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8/6/22 Chiso Basment Office Chat. (Kelsei, Keith, Patrick, Others)

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2022 9:23 pm
by Kelsei A. Taylor
(08/06 14:26:52) Chat.log started...
(08/06 14:27:47) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, all
(08/06 14:28:00) Patrick Dulebohn: Yes. That hole in the ceiling was made by the natives that were none too happy with the D'ni encroaching on their land.
(08/06 14:28:17) Patrick Dulebohn: It's also why the D'ni cleaned out and abandoned Chiso way back when.
(08/06 14:28:29) [PRIVATE] To CaptainQuery: excuse me
(08/06 14:28:36) Keith Lord: Sorry I got very distracted by a message I received.
(08/06 14:28:48) Keith Lord: Hi Kelsei
(08/06 14:28:54) Kelsei A.T.: hello all :)
(08/06 14:28:55) Patrick Dulebohn: We believe the Caltauc either died out or, on a more cheerful note, just moved on.
(08/06 14:29:09) Patrick Dulebohn: Ah, Kelsei! Was just talking about you.
(08/06 14:29:11) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/06 14:29:22) Patrick Dulebohn: Come join us and our "supervisors" downstairs. Heh.
(08/06 14:29:31) Kelsei A.T.: yes, thought i'd slip in for the AGM, but got help up by some surface work at the last minute
(08/06 14:29:34) Kelsei A.T. rolls her eyes
(08/06 14:29:49) Kelsei A.T.: youd not believe the amount of technical stuff im not at all qualified for, nor paid for, that people come to me over.
(08/06 14:29:52) Kelsei A.T.: even on vacation
(08/06 14:29:56) Patrick Dulebohn: Yes, I'm up to my eyeballs in paperwork as we speak. You, along with everyone else, are a welcome distraction from it.
(08/06 14:29:58) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/06 14:29:59) Kelsei A.T.: i keep telling them 'im on vacation' but nooo...
(08/06 14:30:22) Patrick Dulebohn: What is this..."vay-cay-shun" of which you speak, K? Ha!
(08/06 14:30:34) Kelsei A.T.: lol
(08/06 14:30:44) Kelsei A.T.: very funny
(08/06 14:30:54) Patrick Dulebohn: Hopefully you and Cal got my report back on Naybree?
(08/06 14:31:01) Kelsei A.T.: umm... hm...
(08/06 14:31:03) Kelsei A.T.: one moment
(08/06 14:31:18) Kelsei A.T. checks the drawers...
(08/06 14:31:20) Patrick Dulebohn: Again, I'm just trying to remember who got sent what.
(08/06 14:31:30) Patrick Dulebohn: I may have e-mailed it. Check your inbox.
(08/06 14:31:30) Kelsei A.T.: not seeing it in mine
(08/06 14:31:36) Kelsei A.T.: ok
(08/06 14:31:49) Kelsei A.T. settles into the chair and brings up the emails...
(08/06 14:31:56) Patrick Dulebohn: Need to keep it paperless as much as possible, yeah? Heh.
(08/06 14:32:09) Kelsei A.T.: da... da... ah... from what date?
(08/06 14:32:23) Patrick Dulebohn: I think...for maybe last week? Maybe two weeks ago?
(08/06 14:32:27) Kelsei A.T.: right...
(08/06 14:32:30) Patrick Dulebohn: Wasn't too far back, I know that much.
(08/06 14:32:30) Kelsei A.T. scrolls down...
(08/06 14:32:59) Kelsei A.T.: 'plant life concerns' or 'lunar orbit survey'?
(08/06 14:33:10) Patrick Dulebohn: Lunar orbit, I believe.
(08/06 14:33:15) Kelsei A.T. checks...
(08/06 14:33:26) Patrick Dulebohn: The Cartographers have been busy, I see.
(08/06 14:33:33) angelmyst waves hello
(08/06 14:33:39) Patrick Dulebohn: Hi there, angelmyst!
(08/06 14:33:49) Kelsei A.T.: ah, right, that backs up what Calum said Scharminius was asking about.
