5/19/22 Jules Lavisham, Mystlander and Kelsei AT in Chiso Preniv and New Messenger's Pub

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5/19/22 Jules Lavisham, Mystlander and Kelsei AT in Chiso Preniv and New Messenger's Pub

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(05/19 21:19:54) Mystlander waves hello
(05/19 21:20:13) From Mystlander: Shorah b'shemtee!
(05/19 21:20:24) Jules Lavisham: How are you doing today?
(05/19 21:21:18) Mystlander reaches out to shake the hand of Jules.
(05/19 21:22:22) Jules Lavisham shakes Mystlander's hand
(05/19 21:22:52) Jules Lavisham: Ah yes, I don't believe we've been formally introduced?
(05/19 21:23:37) Jules Lavisham: Dr Jules Lavisham. Forgive my dishevelled appearance, I've, uh
(05/19 21:24:34) Jules Lavisham pats down his coat
(05/19 21:24:51) Jules Lavisham: Apologies. Just come from a bit of an Incident.
(05/19 21:25:38) Jules Lavisham: I was just heading to the Messenger's Pub. Need something to calm me down a bit.
(05/19 21:25:46) From Mystlander: Mystlander, original Great Tree Hood... Brian Fioca recruited me back in 2003. But you can just call me "Mysty"... everyone does.
(05/19 21:26:15) From Mystlander: Ah, need some company? I'm buying!
(05/19 21:26:18) Mystlander laughs
(05/19 21:26:35) Jules Lavisham: You just became my new favourite person
(05/19 21:26:39) Jules Lavisham grins
(05/19 21:26:51) Jules Lavisham: After you, Mysty
(05/19 21:26:53) From Mystlander: Okay, then... off we go!
(05/19 21:27:21) Jules Lavisham: I
(05/19 21:27:26) Jules Lavisham: I use the linking book over here
(05/19 21:27:37) From Mystlander: Oh, yeah... I just thought of that!

[Jules and Mystlander link to New Messenger's Pub]

(05/19 21:29:04) Jules Lavisham leans into the bar
(05/19 21:29:37) Jules Lavisham: Anything catches your eye?
(05/19 21:30:55) Mystlander: Hmmm... they don't serve Jalapeno Margaritas here... so I'll have The Missling Link. Seein's how that is what I am!
(05/19 21:31:02) Mystlander laughs
(05/19 21:31:18) Jules Lavisham: Excellent. I'm quite partial to the Suhru Spring Wine myself
(05/19 21:32:00) Jules Lavisham: Not entirely sure what it is, but it makes my legs feel like that Keep on Truckin' fellow had the right idea about things
(05/19 21:32:24) Mystlander: I guess we must serve ourselves, as I don't see any bar tenders in this joint.
(05/19 21:33:03) Jules Lavisham: No, I very rarely do either
(05/19 21:33:23) Mystlander: Is there a gathering here that you will be addressing?
(05/19 21:33:27) Jules Lavisham: There really needs to be some kind of rota or something
(05/19 21:33:53) Mystlander: Similar to Mir-o-Bot?
(05/19 21:34:02) Jules Lavisham: No, no gathering, least not one I'm putting together
(05/19 21:34:28) Jules Lavisham pours himself a generous helping from the bottle
(05/19 21:34:44) Jules Lavisham: Honestly at this point I don't quite know what to make of ANYTHING
(05/19 21:35:07) Jules Lavisham: Sorry. I should explain.
(05/19 21:35:08) Mystlander: Well, I'm so very glad to make your acquaintance, Jules... I was beginning to think you were a figment of Carl's imagination.
(05/19 21:35:25) Mystlander giggles
(05/19 21:35:33) Jules Lavisham: Hehe. Dreams in someone else's story, and all that
(05/19 21:35:35) Mystlander: Please to explain...
(05/19 21:35:49) Jules Lavisham: Alright.
(05/19 21:36:11) Jules Lavisham: So I was in the City earlier today
(05/19 21:36:23) Jules Lavisham: Myself and my colleague from the surface, Ed
(05/19 21:36:42) Mystlander: I know I'm a part ot the Great Tree, but we don't bite, Jules! (Well, most of us just nibble.)
(05/19 21:37:03) Jules Lavisham sniggers
(05/19 21:37:20) Mystlander: Now, who pray tell, is Ed?
