:18:30) Kelsei A.T.: 14:20 or so?
(08/21 23:18:30) Jules Lavisham: That's right, Kels.
(08/21 23:18:32) Kelsei A.T.: after fil live,
(08/21 23:18:33) BatPrad: he's probably busy himself catching up with some of the history ...
(08/21 23:18:36) judyg: thank you. maybe i can catch up
(08/21 23:18:37) Detective Harry Williams: Okay, I don't think I'll be able to make it, then
(08/21 23:18:47) Kelsei A.T.: i dont think i can either, to be honest
(08/21 23:19:01) Kelsei A.T.: my work schedule's filled up rather tight these days.
(08/21 23:19:07) Jules Lavisham: We do endeavour to post the transcripts to our forums
(08/21 23:19:20) Kelsei A.T.: though, bare in mind if something comes up we may have to shift it to a weekend,
(08/21 23:19:29) judyg marks her calendar because she's been missing too much
(08/21 23:19:33) Kelsei A.T.: such as trying to make room for someone to be able to attend or not,
(08/21 23:19:33) Zekh Astram: I'm kind of worried that nobody seem to know where Benavud is
(08/21 23:19:53) Kelsei A.T.: i think it's reasonable given the things he has to confront right now,
(08/21 23:20:07) Kelsei A.T.: there's the matter of whatever happened behind those journey doors...
(08/21 23:20:19) Zekh Astram: A memory loss occurs for a reason, what if someone caused it and they get back to him
(08/21 23:20:20) Kelsei A.T.: if i were in his shoes I know I'd be taking time to figure out if I even want to remember anything else or not.
(08/21 23:20:35) judyg: yeah, he got all upset when we went with him to eder kemo
(08/21 23:20:47) judyg: his head started hurting when near the door
(08/21 23:21:19) judyg: then he got really scared
(08/21 23:21:26) Kelsei A.T.: same reaction with Teledahn's door,
(08/21 23:21:30) Kelsei A.T.: it was quite concerning.
(08/21 23:21:38) BatPrad: and NoMore toldd me he had increasing headaches at some spot on upper floor of first Gahreesen fortress...
(08/21 23:21:45) judyg: said something really bad happened after going through the door
(08/21 23:22:08) Kelsei A.T.: hard to tell if it was any one in particular, at this stage,
(08/21 23:22:20) Kelsei A.T.: i think the only age he hasnt been to yet is kadish?
(08/21 23:22:26) Detective Harry Williams: I only need one more Journey Cloth to open the Teledahn Door
(08/21 23:22:44) Kelsei A.T. smiles
(08/21 23:22:50) Kelsei A.T.: brace yourself for that moment,
(08/21 23:22:56) Kelsei A.T.: it's a strange one, the first time.
(08/21 23:23:13) Zekh Astram: And these doors don't always lead you to the same place twice
(08/21 23:23:25) Kelsei A.T.: that's still a concern im worried over
(08/21 23:23:25) Detective Harry Williams: What's that supposed to mean?
(08/21 23:23:40) Kelsei A.T.: there's a possibility that whatever happened to Ben happened in another version of reality
(08/21 23:23:47) Cpt.Jericho: Weren't you briefed?

Isa links in.

(08/21 23:24:20) judyg: shorah Isa =^.^=
(08/21 23:24:24) Detective Harry Williams: I was, Carl didn't tell me what was behind that door
(08/21 23:24:25) Isa =^.^= says hey
(08/21 23:24:26) BatPrad: Hi lsa
(08/21 23:24:35) Kelsei A.T.: i think there's a difference between a need-to-know briefing, and infodumping everything in the cavern on someone.
(08/21 23:24:41) Jules Lavisham: Shorah Isa
(08/21 23:24:59) Detective Harry Williams: Anyway, I'm going to check that out
(08/21 23:25:07) Detective Harry Williams: goodbye for now
(08/21 23:25:09) Kelsei A.T.: have fun, detective :)
(08/21 23:25:12) Kelsei A.T. waves goodbye

Harry links out.