(08/06 14:33:53) Patrick Dulebohn: Pull up a chair and watch the Chiso Preniv version of The Office!
(08/06 14:33:54) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(08/06 14:33:57) Kelsei A.T.: something is very odd with that lunar orbit.
(08/06 14:34:01) angelmyst: hey..good to see someone actually at work around here.
(08/06 14:34:06) Wyrm: who closed the door?
(08/06 14:34:10) Keith Lord is defeated by a sticker
(08/06 14:34:26) Patrick Dulebohn: That's what I read too, K. I don't believe it'll affect the release though.
(08/06 14:34:27) Keith Lord: Guess I'm not adding that sticker to my laptop.
(08/06 14:34:37) Kelsei A.T.: agreed, not sure there's anything we can do about the moons , baring building a rocket,
(08/06 14:35:11) Bagheera waves hello
(08/06 14:35:12) Patrick Dulebohn: Well no. I believe that's more in the realm of science fiction and bad disaster movies to affect moons.
(08/06 14:35:14) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/06 14:35:16) Bagheera starts to laugh
(08/06 14:35:22) Kelsei A.T. nods
(08/06 14:35:26) Patrick Dulebohn: Unless...that's no moon...
(08/06 14:35:29) Patrick Dulebohn gasps
(08/06 14:35:39) Patrick Dulebohn hums the Imperial March from Star Wars
(08/06 14:35:43) Kelsei A.T.: shouldnt be a problem for another four hundred years or so regardless, if it is a problem,
(08/06 14:36:00) Bagheera waves hello
(08/06 14:36:04) Keith Lord: Hello Bagheera
(08/06 14:36:16) Keith Lord: Hi Angelmyst.
(08/06 14:36:22) angelmyst: so awesome.
(08/06 14:36:28) Kelsei A.T.: though, that would explain the strange fissuring in parts of the cliff face if the tidal forces are being...
(08/06 14:36:32) Kelsei A.T. trails off, considering...
(08/06 14:36:34) angelmyst: My son
(08/06 14:36:37) Patrick Dulebohn: It's both weird and neat to have an audience now, isn't it Keith?
(08/06 14:36:39) Bagheera: hello Keith
(08/06 14:36:39) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/06 14:36:46) angelmyst: hiya Keith
(08/06 14:36:49) Kelsei A.T. considers the implications...
(08/06 14:36:50) Patrick Dulebohn: This is true.
(08/06 14:37:14) Keith Lord: I am questioning the wisdom of having a Korman I'm working on out in the public thought.
(08/06 14:37:27) Kelsei A.T.: well, no more worse than the geographical implications of the pod area calum's working on being actively volcanic.
(08/06 14:37:29) Bagheera: this enables me to put faces to names, neat
(08/06 14:37:30) angelmyst slips a copy of Adventures of Angelmyst onto Keiths desk.
(08/06 14:37:38) angelmyst bows
(08/06 14:37:45) Keith Lord: Thanks
(08/06 14:37:46) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, as long as it's not finished...but again, up to you if you want to leave it out.
(08/06 14:38:05) Patrick Dulebohn: Heh, I hope mine didn't scare you, Bagheera.
(08/06 14:38:07) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(08/06 14:38:21) Bagheera: nope, not scary at all, Patrick
(08/06 14:38:21) Kelsei A.T.: im definitely keeping Rei'schu's descriptive secure.
(08/06 14:38:29) Kelsei A.T.: no way we're leaving that out in the open, too much risk.
(08/06 14:38:38) Kelsei A.T.: im surprised the thing was as intact as it was when I found it, honestly.
(08/06 14:38:50) Patrick Dulebohn: Yes...keep them active Linking Books secure until they've been vetted for our friends here! Gotta be careful.
(08/06 14:39:16) Kelsei A.T. settles in and checks an email Calum sent earlier in the week...
(08/06 14:40:06) Patrick Dulebohn: I think Calum got a copy of the report too. Let me check...
(08/06 14:40:16) Patrick Dulebohn: Yup, sent to both of ya.
