5/7/22 Echo McKenzie, Jules, Carl, Diranda and others in Kirel and Ae'gura

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5/7/22 Echo McKenzie, Jules, Carl, Diranda and others in Kirel and Ae'gura

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(05/07 21:31:15) Carl Palmner: Shorah all
(05/07 21:31:23) Carl Palmner: I missed the meeting, didn't I?
(05/07 21:31:27) Jules Lavisham: Shorah Carl!
(05/07 21:31:32) Carl Palmner: Hey, Jules!
(05/07 21:31:42) aqua: Scharminius: Ah okay, more relaxation than meditation, got it :)
(05/07 21:31:50) Jules Lavisham: I'm afraid you did. I was just about to head to Elonin, but then I saw a certain someone turn up on my KI
(05/07 21:31:59) Jules Lavisham smiles at Echo
(05/07 21:32:17) Echo McKenzie: Shorah, Jules, It's good to see you
(05/07 21:32:18) Carl Palmner: yeah! I heard you were here, Echo. I've heard of you but I've never met you.
(05/07 21:32:59) Echo McKenzie: Oh dear ;)
(05/07 21:33:02) aqua: Thanks for the info Scharminius!
(05/07 21:33:21) Carl Palmner: No, only good things :)
(05/07 21:33:21) Jules Lavisham: How've you been? Missed a bit of a weird AGM.
(05/07 21:33:33) Cpt.Jericho: Hi all
(05/07 21:33:38) Carl Palmner: I heard you have some great stories of D'ni's past.
(05/07 21:33:54) Jules Lavisham: Shorah, Cpt.
(05/07 21:33:56) Echo McKenzie: There are so many stories here.
(05/07 21:34:17) Echo McKenzie: "weird"? Jules what mischief have you been up to this time?
(05/07 21:34:48) Jules Lavisham: Well, first we had some guy say he was linked away by some Bahro
(05/07 21:35:01) Jules Lavisham: An account I find... somewhat questionable, it has to be said.
(05/07 21:35:03) Carl Palmner: Oh?
(05/07 21:35:14) IIsjmii: Oja ze kon alleen niet heel de dag sociaal zijn
(05/07 21:35:15) Echo McKenzie: hmm, that is odd. They've been rather distant.
(05/07 21:35:23) Jules Lavisham: Yeah, citation VERY much needed on that one.
(05/07 21:35:23) IIsjmii: Heeft ze ook met feestjes
(05/07 21:35:26) Carl Palmner: Yes. Did anyone actually see him link away?
(05/07 21:35:35) IIsjmii: Sorry
(05/07 21:35:52) Carl Palmner starts to laugh
(05/07 21:35:55) Cpt.Jericho: A Bahro, haven't seen one in a while
(05/07 21:35:56) Jules Lavisham: I think we were all trying to avoid making eye contact with him, to be honest, so all things are possible
(05/07 21:36:01) Carl Palmner: Same.
(05/07 21:36:11) Cpt.Jericho: Last time was some joker in a costume
(05/07 21:36:11) Carl Palmner: It's been over 20 years since I last saw one.
(05/07 21:36:16) Jules Lavisham: No, the reall interesting thing happened at the end
(05/07 21:36:26) Echo McKenzie: hmm?
(05/07 21:36:27) Jules Lavisham: We were visited by a psychic
(05/07 21:36:35) Carl Palmner: LOL. Another one?
(05/07 21:36:49) Jules Lavisham: Someone I've met, actually
(05/07 21:37:12) Kayara: Jules: Outside the cavern too?
(05/07 21:37:14) Carl Palmner: Oh. Sorry. I'm a bit critical of psychics in general, present company excluded. Didn't mean to be disrespectful.
(05/07 21:37:19) Jules Lavisham: Did I ever mention Madame Sophia to you?
(05/07 21:37:19) aqua (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/07 21:37:31) Carl Palmner: Never heard of her.
(05/07 21:37:45) Echo McKenzie: I certainly don't think of myself as psychic, so no worries
(05/07 21:37:51) Thumbs up from Carl Palmner
(05/07 21:38:05) Echo McKenzie: I don't think so. That's a very I'm A Psychic name, though
(05/07 21:38:29) Carl Palmner: Heh--yeah. "Sophia" means "wisdom," I believe.
(05/07 21:38:48) Jules Lavisham: Hehe. I met her at the Astral Bureau of Circulation in Boston, ooo, going back
(05/07 21:38:54) Jules Lavisham counts in his head
(05/07 21:39:04) Echo McKenzie: What did she have to say? And how did she find here?
(05/07 21:39:05) Jules Lavisham: Yeah, little under a decade ago now
(05/07 21:39:07) Carl Palmner: Didn't know you were interested in metaphysical stuff, Jules.
