8/15/22 Jules, Echo, DS5 and others in Ae'Gura

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8/15/22 Jules, Echo, DS5 and others in Ae'Gura

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Jules and Dni_seeker 5 link in.

(08/15 00:29:36) livinginabox: pls do not scream!!
(08/15 00:30:05) Dni_seeker 5: Where are you?
(08/15 00:30:22) Jules Lavisham leans against the harbour railing and exhales deeply
(08/15 00:30:29) livinginabox: at the monument...:)
(08/15 00:30:34) BatPrad waves hello
(08/15 00:30:44) BatPrad waves hello
(08/15 00:31:06) livinginabox: down in the terminal ...200 meters before..:)
(08/15 00:31:06) Jules Lavisham: ... Echo?
(08/15 00:31:24) Echo McKenzie: Hello, Jules!
(08/15 00:31:35) Jules Lavisham: Hello!
(08/15 00:32:02) livinginabox: pls not scream ...!
(08/15 00:32:11) Echo McKenzie: How are you? It's been a while
(08/15 00:32:20) livinginabox: me?
(08/15 00:32:35) Jules Lavisham: Whew... been a bit of an... interesting one, today.
(08/15 00:32:54) BatPrad: better?
(08/15 00:32:59) livinginabox: im ok ..thank you...and you?..:)
(08/15 00:33:06) Jules Lavisham: Just spent the evening in the company of a leader of what I presume to be a New Religious Movement.
(08/15 00:33:31) Echo McKenzie: That sounds...chaotic
(08/15 00:33:52) livinginabox: pls not religions ,and not politic...ty1
(08/15 00:34:02) Jules Lavisham: Weirdly enough, quite a mellow guy. Mixes a mean cocktail as well.
(08/15 00:35:02) Jules Lavisham: Certainly didn't do Yahvo dirty.
(08/15 00:35:12) Echo McKenzie: Hmm. D'ni has a lush history of small sects.
(08/15 00:35:41) Dni_seeker 5: That's true.
(08/15 00:35:58) Jules Lavisham: Well, he's given us a lead on who's been responsible for the recent sabotages in the cavern.
(08/15 00:36:00) livinginabox: uru stopped the "glitches"?
(08/15 00:36:15) Dni_seeker 5: Somebody named "Rafe"
(08/15 00:36:21) Jules Lavisham: That's right.
(08/15 00:36:28) livinginabox: me and?
(08/15 00:36:58) Echo McKenzie: I hadn't heard about those, but you know how much I pay attention *wry grin*
(08/15 00:37:12) Nemaste waves hello
(08/15 00:37:14) judyg waves hello
(08/15 00:37:21) BatPrad waves hello
(08/15 00:37:32) Jules Lavisham: Trust me, I could do with not having to deal with it.
(08/15 00:37:47) Jules Lavisham: The nights since the last Town Hall have... not been kind.
(08/15 00:37:55) judyg: i need to afk for a minute
(08/15 00:38:04) BatPrad: np

Echo walks towards the tunnel besides the harbour.