(08/06 14:40:31) Keith Lord: I'll probably move it to Sul with the rest of my work at some point
(08/06 14:40:37) Kelsei A.T.: yep, the mail im reading's a reply to that.. looks like he forgot to CC it,
(08/06 14:40:42) Kelsei A.T. forwards it over to Patrick
(08/06 14:40:43) Keith Lord: With the sabotaging going on of late I'd hate for someone to alter it
(08/06 14:40:54) Patrick Dulebohn: Certainly! You're free to keep shop here as long as you like.
(08/06 14:40:57) Bagheera: sabotage????
(08/06 14:40:58) Kelsei A.T.: always a smart idea, Keith, especially given Serene's history,
(08/06 14:41:08) Kelsei A.T.: yes, some lunatic cultists pretending to be D'ni I suspect,
(08/06 14:41:11) Bagheera is upset at the thought
(08/06 14:41:14) Bagheera: damn
(08/06 14:41:23) Kelsei A.T.: they crashed the last Town Hall, boasting they were true d'ni and had a prophet...
(08/06 14:41:26) Keith Lord: Afraid so Bagheera.
(08/06 14:41:30) Kelsei A.T.: bah, nonsense if you ask me
(08/06 14:41:31) Patrick Dulebohn: Oof. That sounds...lovely.
(08/06 14:41:35) Bagheera: good lord
(08/06 14:41:44) angelmyst: Love these offices...makes interaction so more "real"
(08/06 14:41:44) Kelsei A.T.: Calum and Carl chased one of them through some of the Descent Tunnels, too,
(08/06 14:41:53) Bagheera: wow
(08/06 14:41:58) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, best to verify first. We still don't know how many D'ni are still out there in the wild, scattered to the wind by the Fall.
(08/06 14:42:13) Kelsei A.T.: true,
(08/06 14:42:19) Bagheera: you'd think they'd be a little more .... humble
(08/06 14:42:23) Bagheera: then again .....
(08/06 14:42:24) Keith Lord: I've only stumbled upon a couple in the 20 odd years I've been down here.
(08/06 14:42:27) Kelsei A.T.: we know atleast Athsheba survived past it, long enough to have a grand daughter atleast,
(08/06 14:42:34) Bagheera: wow
(08/06 14:42:49) Patrick Dulebohn: As long as you're being careful down there. We're still trying to certify the area around the Great Shaft at the moment.
(08/06 14:42:56) Keith Lord: Unless you count Fehnir
(08/06 14:43:05) Keith Lord: Who was a very quiet D'ni
(08/06 14:43:06) Patrick Dulebohn: Indeed.
(08/06 14:43:07) Bagheera: okay, will be careful
(08/06 14:43:23) Patrick Dulebohn: Yep, much like us surface-dwellers, there were no doubt some D'ni that kept to themselves.
(08/06 14:43:28) Kelsei A.T. nods
(08/06 14:43:40) Kelsei A.T.: the Chezahcehn Cathedral family were one of them, I think, time of the Fall.
(08/06 14:43:42) Patrick Dulebohn: Which, given how the Fall went, may have very well saved their lives if they were out of the cavern.
(08/06 14:43:49) Keith Lord: Quite so
(08/06 14:43:53) Bagheera: well, if my civilization collapsed, I'd be a little stand-offish as well
(08/06 14:44:05) Kelsei A.T. nods, considering...
(08/06 14:44:18) Kelsei A.T.: i suspect those lot are from Earth, though, going by their names.
(08/06 14:44:23) Kelsei A.T.: they're very... earthy.
(08/06 14:44:30) Kelsei A.T.: in sounding, atleast,
(08/06 14:44:36) Keith Lord: D'ni Dave?
(08/06 14:44:38) Bagheera: oh, I wasn't there - but my imagination is running riot
(08/06 14:44:42) Patrick Dulebohn: Heh...earthy? Sounds like a scent.