(05/07 21:39:46) Jules Lavisham: I can't say I have an overt interest in the stuff. I take what I've seen of it with a healthy pinch of salt.
(05/07 21:40:31) Jules Lavisham: But she gave me some insight into the field beyond the usual rot. Pointed me in the direction of some solid academic resources.
(05/07 21:40:42) Cpt.Jericho: For a man a hundred years ago, the projection of Yeesha in Relto would count as a metaphysical encounter
(05/07 21:40:52) Jules Lavisham: So about as on the level as the field will permit
(05/07 21:41:00) Carl Palmner: Heh. Good point, Jericho.
(05/07 21:41:14) Jules Lavisham: Honestly, Echo, I don't think the atmosphere down here agreed with her at all
(05/07 21:41:14) Echo McKenzie: Any sufficiently advanced tech...
(05/07 21:41:28) Carl Palmner: Atmosphere? Were people rude?
(05/07 21:41:29) Cpt.Jericho: Not may point, Carl, Arthur C. Clarke
(05/07 21:41:38) Echo McKenzie: It can be...unsettling.
(05/07 21:41:39) Jules Lavisham: No no, the literal atmosphere.
(05/07 21:41:51) Echo McKenzie: air quality?
(05/07 21:41:56) Carl Palmner: Ohhhhh.
(05/07 21:41:59) Carl Palmner: I misunderstood you.
(05/07 21:42:17) From Minasunda in Tsahno's Hood: story Night just now in tsahnos Hood
(05/07 21:42:21) Jules Lavisham: Yes. She sounded like she just walked out of a desert.
(05/07 21:42:36) Echo McKenzie: Without Laxman here, I wonder if anyone has checked the fans lately
(05/07 21:42:52) Carl Palmner: Well, what did she do? Read someone's palm?
(05/07 21:42:55) Echo McKenzie: Maybe she came direct from the surface?
(05/07 21:43:29) Jules Lavisham: Quite possibly, Echo. She certainly didn't stick around.
(05/07 21:43:36) Jules Lavisham: She came to deliver a prophecy
(05/07 21:43:36) Sarai (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/07 21:43:43) Carl Palmner: Ooooooo
(05/07 21:43:59) Echo McKenzie: Oh, those are always fun. *chortle*
(05/07 21:44:05) Jules Lavisham: Hang on, I've got it jotted down somewhere...
(05/07 21:44:33) Cpt.Jericho: Did she say "OMG OMG we all gonna die?"
(05/07 21:44:39) Carl Palmner starts to laugh
(05/07 21:44:59) Echo McKenzie: Inevitably, Cpt.
(05/07 21:45:00) Carl Palmner: I mean, she'd be right if she did. Every one of is going to die someday.
(05/07 21:45:08) Jules Lavisham: Here we go
(05/07 21:45:08) Cpt.Jericho: Indeed Echo
(05/07 21:45:10) Carl Palmner: That's the thing about life--no one gets out alive.
(05/07 21:45:19) Jules Lavisham: Maybe you can make something of it
(05/07 21:45:32) Jules Lavisham: "Danger comes to those who seek /
(05/07 21:45:51) Jules Lavisham: A good tree grows in a far corner of the cavern /
(05/07 21:46:15) Jules Lavisham: A branch rots and falls. Its withered husk takes root and grows /
(05/07 21:46:37) Jules Lavisham: A malicious tree grows in a far corner of the cavern /
(05/07 21:46:58) Jules Lavisham: The son of the lost empire must choose the tree."
(05/07 21:47:18) Cpt.Jericho: Sounds like "Invasion of the Zombie Triffids" to me.
(05/07 21:47:20) Echo McKenzie: Iiinnnnnnnnnteresting
(05/07 21:47:28) Carl Palmner: Is that the whole thing?
(05/07 21:47:40) Jules Lavisham: ... not exactly Edward Lear, is it
(05/07 21:47:46) Carl Palmner: Yeah.
(05/07 21:47:53) Jules Lavisham: Yup, that's the whole lot.
(05/07 21:48:00) Carl Palmner: It's REALLY vague.
(05/07 21:48:07) Carl Palmner: Like, Watcher-level vague.
(05/07 21:48:11) Echo McKenzie: Well, the reference to two factions seems clear enough. But probably not the two factions of bahro.
(05/07 21:48:12) Carl Palmner: Not really sure what we can do with that.
(05/07 21:48:16) Jules Lavisham: Name me a prophecy that isnt vague
(05/07 21:48:22) Carl Palmner: Fair point.
(05/07 21:48:30) Carl Palmner: Two factions? Oh, the trees, right?