(05/19 21:37:53) Jules Lavisham: Hehe, never felt quite right being on your side of the bar. Almost as if we're seeing a part of the universe that was meant to remain hidden.
(05/19 21:38:22) Jules Lavisham: Oh, yes! Ed. He's a colleague of mine. A librarian at my university. One of my oldest friends.
(05/19 21:39:00) Jules Lavisham: We were having a stroll around the Library area, he was spinning a theory or somesuch
(05/19 21:39:10) Mystlander: Hahaha... not if The Gread Tree has anything to do with it... we fought tooth & nail to get new Ages, and areas of the city opened by the DRC.
(05/19 21:40:30) Jules Lavisham: Ah yes, I remember reading about your work from the old days. Second restoration, right?
(05/19 21:40:36) Mystlander: (In response to your comment about hidden)
(05/19 21:40:41) Jules Lavisham: 2003-2004
(05/19 21:40:58) Mystlander: Yes, sir... :D
(05/19 21:41:42) Jules Lavisham: Little bit before my time unfortunately, I joined up with the 2007 restoration
(05/19 21:41:47) Jules Lavisham: Well, officially anyway
(05/19 21:42:31) Mystlander: You would still be considered a D'ni vetran, Jules. :-)
(05/19 21:43:14) Jules Lavisham: Got to love that linear passage of time
(05/19 21:43:22) Jules Lavisham waggles his eyebrows
(05/19 21:43:51) Jules Lavisham: Anyway, we were poking around the library,
(05/19 21:44:18) Jules Lavisham: And we found somebody
(05/19 21:44:27) Mystlander: You gotta an itch that needs skratching? I can help you join the Great Tree!
(05/19 21:44:37) Mystlander laughs
(05/19 21:45:02) Jules Lavisham: Somebody in a bit of a bad way
(05/19 21:45:19) Mystlander: Oh!?
(05/19 21:45:28) Mystlander: How can I help?
(05/19 21:45:44) Jules Lavisham: Oh nono, matter's all in hand
(05/19 21:46:08) Mystlander wipes brow
(05/19 21:46:11) Jules Lavisham: Fortunately Dr Quinlan was on hand
(05/19 21:46:30) Jules Lavisham: He's currently being looked after at Tenny's clinc
(05/19 21:47:04) Mystlander: Heh... I make Hood Watch rounds in his clinic, daily.
(05/19 21:47:10) Jules Lavisham: Good thing too. Couldn't work out where his injuries came from, whether he took a bad fall or something had fallen on him
(05/19 21:47:22) Jules Lavisham: We found him behind the barricades on one of the lower floors
(05/19 21:47:45) Jules Lavisham: Damndest thing. He couldn't tell us a thing about himself.
(05/19 21:48:09) Jules Lavisham: Who he was, where he comes from, how he got there
(05/19 21:48:25) Jules Lavisham: He didn't even recognise he was in D'ni
(05/19 21:48:47) Mystlander: That wouldn't happen to be the lower floors of Nedbah, would it?
(05/19 21:49:04) Jules Lavisham: Nedbah?
(05/19 21:50:03) Mystlander: Never mind... so do you think perhaps that he fell from the very top of the cleft?
(05/19 21:50:31) Jules Lavisham: Certainly from the top of the Great Library at the very least

[Kelsei links in]

(05/19 21:50:53) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, jules
(05/19 21:51:06) Jules Lavisham: Ah, shorah Kelsei!
(05/19 21:51:12) Mystlander: Chiso Preniv?
(05/19 21:51:22) Kelsei A.T. sets about getting some hot chocolate
(05/19 21:51:33) Kelsei A.T.: quiet day today, eh?
(05/19 21:51:36) Jules Lavisham: I would think the Great Library building in Ae'gura where we found him
(05/19 21:51:39) Mystlander: Shorah b'shemtee, Kelsei!
(05/19 21:51:47) Jules Lavisham snorts
(05/19 21:51:51) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, Mystlander :)
(05/19 21:51:58) Jules Lavisham: Quiet days... I remember those
(05/19 21:52:08) Kelsei A.T.: i guess i missed the excitement- country evening was today wasnt it?
(05/19 21:52:26) Jules Lavisham: Maybe, I wasn't able to make it
(05/19 21:52:35) Mystlander: Technically, that was a chorttal, Kelsei... only pigs snort. :P
(05/19 21:52:44) Kelsei A.T.: hm... actually hold on...