(08/21 23:25:23) Zekh Astram: He's adjusting
(08/21 23:25:25) judyg: happy hunting harry
(08/21 23:25:33) Kelsei A.T. sips at her drink...
(08/21 23:25:38) Cpt.Jericho: Honestly, he doesn't know what will happen?
(08/21 23:25:46) Cpt.Jericho: Or could happen?
(08/21 23:25:48) Zekh Astram: Does that stool has a name on it ?
(08/21 23:25:58) Kelsei A.T.: dont ask me, captain,
(08/21 23:26:03) Kelsei A.T.: im as out of the loop as anything
(08/21 23:26:05) BatPrad: he brings the necessary curiosity for the topics - having a good feeling about the detective...
(08/21 23:26:12) Cpt.Jericho: Sorry, but that's just reckless
(08/21 23:26:49) Cpt.Jericho: If he's soppused to anything good, he should know stuff
(08/21 23:26:51) Jules Lavisham: He knows where to go to seek any information he requires, Cpt. And he has access to our full resources.
(08/21 23:27:18) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Detective Harry Williams' Teledahn: okay, got the last cloth
(08/21 23:27:18) Cpt.Jericho: Sorry, Jules, what I heard sounded different
(08/21 23:27:45) Zekh Astram: How were you at the beginning, captain ?
(08/21 23:28:05) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Detective Harry Williams' Teledahn: spooky door
(08/21 23:28:12) Cpt.Jericho: I had no connections which could have feed me intelligence
(08/21 23:28:16) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in Detective Harry Williams' Teledahn: what are those noises?
(08/21 23:28:30) Cpt.Jericho: He HAS connections
(08/21 23:28:30) Jules Lavisham: Well, we also have Robert Murray recently joined us as well.
(08/21 23:28:39) Kelsei A.T.: isnt he related to our own Murry?
(08/21 23:28:45) Kelsei A.T.: brother or something?
(08/21 23:29:05) Jules Lavisham: I've yet to meet him, but Carl attests to his abilities as an explorer.
(08/21 23:29:15) Jules Lavisham: I'm not entirely sure, Kels.
(08/21 23:29:28) Kelsei A.T. shrugs tiredly
(08/21 23:29:33) Kelsei A.T. sips at her drink
(08/21 23:29:49) Cpt.Jericho: is that the guy described as a regular Indiana Jones?
(08/21 23:29:59) Zekh Astram chuckles
(08/21 23:30:07) judyg: :)
(08/21 23:30:08) Kelsei A.T.: i thought that was Indiahno Jones? :P
(08/21 23:30:11) Kelsei A.T. chuckles to herself
(08/21 23:30:17) Kelsei A.T.: sorry, joke...
(08/21 23:30:21) judyg giggles
(08/21 23:30:38) BatPrad: At least they didn't call him junior
(08/21 23:30:41) BatPrad starts to laugh
(08/21 23:30:43) Zekh Astram: Stop it, we're all Indiana Jones, I mean look around
(08/21 23:30:45) judyg starts to laugh
(08/21 23:30:47) Jules Lavisham: Well, my thoughts on the archaeological accuracy of those films have been well documented...
(08/21 23:30:54) Kelsei A.T.: that's a good point, Zekh,
(08/21 23:31:14) Cpt.Jericho: Always though of Indy as a glorified tomb raider
(08/21 23:31:20) Kelsei A.T.: though i think some of us are a bit more into the act that others,
(08/21 23:31:31) [PRIVATE] From Detective Harry Williams in ???: Okay, now I know what Jericho was talking about, the slaves.
(08/21 23:31:33) Zekh Astram: Yeah, I can't use a whip
(08/21 23:31:38) Cpt.Jericho: Seriously, we don't need Nazis, guns and rolling boulders down here
(08/21 23:31:47) Jules Lavisham: But since we seem to be dealing with legitimate religious zealots right now, I think we could do with something of that right about now.
(08/21 23:32:08) Kelsei A.T.: as long as we dont find a magic box that melts peoples faces off we should be fine...
(08/21 23:32:08) Zekh Astram: They haven't sacrificed anyone to Kali yet, so that's good
(08/21 23:32:40) Cpt.Jericho mutters that those zealots are nothing that a few bear-traps could get rif off
(08/21 23:32:47) Jules Lavisham: Preferably before things truly escalate and you have to deploy that submarine you say is kept in the lake, Cpt.
(08/21 23:33:00) Kelsei A.T.: how would you even get that in there?
(08/21 23:33:05) Kelsei A.T.: link it in piece by piece?
(08/21 23:33:21) Zekh Astram blinks almost audibly at the mention of the submarine
(08/21 23:33:34) Cpt.Jericho: A sub is just a big pellet Kelsei
(08/21 23:33:42) Zekh Astram: A D'ni submarine, or something more recent ?
(08/21 23:34:05) Kelsei A.T. stifles a yawn, and goes to finish her drink...
(08/21 23:34:27) Cpt.Jericho: I mean, if I really had a cousin that commands a sub in the lake, that is...
(08/21 23:34:37) BatPrad remembers having seen a model of something like a submarine on a desktop...
(08/21 23:34:40) Kelsei A.T. dumps the mug in the sink
(08/21 23:35:38) Kelsei A.T. stifles another yawn, less successfully this time.
(08/21 23:35:41) Jules Lavisham: Oh Kels, any word from Cal on how things are going with the Rei'schu delegation?
(08/21 23:35:50) Kelsei A.T.: hm? Oh, right,
(08/21 23:35:51) Zekh Astram yawns back, by spreading effect
(08/21 23:35:54) Kelsei A.T.: yes, he visited this morning,
(08/21 23:36:00) Cpt.Jericho: Anyway, I think Harry should be brought up to speed rather sooner of later.
(08/21 23:36:02) Kelsei A.T.: says the pollen season should be wrapping up soon,
(08/21 23:36:16) Kelsei A.T.: he's looking to make a formal announcement at the town hall
(08/21 23:36:33) Jules Lavisham: Ah, Capital.
(08/21 23:37:03) Cpt.Jericho: I'm serious, we don't want him to run into an open knife
(08/21 23:37:06) Jules Lavisham: See if there are any aspiring diplomats amongst our ranks.
(08/21 23:37:07) Kelsei A.T.: i think he made a forum thread if anyone wants to discuss?
(08/21 23:37:29) Zekh Astram: An open knife would be mundane and something he's prepared for
(08/21 23:37:57) Cpt.Jericho: A Bahro with a knife could materialise in front of him
(08/21 23:38:03) Kelsei A.T. goes to talk and just yawns again. She grimaces...
(08/21 23:38:07) Kelsei A.T.: a bahro wouldnt need a knife,
(08/21 23:38:08) Jules Lavisham: Harry is a licensed Private Investigator, Cpt. One who is at this very moment entering his first bahro cave.
(08/21 23:38:22) Zekh Astram: Oooh.. they do have opposed thumbs, that's true
(08/21 23:38:27) Kelsei A.T.: they have claws.
(08/21 23:38:44) Jules Lavisham: If he's still around after that, I'm taking that as a sign he's got the grit we're looking for.
(08/21 23:38:51) Cpt.Jericho: You don't need opposed thumps to handle a knife...
(08/21 23:39:06) Zekh Astram: I remember a sharp hunter that had a rifle
(08/21 23:39:45) Jules Lavisham: On that note, I'm going to be turning in. Sounds like you;re not going to be far behind me, Kels.
(08/21 23:39:50) Kelsei A.T.: yes, well the longer than man remains unseee*Yawns*...ehn...
(08/21 23:39:52) Kelsei A.T.: yeah.
(08/21 23:40:00) Kelsei A.T.: sorry, i think i ought to get going.
(08/21 23:40:10) Cpt.Jericho: Night guys
(08/21 23:40:16) judyg: good night
(08/21 23:40:21) Kelsei A.T.: take care
(08/21 23:40:22) Kelsei A.T. waves goodbye
(08/21 23:40:25) Jules Lavisham: Good night, all.
(08/21 23:40:26) Kelsei A.T. yawns
(08/21 23:40:28) Zekh Astram: See you
(08/21 23:40:37) BatPrad: night yawners and athers leaving :)
(08/21 23:40:39) Kelsei A.T.: night,
(08/21 23:40:43) Zekh Astram yawns too
(08/21 23:40:48) Kelsei A.T. offers long distance leans and then relto's...
(08/21 23:40:50) Zekh Astram: My god, so contagious