(08/06 14:44:43) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/06 14:45:04) Kelsei A.T.: 'Marcus,' 'Tally', 'Mita,' 'Casey'
(08/06 14:45:05) angelmyst: If you had read my Adventures of Angelmyst all 16 chapters, you would find many D'ni who have been living quite well. Books discovered as I tried to follow Ghens path thru from Cleft to city ferry terminal
(08/06 14:45:28) Bagheera: oh wow, angelmyst
(08/06 14:45:30) Kelsei A.T.: not exactly the names any D'ni would be proudly wearing, if you ask me.
(08/06 14:45:54) Kelsei A.T. hums, glancing at angelmyst
(08/06 14:45:55) Patrick Dulebohn: I'd say they may be D'ni trying to blend, but if they're actively saying they're D'ni...
(08/06 14:45:57) Patrick Dulebohn shrugs
(08/06 14:46:03) Kelsei A.T.: i dont doubt there are many folks hiding, for sure,
(08/06 14:46:14) angelmyst: well guarded secret.
(08/06 14:46:30) Patrick Dulebohn: The almost total collapse of your civilization will do that to ya.
(08/06 14:46:35) Kelsei A.T.: you see my connundrum, patrick, right?
(08/06 14:46:47) Patrick Dulebohn: I do indeed. Sorry I haven't been more help, but alas.
(08/06 14:46:49) Kelsei A.T.: if they're proudly claiming themselves to be D'ni, why not use D'ni names?
(08/06 14:46:53) Kelsei A.T. shakes her head
(08/06 14:47:08) Kelsei A.T.: honestly, once some people get an idea in their heads... especially with cults.
(08/06 14:47:09) Bagheera: these doors don't work
(08/06 14:47:10) angelmyst: In my searches I found other links...through other done in bug
(08/06 14:47:20) Kelsei A.T.: the mechanisms are jamming a bit, bagheera, sadly,
(08/06 14:47:27) Kelsei A.T.: we didnt expect folks to use them so frequently
(08/06 14:47:27) Bagheera: ah, okay
(08/06 14:47:36) Bagheera: with old stuff, that happens
(08/06 14:47:42) Kelsei A.T. 's laptop refreshes email page...
(08/06 14:47:46) Kelsei A.T.: oh, calum sent me an email,
(08/06 14:47:50) Kelsei A.T.: looks like he CC'd you Doobes?
(08/06 14:47:54) Bagheera: I left my WD40 in my relto
(08/06 14:47:58) Patrick Dulebohn: Yeah, it's a problem of which we're aware. We'll do what we can to fix it, but in the meantime, just roll with it if you can.
(08/06 14:48:01) Kelsei A.T.: the suggestions about the door mechanisms?
(08/06 14:48:03) Patrick Dulebohn: Ah, yes. I see it.
(08/06 14:48:08) Kelsei A.T.: he's got a couple possible solutions.
(08/06 14:48:17) Keith Lord: D'ni door mechanisms are a nightmare
(08/06 14:48:19) Patrick Dulebohn: Mmm...very good.
(08/06 14:48:31) Bagheera: not suprising given their age
(08/06 14:48:37) Kelsei A.T.: lovely timing, that Calum...
(08/06 14:48:41) Kelsei A.T. peers over it...
(08/06 14:48:43) Patrick Dulebohn: Heh, OK, the joke suggestion about elbow grease and/or WD-40 was funny.
(08/06 14:49:08) Kelsei A.T.: yes, that and the one about just 'shoving a riven dagger' into the mechanism
(08/06 14:49:11) Kelsei A.T. giggles
(08/06 14:49:37) Patrick Dulebohn: Might as well be the one from up in the caldera. Would make about as much sense.
(08/06 14:49:39) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(08/06 14:49:45) Kelsei A.T.: i think the suggestion about putting a timer on the buttons might work,
(08/06 14:49:47) Bagheera: stabbing a delicate mechanism rarely improves performance
(08/06 14:49:58) Bagheera waves hello
(08/06 14:49:59) Patrick Dulebohn: Ah, a cooldown time. That's definitely an idea.