(05/19 21:52:45) Jules Lavisham: I was just telling Mystlander about what had happened
(05/19 21:52:47) Kelsei A.T. checks the scheduling...
(05/19 21:52:58) Kelsei A.T.: oh, huh, seems there wasnt a country evening today.
(05/19 21:53:00) Kelsei A.T.: strange.
(05/19 21:53:08) Jules Lavisham: Just had a bit of a weird one
(05/19 21:53:09) Kelsei A.T.: guess i didnt miss much of anything... wait, what happned?
(05/19 21:53:31) Jules Lavisham: Ed and I found an injured man in the City
(05/19 21:53:31) Sidda (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/19 21:53:39) Kelsei A.T.: Oh dear.
(05/19 21:53:54) Kelsei A.T.: that doesn't sound good.
(05/19 21:54:05) Jules Lavisham: Nope.
(05/19 21:54:16) Kelsei A.T. waves hello
(05/19 21:54:19) Sidda: Shorah!
(05/19 21:54:20) Jules Lavisham: Found him in the Great Library, behind the barricades on the lower floor
(05/19 21:54:21) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, sidda
(05/19 21:54:26) Jules Lavisham: Shorah, Sidda
(05/19 21:54:27) Kelsei A.T.: behind the barricades?
(05/19 21:54:27) Mystlander: Yes, I'd like to know how the man got on top of the City Library! We need to repair its roof, immediately!
(05/19 21:54:43) Jules Lavisham: Mhm.
(05/19 21:54:56) Kelsei A.T.: not many folks venture back there. these days.
(05/19 21:55:00) Jules Lavisham: No idea who he is or where he comes from
(05/19 21:55:02) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, Darius,
(05/19 21:55:06) Kelsei A.T.: did he have a KI on him?
(05/19 21:55:10) Jules Lavisham: Shorah Darius
(05/19 21:55:15) Darius: Thanks
(05/19 21:55:26) Kelsei A.T. sips at her hot coco...
(05/19 21:55:27) Jules Lavisham: He did. Broken, unfortunately
(05/19 21:55:30) Kelsei A.T.: broken, hm?
(05/19 21:55:36) Jules Lavisham: But it did give us a name
(05/19 21:55:41) Kelsei A.T.: oh??
(05/19 21:55:55) Jules Lavisham: Benavud
(05/19 21:55:56) Kelsei A.T. readies her notebook to write a name down.
(05/19 21:56:18) Kelsei A.T.: Ben...ah... vud?
(05/19 21:56:23) Jules Lavisham: And thank Gods it did as well, because he certainly couldnt tell us that
(05/19 21:56:24) Kelsei A.T.: okay, think i've got that.
(05/19 21:56:31) Jules Lavisham: Or indeed anything about him
(05/19 21:56:33) Kelsei A.T.: was he unconscious?
(05/19 21:56:35) Mystlander: What was the KI number, do you recall?
(05/19 21:56:57) Jules Lavisham: Not off the top of my head
(05/19 21:57:21) Jules Lavisham: He was just about speaking when we got to him
(05/19 21:57:38) Kelsei A.T. frowns, confused
(05/19 21:57:40) Jules Lavisham: Thankfully Tenny was on standby, he was able to get to us and link him to the clinic
(05/19 21:57:53) Jules Lavisham: He's being looked after there
(05/19 21:57:57) Kelsei A.T.: well, that's good
(05/19 21:58:12) Jules Lavisham: Couldn't tell him or us anything about himself, where he came from, what happened
(05/19 21:58:16) Mystlander: No ID or wallet on him?
(05/19 21:58:30) Kelsei A.T.: but if he was speaking how could he not tell you his name or any of that? don't tell me he was rambling like Calum on one of his sleepwalk states.
(05/19 21:58:41) Jules Lavisham: Nope.
(05/19 21:58:56) Jules Lavisham: It was like he didn't know
(05/19 21:59:00) siddo: Shorah!
(05/19 21:59:02) Kelsei A.T.: amnesia?
(05/19 21:59:05) Kelsei A.T.: shorah, siddo,
(05/19 21:59:06) Jules Lavisham: He couldn't even recognise where he was
(05/19 21:59:09) Jules Lavisham: Shorah, Siddo
(05/19 21:59:17) Kelsei A.T.: that's heavily unfortunate, Jules.