(05/07 21:49:04) Jules Lavisham: The only factions I really know of down here were either the bahro, or the idealistic divide of Yeesha and the DRC
(05/07 21:49:09) Carl Palmner: IDK, what do the rest of you guys think?
(05/07 21:49:28) Carl Palmner: Mirph, Wyrm, Jan, Scharm, Kay, Sar, Aur, Petro?
(05/07 21:49:29) Echo McKenzie: And since the explorers are regularily reffered to as trees... it could mean two opposing factions of us, for some reason.
(05/07 21:49:30) Cpt.Jericho: The rotten branch rooting sounds disturbing
(05/07 21:49:49) Cpt.Jericho: No matter which tree it fell from
(05/07 21:49:59) Jules Lavisham pinches the bridge of his nose
(05/07 21:50:02) Echo McKenzie: That last bit though... hmmmm
(05/07 21:50:09) Jules Lavisham: Division... just what we need.
(05/07 21:50:15) Carl Palmner: Yeah, seriously.
(05/07 21:50:15) Scharminius: Sounds like the tree needs a root canal operation...
(05/07 21:50:23) Carl Palmner starts to laugh
(05/07 21:50:28) Jules Lavisham: We were doing SO well up until now.
(05/07 21:50:33) Carl Palmner: Yeah.
(05/07 21:50:39) Cpt.Jericho: Yeah, just what we need: A dentist.
(05/07 21:50:43) Carl Palmner: Well, I don't see any opposing factions among explorers.
(05/07 21:50:56) Carl Palmner: Where's Echo going?
(05/07 21:51:00) Jules Lavisham: Echo?
(05/07 21:51:24) Carl Palmner: What's going on? Where are we going?
(05/07 21:51:31) Aurelias: A field trip!
(05/07 21:51:38) Cpt.Jericho: ECHO, ECho, echo
(05/07 21:51:44) Echo McKenzie: something twitchy....
(05/07 21:51:54) Carl Palmner: Huh?
(05/07 21:52:03) Aurelias: Spidey sense tingling?
(05/07 21:52:25) Echo McKenzie: not here.
(05/07 21:52:33) Carl Palmner: Is this one of Echo's vision things?
(05/07 21:52:37) Cpt.Jericho: Of course not
(05/07 21:52:39) Carl Palmner: I've never seen one of these

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(05/07 21:52:47) Jules Lavisham: Interesting
(05/07 21:52:55) Jules Lavisham: I'll try to find out where she's going
(05/07 21:52:59) Carl Palmner: Did she just go to Nexus?
(05/07 21:53:03) Cpt.Jericho: Yep
(05/07 21:53:11) Cpt.Jericho: My Radar says so
(05/07 21:53:18) Cpt.Jericho: Hm, the city
(05/07 21:53:23) Carl Palmner: Yeah, I've got her in my KI now.

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(05/07 21:54:03) From Carl Palmner (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):
(05/07 21:54:48) Cpt.Jericho: Foxtrot ... I mean Echo?!
(05/07 21:55:01) Carl Palmner: Echo's in the concert hall, apparently. I think she's having one of her visions. Not sure, though.
(05/07 21:55:58) Echo McKenzie: Gettng to the Library during the fall was, pardon my D'ni, a complete cluster...
(05/07 21:56:41) Jules Lavisham silently gestures to the others to give Echo space
(05/07 21:56:49) Echo McKenzie: Crushes of people. Sometimes literally. Not all the deaths were from the gas or the earthquake.
(05/07 21:56:52) Cpt.Jericho: Hm vision?
(05/07 21:56:55) Carl Palmner: Oh, man. This is like her thing, right? Visions of the past?
(05/07 21:57:15) Carl Palmner: This is so cool. I never get to see these.
(05/07 21:57:16) Kayara: Earthquake?
(05/07 21:57:48) Echo McKenzie: So what do you do when you can't get to the public books in the middle of a supposedly natural disaster?
(05/07 21:57:57) Echo McKenzie: You congregate.
(05/07 21:57:59) Echo McKenzie: Here.
(05/07 21:58:11) Carl Palmner: Newcomers--we're in the concert hall. I think Echo's having one of her trance things.
(05/07 21:58:41) Cpt.Jericho: Either that or I want the same she had.
(05/07 21:59:24) Echo McKenzie: There was...a classroom? nearby?
(05/07 21:59:41) Cpt.Jericho: Seriously, in case of an emergency this isn't the place I would go. It's mess to defend.
(05/07 21:59:50) Cpt.Jericho: *a
(05/07 22:00:25) Kayara: Why would someone have to defend this place?
(05/07 22:00:35) Echo McKenzie: There are many children here. Someone has brought a book, and they're sending the children through.
(05/07 22:00:37) Carl Palmner: She's talking about the Fall, Kayara.