Kelsei links out.

(08/21 23:40:52) Jules Lavisham: If I don;t see you all before then, the next Town Hall is taking place last Wednesday of the month
(08/21 23:41:03) Jules Lavisham: Great Tree Hood, after Fil live
(08/21 23:41:16) Jules Lavisham: Worth spreading the word about even if you can't make it
(08/21 23:41:24) judyg: will do
(08/21 23:41:26) Zekh Astram: I have D&D that night, sorry boss
(08/21 23:41:32) Zekh Astram grins
(08/21 23:41:34) BatPrad: we'll hae security at the doors then...?
(08/21 23:41:39) BatPrad: *have*
(08/21 23:42:07) Jules Lavisham: If all goes to plan, we'll have a more secure presence this time round, yes
(08/21 23:42:08) BatPrad: nevermind
(08/21 23:42:11) Cpt.Jericho: Going too, night everyone
(08/21 23:42:20) Cpt.Jericho waves goodbye
(08/21 23:42:20) Jules Lavisham: Goodnight Cpt.
(08/21 23:42:21) judyg: night capt
(08/21 23:42:27) Zekh Astram: Rest well, you guys
(08/21 23:42:27) Cpt.Jericho: Stay safe
(08/21 23:42:29) Jules Lavisham: And a good evening to the rest of you.
(08/21 23:42:32) Jules Lavisham waves goodbye
(08/21 23:42:35) Zekh Astram: haha, what's safe
(08/21 23:42:41) judyg: night jules

Jules and Cpt Jericho link out.
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