(05/19 21:59:25) Jules Lavisham: You're telling me
(05/19 21:59:38) Kelsei A.T.: i'll run a check of the name against the work crew registrations, but chances are he's not one of them. name doesn't ring a bell with me.
(05/19 21:59:47) Jules Lavisham nods
(05/19 21:59:59) Jules Lavisham: His KI's being looked at now
(05/19 22:00:10) Jules Lavisham: Hopefully there's something that can be pulled from it
(05/19 22:00:26) Jules Lavisham: May be worth making a few enquiries with anybody you know
(05/19 22:00:34) Kelsei A.T.: if it's anything close to the state the broken KI we recovered at the Cathedral, i wouldn't know.
(05/19 22:00:36) Mystlander: Perhaps we should send an explorer to the surface in order to check with missing persons.
(05/19 22:00:47) Kelsei A.T.: we've had no luck with that one. but it was very old, so...
(05/19 22:00:53) Jules Lavisham: There's an idea
(05/19 22:00:55) Kelsei A.T.: a newer KI could stand better chances.
(05/19 22:01:03) Kelsei A.T.: i'll ask Calum if he's willing to take a swing at it.
(05/19 22:01:14) Kelsei A.T. sighs
(05/19 22:01:19) Kelsei A.T.: just what we needed.
(05/19 22:01:36) Jules Lavisham: Tell me about it
(05/19 22:01:36) Kelsei A.T.: i'll ask around and see if anyone's familiar with the name.
(05/19 22:02:02) Jules Lavisham: Sabotages, prophecies, amnesiacs...
(05/19 22:02:11) Kelsei A.T.: ugh, and Calum's strange poems, too.
(05/19 22:02:20) Kelsei A.T.: have you been paying attention to his blog?
(05/19 22:02:23) Mystlander: Calum is a poet?
(05/19 22:02:30) Kelsei A.T.: something of an unknowing one.
(05/19 22:02:45) Kelsei A.T.: he's been having sleepwalking states where he's writing things and posting them
(05/19 22:02:46) Mystlander laughs
(05/19 22:02:57) Kelsei A.T.: that's a whole other kettle of fish.
(05/19 22:03:10) Kelsei A.T.: atleast he's not meandering the cavern in that state,
(05/19 22:03:21) Kelsei A.T. shakes her head, dismissing that.
(05/19 22:03:23) Jules Lavisham: Mmm.
(05/19 22:03:37) Kelsei A.T.: regardless, that last poem seemed to be born out of all that prophecy stuff.
(05/19 22:03:39) Mystlander: Oh, don't be too sure about that, Kelsei...
(05/19 22:04:05) Kelsei A.T.: i thought it might have tied back to the Fall, given the phrasing, though.
(05/19 22:04:18) Kelsei A.T.: others seem to disagree, so who knows.
(05/19 22:04:23) Mystlander: I was having a conversaition via KI while I was in Serene... and he just disappeared abruptly
(05/19 22:04:33) Jules Lavisham: Ugh. Never had much truck with prophecies. Same reason I was never good at the Cryptic Crosswords in the University Gazette
(05/19 22:04:45) Kelsei A.T.: hm? Calum vanished suddenly? when was this?
(05/19 22:05:23) Mystlander: Just before I linked back to Chiso, and ran into Jules.
(05/19 22:05:40) Kelsei A.T. blinks
(05/19 22:05:48) Jules Lavisham: How strange
(05/19 22:05:55) Mystlander: I'm Mysty, by the way, Kelsei... nice to finally meet you!
(05/19 22:06:00) Mystlander waves hello
(05/19 22:06:00) Kelsei A.T.: huh. as far as i know he should've been at a therapy session the last few hours.
(05/19 22:06:08) Kelsei A.T.: oh, yes, hi!
(05/19 22:06:12) Kelsei A.T. offers her hand to shake
(05/19 22:06:47) Kelsei A.T.: you'll have to forgive me, i'm a bit scatterbrained these days due to surface work.
(05/19 22:06:55) Kelsei A.T.: pleasure to meet you, ma'am. :)
(05/19 22:06:55) Mystlander gives Kelsei and nice firm Great Tree handshake
(05/19 22:07:11) Jules Lavisham: Ah yes, Kelsei's one of the Explorer Restoration Translators
(05/19 22:07:17) Kelsei A.T.: haha, strong grip you've got there!