(08/15 00:38:17) Echo McKenzie: What do you know about this passage?
(08/15 00:38:33) Jules Lavisham: This one here?
(08/15 00:38:39) Echo McKenzie: mmhm.
(08/15 00:38:48) livinginabox: which passage?
(08/15 00:38:50) Dni_seeker 5: only that the Bahro put a Linking Stone here
(08/15 00:38:52) Jules Lavisham: Very little, I'm afraid.
(08/15 00:39:06) Echo McKenzie: It gives me the heebie geebies. Not sure why.
(08/15 00:39:11) Jules Lavisham: We've never restored beyond this gate here.
(08/15 00:39:29) Dni_seeker 5 looks at the Linking Stone
(08/15 00:40:04) livinginabox: sometime appear the stone and sometime not ..it's a waste time ..cause you're brought to...nothing...
(08/15 00:40:14) Dni_seeker 5: You can see the Arch through the bars here
(08/15 00:40:23) Echo McKenzie: Why the two gates?
(08/15 00:40:36) Dni_seeker 5: Two gates? I only see one
(08/15 00:40:50) Dni_seeker 5: oh, you mean that one
(08/15 00:41:02) Echo McKenzie: It's... odd.
(08/15 00:41:22) Jules Lavisham: Yes, that is peculiar, isn't it
(08/15 00:41:26) livinginabox: two gates? ...because they think the third was very expansive!
(08/15 00:41:51) Dni_seeker 5: You're right... They only need one. Unless, of course, this was some kind of checkpoint where they would check what people are carrying
(08/15 00:42:22) Jules Lavisham: Puts me in mind of the keep in a castle...
(08/15 00:42:23) livinginabox: are you a "gate keeper"...:)
(08/15 00:42:47) Echo McKenzie: Right. The path curves off towards the cliff, though.
(08/15 00:42:52) BatPrad: one can see a collapsed platform in the distance... erosion...
(08/15 00:43:05) judyg: back
(08/15 00:43:11) judyg: had to feed the cat
(08/15 00:43:18) Echo McKenzie: And, honestly, Jules... It feels kinda 'dead' in there.
(08/15 00:43:32) BatPrad: did that earlier... before RFD show :)
(08/15 00:43:42) Echo McKenzie: which, well. Hurm.
(08/15 00:43:54) Jules Lavisham: There is something about the air, isn't there
(08/15 00:44:08) judyg: she was outside earlier. now she's in, chowing down her fishy food
(08/15 00:44:20) BatPrad: good :)
(08/15 00:44:21) Jules Lavisham: It doesn't circulate. Not the way you would expect it to.
(08/15 00:44:34) Dni_seeker 5: The whole city is dead, Echo. It died when a pair of psychopaths marched on the city around 200 years ago.
(08/15 00:44:37) Echo McKenzie: there's no...stories.
(08/15 00:44:41) judyg: hi nemaste
(08/15 00:45:01) Echo McKenzie: Oh, I'm well aware of the Fall.
(08/15 00:45:41) Jules Lavisham: I suppose it's possible that there are places where nothing of significance took place
(08/15 00:45:45) Jules Lavisham: Even in D'ni
(08/15 00:45:52) Echo McKenzie: true.
(08/15 00:46:10) Dni_seeker 5 sighs. "I wish I could have seen D'ni in its glory days."
(08/15 00:47:08) Echo McKenzie: Busy, bustling, noisy, messy. You'd be hard pressed to tell it from a surface city pre-industrial revolution.
(08/15 00:47:12) BatPrad: could be that the harbour was larger back in the days... it's coastline area... or that on the other side of the passage there might have been other big stairs leading directly to library and who knows what else...
(08/15 00:47:47) Jules Lavisham: I would have liked to have spent time with its people.
(08/15 00:47:52) Dni_seeker 5: there's a boat stuck in the lake
(08/15 00:47:58) Jules Lavisham looks down wistfully
(08/15 00:48:35) Echo McKenzie: I think you would have gotten along fine here, Jules.
(08/15 00:49:13) Echo McKenzie: Once they got over the fuss of Anna, they would have adapted to surface worlders.
(08/15 00:49:44) Echo McKenzie: *snerk* US government wouldn't have been able to pull the "Manifest Destiny over the savages" BS here.
(08/15 00:49:47) Jules Lavisham: I'd like to think so.
(08/15 00:50:01) livinginabox: Perhaps someone of you can tell me why 2the glitches dont work?
(08/15 00:50:02) Dni_seeker 5: you mean had they survived... (sighs again) Why did those two have to do what they did.
(08/15 00:50:26) Jules Lavisham: Speaking of, I had my own dabblings with first contact a few months ago
(08/15 00:50:50) judyg: what glitches?
(08/15 00:50:53) Echo McKenzie: Oh?
(08/15 00:50:54) Dni_seeker 5: You mean Calum's adventure into the Age of Rei'schu?
(08/15 00:51:20) Jules Lavisham: That's the one, DS5
(08/15 00:51:21) Scharminius: unless you've been livinginabox, many of the glitches that were here 10 years ago no longer work, as of certain PhysX updates
(08/15 00:52:19) Dni_seeker 5: The Fall wasn't really Ti'ana's fault. Veovis and A'gaeris are the ones to blame.
(08/15 00:52:29) Jules Lavisham: Poor Cal got himself in a bad way, those crystals compelled him to visit without a Maintainer Suit and he picked up a local lurgi
(08/15 00:52:42) Jules Lavisham: We had to go and get him back
(08/15 00:52:43) Echo McKenzie: Ooof.
(08/15 00:53:02) Echo McKenzie: Is he doing better? Calum's good people
(08/15 00:53:09) Jules Lavisham: Well, I say that, he ended up staying for a bit. We ended up just popping in to say hello in the end.
(08/15 00:53:20) Jules Lavisham: Yeah, absolutely fine. He's back over on our side now.
(08/15 00:53:25) Dni_seeker 5: I hope Calum's learned not to experiment on himself again.
(08/15 00:53:30) Echo McKenzie: addictive crystals?
(08/15 00:53:43) livinginabox: Scharminous youre telling bull ***** !
(08/15 00:53:44) Jules Lavisham: We took a vote at one of the Town Halls whether to put a formal delegation together.
(08/15 00:53:57) Jules Lavisham: Ended up passing, so that's on the agenda.
(08/15 00:54:13) Aoi: No need to swear
(08/15 00:54:21) Echo McKenzie: I'm going to have to start attending Town Halls.
(08/15 00:54:33) Echo McKenzie: Or at least reasting the minutes.
(08/15 00:54:52) Dni_seeker 5: Chatlogs are posted at www.dniexplorer.com/forum
(08/15 00:54:52) Echo McKenzie: Jules...
(08/15 00:54:57) Jules Lavisham: They're a lot of fun! I mean, you get to hear me talk uninterrupted at length, which I'm told is always a hoot
(08/15 00:55:07) Jules Lavisham: Mm?
(08/15 00:55:19) Echo McKenzie: I was...unkind last we met. I'm sorry
(08/15 00:55:40) Echo McKenzie: sometimes this place gets under my skin more than I'd like to admit
(08/15 00:56:59) Jules Lavisham: I understand completely.
(08/15 00:57:03) Jules Lavisham smiles
(08/15 00:57:51) Echo McKenzie: You were the first person to listen and not roll your eyes at me. Even if you *did* avoid telling me about the paint on my nose!
(08/15 00:58:58) Jules Lavisham: Strewth, never going to let me forget that one are you
(08/15 00:59:04) Jules Lavisham grins
(08/15 00:59:11) Echo McKenzie: Never!
(08/15 00:59:31) Jules Lavisham: And please don't, either
(08/15 00:59:34) livinginabox: Questi son qui che amoreggiano...
(08/15 00:59:57) judyg: english please
(08/15 01:00:05) Echo McKenzie: Come back to relto, I've got a stash of treats and some really good cider, and you can tell me all about what you and Edward have been concocting.
(08/15 01:00:23) Dni_seeker 5: This place is... (sighs again) I don't know what to call it.
(08/15 01:00:33) Dni_seeker 5: I mean, all that history...

Echo and Jules link out.
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