(05/07 22:00:53) Diranda: Carl, Jules?
(05/07 22:01:10) Carl Palmner: Hey Diranda! This is Echo. She has visions of D'ni's past.
(05/07 22:01:17) Carl Palmner: She's having one right now, I think.
(05/07 22:01:24) Kayara: But I thought the Fall was all about the release of a virus. How would you defend yourselves against that?
(05/07 22:01:24) Diranda: Goodness! More visions...
(05/07 22:01:33) Jules Lavisham holds his hand up wordlessly
(05/07 22:01:37) Echo McKenzie: The little ones are scared. Maybe its the d'ni version of a daycare?
(05/07 22:01:43) Carl Palmner: Kay--she said other things happened, too. Stuff falling and stuff.
(05/07 22:02:11) Carl Palmner: Deaths from things besides the gas.
(05/07 22:02:18) Diranda: Oh my...
(05/07 22:02:47) Echo McKenzie: two people in cloaks. Not guild cloaks.
(05/07 22:02:47) Kayara: Okay, falling things makes sense as far as I remember the story.
(05/07 22:03:27) Scharminius: goldcloaks perhaps?
(05/07 22:03:29) Echo McKenzie: They stand out, because they seem so calm, everyone else is terrified.
(05/07 22:04:32) Echo McKenzie: One of the children sees them, and breaks from the line. None of the teachers notice.
(05/07 22:05:15) Echo McKenzie: more shaking, screaming. Gas is close.
(05/07 22:05:27) Ro"Jethhe bows
(05/07 22:05:49) Echo McKenzie: Someone has brough more books, people are trying to get out as fast as they can
(05/07 22:06:12) Carl Palmner holds his breath
(05/07 22:06:24) Echo McKenzie: Cloaked person holds child and links through book held by other cloaked person.
(05/07 22:06:51) Echo McKenzie: shoves book under cloak and runs.
(05/07 22:07:07) aqua: I'm wondering the very same!
(05/07 22:07:08) Jefferson: hey guys, what's up
(05/07 22:07:24) aqua: I think maybe naer the lake light meter
(05/07 22:07:24) Echo McKenzie: why *down*?
(05/07 22:07:28) aqua: Did you check there?
(05/07 22:07:39) Carl Palmner: We're heading down from the concert hall
(05/07 22:07:39) Jefferson: wow so many people
(05/07 22:07:42) aqua: There was talk of it during and after the AGM
(05/07 22:07:48) aqua: Ah!
(05/07 22:07:52) Carl Palmner: Yep. Echo's having a vision, Jefferson
(05/07 22:07:55) Echo McKenzie: Oh.
(05/07 22:08:04) Jefferson: a what?!
(05/07 22:08:11) Jefferson: how?
(05/07 22:08:14) Echo McKenzie kneels down...
(05/07 22:08:19) Carl Palmner: She has visions of D'ni's past. She's been around since the Second Uru.
(05/07 22:08:51) Carl Palmner: What happened, Echo?
(05/07 22:08:52) Jefferson: Second Uru?
(05/07 22:08:56) Echo McKenzie: they fell. With b oth books.
(05/07 22:09:12) Echo McKenzie: the ground split, and they fell.
(05/07 22:09:29) Carl Palmner gasps
(05/07 22:09:40) Echo McKenzie: Jules?
(05/07 22:09:48) Jules Lavisham: I'm here, Echo.
(05/07 22:09:53) Echo McKenzie: I'm so tired.
(05/07 22:10:00) Carl Palmner: Oh, wow.
(05/07 22:10:08) Jules Lavisham: It's ok, Echo.
(05/07 22:10:21) Echo McKenzie: Take me back to Relto, please?
(05/07 22:10:23) Carl Palmner: Is it over, Echo?
(05/07 22:10:33) Jules Lavisham: Of course.
(05/07 22:10:39) Echo McKenzie: sometimes it's just too much. All the dying.

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(05/07 22:11:09) Jules Lavisham: ... whew.
(05/07 22:11:22) Cpt.Jericho: I can understand that.
(05/07 22:11:24) Jules Lavisham: Well, that's a lot to unpack. Again.
(05/07 22:11:30) Carl Palmner: Yeah.
(05/07 22:11:46) From Echo McKenzie in Jules Lavisham's Relto: It's raining! And an aurora!
(05/07 22:11:47) Carl Palmner: So one of the kids got kidnapped by these cloaked people?
(05/07 22:11:50) Carl Palmner: During the Fall?
(05/07 22:11:52) Jules Lavisham: I'll make sure she's alright. It takes it out of her, but she'll be fine.
(05/07 22:12:01) Carl Palmner: Ok.
(05/07 22:12:08) Jules Lavisham: I'll catch up with you later, Carl, Diranda.

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