(05/19 22:07:34) Kelsei A.T.: yes, i tend to specialize in exotic languages, not D'ni, though.
(05/19 22:07:45) Kelsei A.T.: D'ni manages to escape me without a ready manual.
(05/19 22:08:03) Mystlander: Well, if you need help translating D'ni to Elvish... I'm your gal!
(05/19 22:08:10) Kelsei A.T.: fortunately we've got enough folks who specialize in that it allows me to diversify into the unknowns.
(05/19 22:08:20) Jules Lavisham: D'ni to Elvish!
(05/19 22:08:25) Jules Lavisham is genuinely impressed
(05/19 22:08:30) Kelsei A.T.: that would be something! hehe
(05/19 22:08:32) Kelsei A.T. smiles
(05/19 22:08:51) Mystlander: Annon allen (I thank you)!
(05/19 22:09:14) Kelsei A.T.: :)
(05/19 22:09:15) Jules Lavisham: Something of a niche application, but by Gods everyone in that niche would be in awe of you forever
(05/19 22:09:50) Mystlander: I aim to please!
(05/19 22:10:00) Mystlander snickers
(05/19 22:10:02) Kelsei A.T. sips at her drink some more
(05/19 22:10:21) Jules Lavisham: So, you were telling me about The Great Tree! Hadn't heard much from them in the intervening years
(05/19 22:10:43) Jules Lavisham: Am I to gather that a recruitment drive is currently underway?
(05/19 22:11:35) Mystlander: Yes... Iam currently trying to get in touch with Brian Fioca and Moiety Jean.
(05/19 22:11:47) Jules Lavisham sips from his glass
(05/19 22:12:04) Jules Lavisham: Oh, not a bad idea Kels. Mysty, shall we grab a seat?
(05/19 22:12:16) Mystlander: I've already been in contact with Marten & Professor Askew.
(05/19 22:12:19) Kelsei A.T.: heh, sorry, just been on my feet all day, needed a sit down.
(05/19 22:12:36) Kelsei A.T.: oh, Marten! I know of him. Calum speaks favorably of him.
(05/19 22:12:51) Kelsei A.T.: not sure we've had the opportunity to meet yet though
(05/19 22:12:59) Kelsei A.T.: shor-... ah...
(05/19 22:13:04) Jules Lavisham: Yes, I remember Marten. He was doing those documentary videos, wasn't he?
(05/19 22:13:23) Kelsei A.T shrugs a bit and sips at her drink, pondering the quick linkout...
(05/19 22:14:04) Kelsei A.T. taps her KI a bit in frustration.
(05/19 22:14:18) Kelsei A.T. finishes her drink and goes to put up her mug.
(05/19 22:14:34) Mystlander: Marten has shared contact infor for Daedalus, Eleri, erik, Hyven and Saxy...
(05/19 22:15:11) Mystlander: sorry, I meant Kyven... and we are looking for Lord Chaos, now!
(05/19 22:15:15) Jules Lavisham: Would be nice to have some more legacy explorers from way back when turning up
(05/19 22:15:30) Jules Lavisham: Been a lot of good work done down here in the last few years or so
(05/19 22:15:38) Mystlander: My thoughts exactly!
(05/19 22:15:40) Kelsei A.T.: :)
(05/19 22:15:56) Mystlander: Oooooo... and I love the new Ages!
(05/19 22:16:01) Jules Lavisham: And some very ambitious plans in the works
(05/19 22:16:09) Kelsei A.T.: very ambitious,
(05/19 22:16:16) Jules Lavisham: Yes, likewise. Chiso Preniv has become a firm favourite of mine.
(05/19 22:16:25) Jules Lavisham: Quite like our little work area down below
(05/19 22:16:43) Kelsei A.T.: hopefully Patrick will unlock that door sooner than later, one of these days.
(05/19 22:16:54) Kelsei A.T.: though i doubt he'll do it with any fanfare.
(05/19 22:17:07) Jules Lavisham: Well, I did hear rumblings to the effect that he's thinking about it
(05/19 22:17:18) Kelsei A.T.: oh, i know he's planning on it
(05/19 22:17:20) Mystlander: I can hardly wait to enter the dorway from Watcher's Pub to the Great Tree puzzle.