(08/06 14:50:07) Kelsei A.T.: but the one about alternating which button works at any time could work too,
(08/06 14:50:12) Bagheera waves hello at Germanic twins
(08/06 14:50:14) Kelsei A.T.: i think the cooldown timer would work better, though,
(08/06 14:50:19) Patrick Dulebohn: Given they apparently "overheat" like a dusted up PC.
(08/06 14:50:30) Patrick Dulebohn quickly checks his laptop's vents
(08/06 14:50:31) Kelsei A.T.: might prevent the mechanism from getting locked up in whatever state is going on.
(08/06 14:50:46) Patrick Dulebohn: Whew, OK. That would have been embarassing given my last statement.
(08/06 14:50:48) Kelsei A.T. checks her own laptop out of paranoia...
(08/06 14:50:50) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/06 14:50:52) Bagheera: hmmm, I actually haven't blown the dust out of my vents in a LONG time
(08/06 14:50:55) Kelsei A.T.: well, it's running fine.
(08/06 14:51:00) Kelsei A.T.: but now im worrying about my home desktop
(08/06 14:51:06) Kelsei A.T.: ...i might need to clean the vents on that one too
(08/06 14:51:19) Bagheera: when they are dusty they make fine space heaters!
(08/06 14:51:22) Patrick Dulebohn: I think there's a can of compressed air around here somewhere. Just...need to find it...
(08/06 14:51:27) Patrick Dulebohn: Hiya Keith!
(08/06 14:51:29) Bagheera starts to laugh
(08/06 14:51:35) Kelsei A.T.: oh, same, i know i have those cans of air somewhere
(08/06 14:51:38) Keith Lord: Hi, so...erm.. can I get a raise?
(08/06 14:51:38) Patrick Dulebohn: Do I look like a headmaster sitting in this desk? Be honest.
(08/06 14:51:41) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(08/06 14:51:50) Kelsei A.T.: you do, actually,
(08/06 14:51:53) Patrick Dulebohn: We get paid? When?
(08/06 14:51:54) Keith Lord: I feel like I'm in a performance review.
(08/06 14:51:57) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/06 14:51:57) Bagheera: yes
(08/06 14:51:58) Kelsei A.T.: very much the stately professor vibes
(08/06 14:52:01) Bagheera: you do!
(08/06 14:52:03) Bagheera starts to laugh
(08/06 14:52:12) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, I'm the chill boss...and I say you've done a superb job, my friend!
(08/06 14:52:22) Bagheera claps his hands
(08/06 14:52:28) Patrick Dulebohn: People are going to love Highgarden.
(08/06 14:52:35) Kelsei A.T.: :) yes they are,
(08/06 14:52:39) angelmyst: well I am heading to Tsanoes Hood for story time...more Kings History.
(08/06 14:52:44) Kelsei A.T.: also, i apologize my last review on Highgarden wasn't that great, keith,
(08/06 14:52:53) Kelsei A.T.: i just keep having the misfortune of visiting during the darkest hours of night.
(08/06 14:53:22) Patrick Dulebohn: That's the best time to visit in my humble opinion.
(08/06 14:53:22) Keith Lord: No problem, it can get quite dark there at night
(08/06 14:53:29) Kelsei A.T. nods
(08/06 14:53:31) Patrick Dulebohn: Nice, quiet...peaceful.
(08/06 14:53:42) Kelsei A.T.: it's certainly of a different caliber to Naybree
(08/06 14:53:43) Patrick Dulebohn: Great after a day with this...paperwork!
(08/06 14:53:48) Patrick Dulebohn shakes his fist into the air
(08/06 14:53:53) Kelsei A.T.: I think Naybree's a bit... noiser, overall.
(08/06 14:54:08) Kelsei A.T.: between the wind and the crickets.
(08/06 14:54:11) Patrick Dulebohn: I totally want to camp out there someday...if that's OK. Heh.
(08/06 14:54:20) Kelsei A.T.: oh, for sure,
(08/06 14:54:25) Patrick Dulebohn defers to Keith on that
(08/06 14:54:50) Keith Lord: I was reviewing the plans for a few other areas of Fahets I'd like to open in the coming year just yesterday.
(08/06 14:55:03) Patrick Dulebohn: Ooo, absolutely!
(08/06 14:55:09) Keith Lord: Knock yourself out Patrick.
(08/06 14:55:21) uwe shrugs
(08/06 14:55:24) Patrick Dulebohn: Was actually going to ask about that since you mentioned that awhile back.
(08/06 14:55:33) Keith Lord: I've spent many a night sleeping out in the wilderness there.
(08/06 14:55:33) Patrick Dulebohn: Plus, I'm sure our audience wants to hear too. Heh.
(08/06 14:55:35) Kelsei A.T.: what about that Crimson Vale area, Keith?
(08/06 14:55:48) Kelsei A.T.: i know there was a bit of concern with that given the butterflies...
(08/06 14:55:59) Patrick Dulebohn: I haven't camped in years, but Highgarden would be a great place to start again.
(08/06 14:56:01) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/06 14:56:04) Keith Lord: I just wouldn't recommend sleeping near the swamp or the grass ocean areas.
(08/06 14:56:15) Keith Lord: On account of things trying to eat you.
(08/06 14:56:18) Patrick Dulebohn: Ah, naturally.
(08/06 14:56:25) Kelsei A.T.: ah, yes, meat eaters.
(08/06 14:56:44) Patrick Dulebohn: Bears? Or bear-like creatures?
(08/06 14:56:47) Keith Lord: So the vale, man I wish you guys could have seen it before it was such a lovely place.
(08/06 14:56:50) Patrick Dulebohn cringes
(08/06 14:56:57) Kelsei A.T. nods
(08/06 14:57:09) Kelsei A.T.: it's unfortunate, yes.
(08/06 14:57:18) Patrick Dulebohn nods as well
(08/06 14:57:49) Keith Lord: Sadly the destabilization event on the Age changed that. The area is now very dangerous, toxic.
(08/06 14:58:20) Kelsei A.T.: maintainer suit worthy, id imagine, from what ive heard?
(08/06 14:58:23) Keith Lord: Some sort of growth, I've been studying it for a while now trying to figure out how to stop its spread.
(08/06 14:58:34) Patrick Dulebohn: It certainly wouldn't be the first instance where an Age has done that. Always a shame though.
(08/06 14:58:50) Keith Lord: Well I've established an observation point there. Enclosed, filtered air.
(08/06 14:59:12) Kelsei A.T. thinks that's a smart move.
(08/06 14:59:27) Patrick Dulebohn: I have an Age that went through similar actually. It's starting to rebound maybe there's hope?
(08/06 14:59:27) Keith Lord: The butterflies from Highgarden are migratory, it seems their migration path takes them close to the vale.
(08/06 14:59:45) Patrick Dulebohn: In that instance though, it may have been the D'ni's interference in the ecosystem, so that might not be the same thing.
(08/06 14:59:53) Keith Lord: But I can't have that blight spreading to other areas.
(08/06 15:00:06) Patrick Dulebohn: Agreed.
(08/06 15:00:13) Kelsei A.T.: poor things,
(08/06 15:00:15) Kelsei A.T. pouts
(08/06 15:00:21) Keith Lord: We're currently looking into whether it would be feasible to build a structure around the area to contain it.
(08/06 15:00:52) Kelsei A.T. hums, considering...
(08/06 15:01:12) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, just be careful. I think we can spare plenty of Maintainer suits from Gahreesen, so feel free to take any volunteers you like.
(08/06 15:01:22) Patrick Dulebohn: As long as they're suited up properly, of course.
(08/06 15:01:28) Kelsei A.T.: the growths arent corrosive to metal or stone, right?
(08/06 15:01:46) Keith Lord: Yeah manpower is the issue. Robert still offers funding but the Guild of Restorers is a lot smaller than the Third Path was.
(08/06 15:02:11) Keith Lord: Not that I've discovered Kelsei.
(08/06 15:02:17) Kelsei A.T.: hm...good,
(08/06 15:02:22) Kelsei A.T.: does it react to sunlight?
(08/06 15:02:34) Patrick Dulebohn: Heh, we'll have to have a volunteer drive. Good news is, with the restoration rolling along, there is no shortage of people wanting to help these days.