(05/19 22:17:23) Kelsei A.T.: but as for the when? who knows.
(05/19 22:17:45) Kelsei A.T.: hm, the Tree would be nice to visit for sure.
(05/19 22:18:00) Jules Lavisham: That's true. Must admit I'd quite hope for him not to announce it and see the look on someone's face as we opened the door
(05/19 22:18:08) Jules Lavisham grins evilly
(05/19 22:18:12) Kelsei A.T. chuckles tiredly
(05/19 22:18:53) Jules Lavisham: Mood. As the kids say.
(05/19 22:18:57) Kelsei A.T.: if you'll excuse me, i think i'll go meander a bit, put the word out about our amnesiac explorer
(05/19 22:19:08) Kelsei A.T.: pleasure to meet you, Mysty,
(05/19 22:19:12) Jules Lavisham: Sounds good. Speak to you later, Kels.
(05/19 22:19:13) Kelsei A.T.: good to see you again, Jules
(05/19 22:19:26) Kelsei A.T. waves goodbye
(05/19 22:19:26) Jules Lavisham: You too. Give my best to Cal when you see him.
(05/19 22:19:29) Kelsei A.T.: will do.
(05/19 22:19:31) Jules Lavisham waves goodbye
(05/19 22:19:41) Mystlander waves goodbye

[Kelsei links out]

(05/19 22:19:45) Jules Lavisham: Whew. What a day.
(05/19 22:19:48) Mystlander: Nice meeting you Kelsei!
(05/19 22:20:08) Mystlander: Ready for another round, Jules?
(05/19 22:20:11) Mystlander laughs
(05/19 22:20:22) Jules Lavisham: Read my mind, Mysty.
(05/19 22:20:42) Jules Lavisham tops up his glass
(05/19 22:21:01) Jules Lavisham: I should have another go at bringing down some sherry
(05/19 22:21:17) Jules Lavisham: Bit of an acquired taste for explorers, it seems
(05/19 22:21:19) Mystlander searches for ta-kill-ya for her jalapeno margaritta...
(05/19 22:21:58) Jules Lavisham: Probably for the best. Means I dont have to worry about anyone ransacking the drinks cabinet we have in the basement
(05/19 22:21:58) Mystlander: Pardon me... going to check the storeroom...
(05/19 22:22:14) Jules Lavisham: Oh, carry on!
(05/19 22:22:44) Jules Lavisham: So, what would you say is the Great Tree's mission statement these days?
(05/19 22:24:37) Mystlander: Hmmm... that nothing remains hidden, and our pages are still unwritten...
(05/19 22:24:57) Mystlander laughs
(05/19 22:25:07) Jules Lavisham: Can't really fault that
(05/19 22:25:28) Mystlander: Perhaps you should ask Brian Fioca, when he returns... he's my boss ya know!
(05/19 22:25:32) Jules Lavisham: Not that the Explorer Restoration down here dabbles much in the way of keeping folks out
(05/19 22:27:06) Mystlander: You are most assuredly correct on that matter... so "Your pages are yet to be written' would be my suggestopm to Brian.
(05/19 22:27:27) Mystlander: Lordy... "suggestion"
(05/19 22:27:43) Jules Lavisham: Sounds good. Will be interesting to see what he makes of how things are working down here.
(05/19 22:27:50) Mystlander: Methinks my fingers are moving faster than my brain cells... cut me off!
(05/19 22:28:05) Mystlander laughs
(05/19 22:29:14) Mystlander: Jules... I must go and prepare a meal... my tummy is nawing on my by backbone.
(05/19 22:29:45) Jules Lavisham: Righto. It was very enjoyable making your acquaintance, Mysty!
(05/19 22:29:58) Mystlander: May I give you a goodbye hug?
(05/19 22:30:15) Jules Lavisham: You, uh, you may indeed
(05/19 22:30:30) Mystlander: I promise NOT to nibble! LOL
(05/19 22:30:44) Mystlander gives Jules a big warm hug
(05/19 22:30:59) Jules Lavisham smiles
(05/19 22:31:30) Mystlander: So glad we ran into one another... Tell Carl hello for me. :D
(05/19 22:31:36) Mystlander waves goodbye
(05/19 22:31:39) Jules Lavisham: I will
(05/19 22:31:51) Jules Lavisham: Looking forward to seeing what The Great Tree gets up to

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