(08/06 15:02:45) Kelsei A.T.: if it requires solar energy to grow, then i'd agree that doming over the entire area would probably be for the best
(08/06 15:03:18) Keith Lord: That.. is a good question. That general area of Fahets is very forested. It's only a few miles from Fahets "prime"
(08/06 15:03:34) Babbeltje.40: shorah all
(08/06 15:03:39) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, babbel :)
(08/06 15:03:42) Keith Lord: So there is sun light, but a reduced amount due to the atmosphere in that area.
(08/06 15:03:53) Patrick Dulebohn: Perhaps there is a correlation there after all?
(08/06 15:03:55) Patrick Dulebohn shrugs
(08/06 15:03:57) uwe: shorah Babbel
(08/06 15:04:05) Babbeltje.40: :))
(08/06 15:04:10) Patrick Dulebohn: Definitely should order some tests. See if we can't figure that out, eh?
(08/06 15:04:12) Babbeltje.40: shorah U.2
(08/06 15:04:19) Keith Lord: I should collect some samples and take them to an area with more sunlight.
(08/06 15:04:33) Kelsei A.T.: risky, but probably worth it.
(08/06 15:04:38) Patrick Dulebohn: Again, just be careful!
(08/06 15:04:42) Kelsei A.T.: if they grow better in sunlight vs the darkness...
(08/06 15:04:50) Kelsei A.T.: encapsulating them could either help or be detrimental.
(08/06 15:05:09) Patrick Dulebohn: Whew! So that pile of paperwork is done!
(08/06 15:05:18) Kelsei A.T.: if there's a negative reaction to UV lighting it may be more beneficial to install some kind of YV lamps
(08/06 15:05:25) Kelsei A.T.: UV, rather.
(08/06 15:05:26) Keith Lord: I have a couple of Ages that were experiments, I could use one of those for a controlled environment.
(08/06 15:05:35) Keith Lord: That's what I'm thinking.
(08/06 15:05:40) Patrick Dulebohn: Should probably head up to the surface and see what's what with the Mysterium deco we have coming down.
(08/06 15:05:44) Kelsei A.T. nods
(08/06 15:05:52) Patrick Dulebohn: Lots of goodies, I assure you.
(08/06 15:05:53) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/06 15:06:11) Patrick Dulebohn: Alright...I leave you to it! See you folks later?
(08/06 15:06:12) Kelsei A.T.: alright, take care, patrick
(08/06 15:06:17) Kelsei A.T. checks the time...
(08/06 15:06:19) Patrick Dulebohn salutes
(08/06 15:06:23) Keith Lord: Yeah, I should get back to Cass. We have some more artefacts being delivered tomorrow and I need to prep the wing for them.
(08/06 15:06:28) Kelsei A.T.: i probably should bounce too, get some grocery shopping done
(08/06 15:06:36) Kelsei A.T.: good luck, keith :)
(08/06 15:06:45) Keith Lord: Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes.
(08/06 15:06:45) Patrick Dulebohn: Ha!
(08/06 15:06:49) Kelsei A.T. nods
(08/06 15:06:58) Patrick Dulebohn: Was just about to head to the Nexus book upstairs and the door closed.
(08/06 15:07:06) Kelsei A.T.: ive had that happen a few times
(08/06 15:07:07) Kelsei A.T.: lol
(08/06 15:07:08) Patrick Dulebohn: Eh, I'll Relto it.
(08/06 15:07:15) Patrick Dulebohn: Bye everyone!
(08/06 15:07:19) Kelsei A.T.: later,
(08/06 15:07:34) Babbeltje.40: he uwe:)
(08/06 15:07:39) Kelsei A.T.: im going to head out, too,
(08/06 15:07:44) Kelsei A.T.: have a good day, everyone,
(08/06 15:07:52) Babbeltje.40: hahah
(08/06 15:07:52) Kelsei A.T. waves goodbye
(08/06 15:07:57) Babbeltje.40: elon
(08/06 15:08:25) ...Chat.log stopped.